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Water Heater Repair: Discover the Culprits Behind Your Sudden Cold Showers

water heaterPicture this: you’re enjoying a warm and soothing shower when, out of the blue, the hot water vanishes, leaving you shivering and searching for answers to why your water heater failed. It’s an all-too-common scenario that can spoil even the most tranquil bathing experiences.

So, what are the reasons behind this dreaded hot water shortage? Let’s dive into the intriguing factors that can leave you in the cold. Here are a few things you need to know about the most common water heater problems.

Water Heater Issues

Simultaneous Hot Water Overload

When multiple hot water sources in your home are demanding their fair share at once, your supply can dwindle rapidly. Whether it’s someone using hot water in the kitchen sink or various appliances running simultaneously, this hot water frenzy can result in a chilly waterfall pouring from your showerhead.

To prevent this situation, try to avoid using hot water appliances just before your shower, especially heavy consumers like washing machines and dishwashers.

The Sediment Quandary

Our water supply naturally carries loose minerals like sand and rust, which tend to settle at the bottom of the water heater tank as sediment. However, if this sediment accumulates excessively, it occupies valuable space, leaving less room for hot water.

Moreover, these minerals can act as insulation, blocking the heating source at the tank’s base. To tackle this issue head-on, it’s advisable to call a professional plumber who can drain your water heater and flush out all the troublesome sediment.

The Broken Dip Tube Dilemma

The dip tube is responsible for guiding cold water to the bottom of the tank for heating. However, if this essential component is broken, the cold water will stubbornly rise to the top instead, evading the heating process.

If you notice tiny plastic fragments in your showerhead, water appliance filters, or strainers, it’s a telltale sign of a broken dip tube that requires replacement.

water heaterThe Aging Water Heater

Just like any other appliance, water heaters have a limited lifespan. If your hot water supply is consistently lacking longevity, your trusty water heater might be showing signs of old age.

On average, these devices last between eight to twelve years. If yours has crossed the decade mark, it’s time to bid farewell and welcome a new water heater into your home.

The Temperamental Thermostat

Yes, even your water heater has its own thermostat. When you find yourself running out of hot water prematurely, try resetting the water heater thermostat.

If the problem persists, consider adjusting the thermostat temperature to ensure it’s set correctly. If all else fails, don’t hesitate to call in a professional plumber to investigate and address the underlying issue.

How to Ensure Long-Lasting Hot Water Bliss

If you yearn for an endless supply of hot water, even during peak demand periods, it might be time to consider the wonders of a tankless water heater. Not only will you enjoy an unlimited flow of hot water precisely when you need it, but you can also operate multiple appliances and showers simultaneously without compromise. What’s more, tankless water heaters save you money in the long run compared to conventional models and boast a significantly longer lifespan.

If you’re facing hot water woes or contemplating the installation of a tankless water heater, take action today. Don’t let the lack of hot water dampen your spirits—contact Blue Ribbon Plumbing LLC now for expert assistance and a rejuvenating hot water solution tailored just for you.

Call Blue Ribbon Plumbing LLC now and let our team address your hot water problems.

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Why You Should Hire A Professional Water Heater Repair Service

water heaterWater heaters are essential for every home or business. They’re used to showering, cooking, cleaning, shaving, and doing the dishes. Routine water heater maintenance and repair should be on the top of your list, given its importance in your home. If you ignore professional repairs and tune-ups, your unit will perform inefficiently and cause discomfort, increasing your utility bills. Learn the benefits of hiring a professional to repair your water heater.

Protect your warranty

A new water heater could come with several warranty requirements. Professional installation is required, as well as repairs if the unit fails. If you use unlicensed plumbers or do DIY repairs, the warranty will be voided. You will have to pay for a brand new water heater, as well as professional installation. To protect your warranty, have a professional service for water heater repairs perform regular maintenance and repairs on your unit.

Diagnose and repair quickly

Plumbers who are experts in the field know how to deal with a variety of problems that can affect water heaters. They know what to look out for, and they can provide 24/7 emergency service. Rapid diagnosis and repair ensure minimal inconveniences and lower repair costs. All models are studied and analyzed by experts. They are familiar with safety standards that can prevent electrical fires.

Utility bills – Reduce them

A poorly maintained water heater will not perform as well as one that is in good working order. Your unit will have difficulty delivering hot water, and it may overwork your system. The longer it takes to heat the water, the more energy is consumed and the bills are higher. A professional water heater service can help you fine-tune the unit to ensure it performs at its best and lower your utility bills.

Safety is enhanced

Some homeowners who have water heater problems can quickly fix the problem themselves. Things can quickly go from bad to worse, compromising your household and safety. Repairing water heaters is a complex task that requires extensive training and knowledge. The wrong amount of electricity in water can cause hazards such as fires and electric shocks. A DIY repair can also void the warranty. You should leave any repairs to the Myrtle Beach plumbers.

water heaterEnhance the lifespan of your unit

Routine maintenance and professional water heater repairs can extend the life of your unit. Water heaters are among the most expensive appliances in your home. Your role is crucial in ensuring that your unit lasts for as long as it can. Your system will last longer than the 10-year average lifespan if you perform regular inspections and fix minor problems. To reap these benefits, however, you will need to hire water heater repair professionals for annual maintenance and tune-ups. Poorly maintained units are more likely to break down and require premature replacement.

