PlumberWhen a drain in your home suddenly becomes clogged, it can be an incredibly inconvenient (not to mention messy) situation. We may not think much about what goes down our drains every day, but all of the debris and residue has built up over time — meaning that sometimes they need plumbers!

So how do plumbers in Myrtle Beach tackle these tough jobs? Let’s take a closer look at their kit – from snakes and augers for more manageable blockages to cutters for tougher obstructions. With specialized tools on hand like these, no matter the size or severity of any given clog – rest assured knowing there is some way out for you!

Common Tools Plumbers Use

Plumbers in Myrtle Beach carry a versatile tool, the drain auger. This handy device can help shift tough clogs while also ensuring regular maintenance of drains. A must-have item for any plumbing job!

Motorized Augers

For the tenacious clogs that won’t budge, motorized augers are at your service! These handy devices use a powerful hand crank to swiftly penetrate deep into pipe obstructions. The inner corkscrew mechanism dismantles even the toughest of blockages for an effective and efficient solution. With nothing standing in their way, these reliable tools can tackle any drain challenge you throw at them!

A Toilet or Closet Auger

For those daunting toilet clogs, an auger specifically designed for the job is essential. This unique tool features a long rod with a bend at one end; this allows it to reach deep into your plumbing system and through any blockages caused by debris or buildup. Connected to the rod is a cable that works its way up into the clog – breaking it down so you can get back on track!

Sink Auger

This effective tool, also known as a drum or canister auger, is the go-to solution for stubborn sink and bathtub clogs. It features an innovative design with a stainless steel cable intertwined within. Thanks to its corkscrew tip at one end, it effortlessly penetrates blockages that are deep down in your pipes – breaking them up into smaller pieces and removing them forever! The cable’s secure grip on the thumbscrew allows you to turn the handle easily so that it winds itself through various bends of piping without any hiccups.

Flange Plunger

Don’t settle for an ordinary toilet plunger – try a flange plunger instead and bring extra power to bear on your most challenging plumbing issues. The unique design features a rubber flap attached to the dome of the head, creating a seal that gives you the maximum hydraulic pressure needed to effectively tackle those stubborn clogs in your drain line.

Hydro jetting Tools

Hydro-jetting equipment is a surefire way to quickly and effectively clear clogged drains. With its high-pressure stream of water delivered via special hoses, plumbers are able to break up tough debris that has built up in pipes – such as hard deposits or even minerals caused by calcium build-ups. Not only does this make the pipe run more efficiently, but it also reduces potential damage over time and causes fewer issues down the road!

Video Pipe Inspection

With the help of video inspection equipment, plumbing contractors can quickly and accurately identify drain clogs. This specialized camera is mounted on a flexible cable that’s threaded through your piping system to get an optimal view inside. The footage then helps professionals diagnose blockages while also giving them everything they need to determine which tools will be best for tackling those pesky obstructions—all without wasting time or energy!

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