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Is it Time For a Water Heater Replacement?

Water heaterYou might be worried about the lifespan of an old water heater. You’re perfectly entitled to ask for a timeline so you can budget for future repair or replacement costs. It is better to replace your water heater at some point than to keep spending money on it.

Most plumbers in Myrtle Beach use three factors to determine if it’s time to replace your water heater. When you call in a plumber to repair your water heater, he will first consider the situation. Some repairs, such as changing an inlet valve are straightforward and logical. Others are more complex such as changing the heating element. It may be better to replace the water heater if it is a labor-intensive job.

The second variable is the cost of the water heater. It is largely determined by the cost of a water heater repair whether or not it’s time to replace your water heater. Just because you can fix something does not mean that you should. It may not be worth investing a lot of money in repairing an old water heater if it will only last you a year or two. You have to weigh all the factors at this point.

The age of the water heating system is the last variable. A water heater that is old simply does not warrant investing much money. You have to decide whether to scrap an old car or stop investing money in an aging heater. It is time to replace your water heater if it has been over 10 years old.

Most people do not want to wait for their water heater to break down before they start thinking about a replacement. Most people would rather replace their water heater before it breaks down so they won’t be faced with a huge leak in the basement or lack of hot water. Here are some of the signs you should replace your water heater if you’re one of those people or just curious if it’s time.

Your water heater’s age

The age of the water heater is a major factor to consider when replacing your water heater. Water heaters are considered old if they have been in use for more than ten or twelve years. Tankless water heaters may last longer than standard water heaters, but they will eventually wear out. As you near the 10-year mark, it might be time to replace your unit. Upgrades to energy-efficient units will likely result in a reduction in your water bill.

Water heaterIncreased Utility Bills

Your energy bills are another sign that you may need to replace your water heater. When you start to notice an increase in your water or electricity bills, it could be a sign your water heater no longer works as efficiently. It is in your best interest to begin looking for replacement models. You will feel more comfortable about the cost upfront of replacing your unit when you begin to save.

Check for Corrosion in Your Unit

If you see signs of corrosion, it’s time to replace your water heater. You can hire a plumbing contractor for the job. If you notice rust outside your unit, it is likely to be inside. When rust gets into the tank it will cause rusty water to come out of your pipes. It can damage your clothes and make you sick. You will only have one option at this point: replace the unit.

Recurrent Repairs

If you are constantly having to repair your water heater, it is time to consider a replacement. It may be better to replace the unit if you need to repair your water heater constantly. You will have reliable hot water at home without having to deal with any additional hassle.

Loss of water volume

If you find that your hot water is constantly running out, it may be time to replace your water heater. It’s not necessary to rush to get hot water to fill your bath. Talk to your plumber if you feel like you’re always running out of water.

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