What To Do During A Plumbing Emergency

emergency plumbing

emergency plumbingEvery time you face a plumbing problem, you know you have to take care of it right away and that is usually the case. However, contacting an emergency plumbing contractor on a holiday, weekend, or on any night, can come at a high price. You should know when to wait and when to call a pro to help you out.

When To Call The Pro?

In general, you need to make that after-hours call if:

Risk of flooding – a burst pipe, failed sump pump or water shut off valve, as well as a sewer back up are good examples of emergency plumbing problems that could lead to flooding if not dealt with right away. Flood damage could lead to significant damages to structures, which could become a safety concern. Therefore, you have to deal with this problem as soon as possible.

Sewer back up – whenever a sewer line backs up, the sewage will stay at its back up point, which eventually creates health problems. It creates a difficult living situation because you can’t use run water or use the facilities.

Without Water – another safety concern is not having any access to running water. Just like  a sewer back up, not having any water prevents you from using the facility and you won’t be able to clean or even cook.

You don’t have heat during winter or cool during summer. If there is no heat and it is too cold outside, your problem can become so much worse. This is especially true if you are living with a vulnerable person at home like an elderly, pregnant woman, or a child.

No heating or cooling

Also, not having cool air when it is too hot outside can be an emergency and cause heat stroke. In any of these two condition, it is crucial to get in touch with a Myrtle Beach emergency plumbing contractor. It is likewise essential to note that calling an emergency plumber is a must. It is likewise important for you to remember that preventative maintenance can help you in many ways. Doing it regularly can prevent your air conditioning or furnace from malfunctioning especially at the time when you need them the most.

Burst Pipe

Frozen pipes can cause problems like flooding and prevent you from getting access to water. Water won’t be able to pass through a frozen pipe. It eventually expands and cracks, which means that when it thaws, there is an increased risk of flooding. You have to know where the water shut off valves can be located.

When Should You Wait

If the problem can still wait then you cannot consider it as a true emergency. You have to think about the extra cost and find out if it is worth the call. Remember that even if the emergency plumber arrives right away after you call them that does not mean that they have required parts to get the job done. One advantage of waiting for a regular business day before you call a plumber is that during those times, they will have access to their suppliers that provide them with the things that they need like replacement parts.

Always remember to have a regular maintenance schedule for your plumbing system. You also need to plan ahead for inspections, remodel work, and appliance installation.

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