plumbing If you’re getting ready to host Thanksgiving dinner, you’ve probably been busy cleaning your home to make it comfy for your guests. But here’s something you might not have thought about: Thanksgiving plumbing problems. Imagine the chaos if the kitchen sink or shower drain gets clogged right in the middle of your feast! To avoid this holiday headache, follow these seven simple tips.

Simple Holiday Plumbing Tips

No Leftovers Down the Drain

When it’s your turn to clean up after the meal, you might be tempted to toss all the leftover food down the drain. But be careful! Putting too much food down there can clog your kitchen pipes. To avoid this, throw the leftovers in the trash or compost pile. And make sure stuff like poultry skin and bones, fruit pits, and potato peels doesn’t go down the drain.

Grease Goes in the Trash

Thanksgiving dishes often leave pots and pans covered in grease. But don’t pour that leftover fat, cooking oil, or grease down your drain. It can harden in your pipes and create a blockage. Instead, wipe the grease off your cookware with a paper towel and toss it in the trash. Or pour the cooled oil into a metal can and throw it out once the can is full.

Garbage Disposal Know-How

When it’s time to clean up, use your garbage disposal wisely. Don’t wait until it’s full to turn it on, as this can cause a clog. Turn it on before you start tossing in food, and run water while you use it. After you’re done, keep the water running for a bit to clear out any remaining bits.

Dishwasher Timing

Your dishwasher might be loaded with dirty dishes, but don’t rush to start it. Your dishwasher and garbage disposal have the same drain, so running both at once could cause problems. Wait until you’re finished using the garbage disposal before starting the dishwasher. If you have helpers, make sure they know the rule too.

Space Out Showers

If you have overnight guests, encourage them to wait between showers. Too many showers in a row can overwhelm the drains, especially if there’s a lot of hair going down the pipes. Ask guests to wait around 10 minutes between showers, and use drain strainers to catch hair and prevent clogs.

toiletToilet Rules

With more people in the house, your bathrooms will see more action. To prevent toilet clogs, make sure everyone knows to only flush toilet paper. Wet wipes, feminine hygiene products, facial tissues, cotton swabs, and paper towels should all go in the trash. Put a waste bin near the toilet for easy disposal.

Fix Plumbing Issues Early

If you notice plumbing problems like slow drains or leaks before Thanksgiving, don’t wait until the big day to deal with them. Hire a plumber in Myrtle Beach to check for clogs or other issues and fix them before your guests arrive. This way, you can enjoy your time with family and friends without worrying about plumbing troubles.


Are plumbers available on Thanksgiving?

Yes, many residential plumbers are available for emergency calls on Thanksgiving, but you may have to pay extra for their holiday service. It’s also a good idea to tip them generously for working on a holiday.

Is Thanksgiving the busiest day for plumbers?

Yes, Thanksgiving is one of the busiest days for emergency plumbers, and the day after Thanksgiving, known as Black Friday, is also hectic. Many people need plumbing help after Thanksgiving feasts.

Is Black Friday the busiest day for plumbers?

Yes, Black Friday is one of the busiest days for plumbers because of the plumbing issues that arise after Thanksgiving. If you have a plumbing emergency on Black Friday, don’t hesitate to call a plumber for help.

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