Toilet repair and maintenance issues can be a real bummer – they often require lots of money, effort, and elbow grease to fix. Plus it’s not the most pleasant experience…no one likes dealing with messy and unpleasant plumbing problems!

Toilets are a fundamental part of our lives, but even the best ones occasionally experience hiccups. Therefore, it’s important to be aware of some common maintenance issues that can arise so you know how to tackle them if they do occur.

When To Get Toilet Repair

Running Toilet

A continuously running toilet, whether it be constantly or intermittently can be an infuriating, yet all-too-familiar sound. Not only is this a nuisance to your ears, but it also wastes valuable water in the process. If simply jiggling the flapper doesn’t do the trick and put an end to its annoying serenade of output streams, then you may need to replace said flapper for lasting silence!

Bubbling Toilet

Have you ever wondered why your toilet flushes differently from others? Much like when pouring a liquid from a can, toilets require two openings to operate correctly – one for water and the other for air. This is especially necessary if there’s another appliance using or creating water nearby; otherwise, bubbles may form in the bowl or the levels of rising and falling could be erratic.

With a challenging issue like this one, it may take more than home remedies to solve the problem. Calling on an experienced professional plumber in Myrtle Beach could be your best bet in getting back up and running with all systems functioning smoothly again. Their expert tools and training make them uniquely qualified for tackling complex venting issues so you can get your system working properly once more!

Sweating Toilet

In hot, humid areas, have you ever noticed your toilet looking damp? That’s condensation caused by a lack of air conditioning– it forms on the outside and can drip down onto the floor with disastrous consequences. Don’t let this wet problem catch you off guard!

Navigating a dark bathroom in the middle of the night is already tricky enough, but if you’re dealing with condensation dripping from your toilet tank—it’s even more treacherous. If left unchecked, this water can cause serious damage to floors and other surrounding areas! Thankfully though – there’s an effective solution; installing insulation on your toilet tank prevents any annoying drips when draining. No one wants wet footprints leading straight out of their restroom after all!

Wobbly Toilet

If your toilet isn’t attached to the floor properly, it can cause detrimental consequences. Unsecured toilets lead to wax seal leaks that require extensive repairs and hefty bills! To solve this problem try tightening the bolts first; if you’re still having issues, then caulking should do the trick. If all else fails don’t sweat. Call a professional plumbing contractor for help!

Cracked Toilet Seat

Over time, the everyday wear and tear of toilet seats can cause them to weaken or crack. But don’t worry – getting a new seat is an easy fix!

Replacing your old seat may feel like a DIY nightmare. Don’t despair! A bit of lubricant can make all the difference, and with some finesse, you might even be able to break that stubborn rusted bolt- just remember to use plastic fastenings next time around so there’s no chance of rust ruining your day again.

Unless you happen to be a certified plumber, don’t take matters into your own hands when it comes to replacing an old toilet seat. Removing the wrong parts or making any other costly mistakes could make for some serious plumbing issues down the line!

Clogged Toilets

It’s the bane of everyone’s existence – a clogged toilet. While it causes its own level of frustration, an overflowing commode brings with it even more chaos: hazardous messes and potential water damage. Certainly, one time-consuming headache is best avoided!

The humble plunger is often a saving grace for clogged toilets, but even this trusty tool has its limits. For more serious blockages that refuse to budge, an extension-flanged version of the classic can help out, or you may want to try your luck with a toilet snake instead! These plumbing tools go beyond plungers and have what it takes to take down those tough jobs.

When you’ve exhausted all your home remedies for clearing a clogged toilet, it may be time to call in the experts. Make sure you enlist an experienced plumber who is equipped with the necessary tools to get that drain running again!

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