Proper installation

Hiring a professional to install a new water heater is the best way to ensure that it’s installed correctly. Plumbers who are licensed understand the different models and their workings. Installing and servicing the unit quickly and efficiently will get it up and running in no time. The plumber in Myrtle Beach will also be able to inspect the unit regularly to detect any potential plumbing problems.

Convenience, peace of mind, and convenience

It can be a time-consuming and difficult task to repair your water heater. A certified water heater repair service offers you both convenience and peace of mind that comes from letting professionals handle the task. Your water heater will operate efficiently and safely, both now and in the future.

A consistent flow of high-quality hot water

Your daily needs can’t be met by a faulty water heater. Showering or cleaning can be uncomfortable if you have inconsistent hot water. The accumulation of minerals within the tank and other components can also cause dirty, unpleasantly smelling water. Professional water heater repair experts can quickly resolve such problems so that you can resume enjoying your showers and cleaning activities.

What are the most common water heater problems to be aware of?

Water heaters are no different from other home appliances. They face several issues that can affect their performance. These are some of the most common issues that require professional attention.

A water heater that does not produce enough hot water. Call a professional plumbing contractor if you experience this problem to adjust the thermostat on the unit or make a repair.

Lack of hot water: If your gas-powered water heater is not producing hot water, it could be due to a thermocouple that has failed. A defective heating element could be the cause of your problem if you have an electric water heater. A plumber can diagnose the problem and replace any malfunctioning parts to restore your water heater to working order.

Water that smells bad: Bad-smelling hot water is a sign your tank has bacteria. You can resolve the problem if you smell rotten eggs by using the recommended chemicals to flush the tank.

A noisy tank: There are several reasons why a tank can be noisy, including sediment buildup. Professionals can use descaling products to break down mineral and limescale accumulation. After that, they drain and flush the tank to remove any sediment.

A professional water repair specialist can assist you if your unit is not working properly. Call Blue Ribbon Plumbing LLC now.

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Indications That You Need Water Heater Repair

Although you might not think much about your water heater, they get a lot more attention when they stop working. You can find many signs that your water heater is failing. These symptoms can indicate a problem with your water heater and could be dangerous for your health.

Broken Water Heater? Check out these common issues:

Inconsistent water temperature

If your water temperature is inconsistent, it could indicate that your heater isn’t working properly. A problem with your thermostat could indicate an issue, but inconsistent water temperatures could also be a sign of a larger issue. If your water does not heat up for long enough it could be a sign that something is wrong. You may just need to upgrade your tank. A licensed plumber can inspect your water heater if inconsistent heating is a problem.

Low water pressure

Low water pressure could also indicate that your heater is having problems. Water pressure can be affected by many factors. However, low water pressure is a sign that your heater is acting up. Over time, sediment builds up inside the water heater, leading to reduced flow and blockages. You can call a plumber in Myrtle Beach to clean out the pipes or replace them. A plumber might be able to clean and flush the sediment from pipes if you have a more recent model water heater.

Discolored water

Your water heater may be corroding if your water becomes murky or rusty. Rust can quickly build up in a water heater tank, which can cause discolored water and bad taste. While it is unlikely to cause any damage, rust can lead to the destruction of your appliances. It’s not something you want to use for washing dishes or showering.

Strange Noises

Water heaters produce some noises as part of normal operation. However, if your water heater is making unusual sounds, it could indicate that your heater needs to be repaired. You may hear a clicking or rumbling sound from your water heater. This could be due to sediment buildup. A popping sound can also be caused by excessive sediment buildup. You might also need to flush out your tank and replace your anode rod. Contact Blue Ribbon Plumbing LLC to get reliable plumbing services in Myrtle Beach.

Eggy Smell

It’s not fun to have water that smells like rotten eggs. This is often an indication that your water heater may be having problems. Other water problems, such as sulfur bacteria, can also make your water smell like eggs. However, if your hot and warm water supply is the issue, you can assume that your water heater is the culprit. The warm and humid conditions in a water heater are ideal for sulfur bacteria. Your tank can become contaminated and give off an unpleasant smell like rotten eggs.

It doesn’t necessarily mean your water heater has failed, but an eggy odor is something you should address immediately. Some people recommend using bleach to kill the sulfur bacteria. This can be difficult to do so you might want to temporarily raise the temperature of the tank to kill the bacteria. Alternating the magnesium anode can be done. Aluminum rods are more likely to produce sulfide bacteria than magnesium rods. This might be beneficial if your water has a sulfur smell.

Broken Water Heater No More

It’s important to take care of any problems with your water heater immediately to prevent more serious issues later. Many of these problems can be repaired without replacing your entire water heater. This means you can enjoy hot showers again at no additional cost.

Contact Blue Ribbon Plumbing today to get your water heater checked and repaired.

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Tips On Increasing Water Heater Efficiency

Did you know that heating water can account for nearly 20% of your home’s energy bill? Heating water takes more energy than any other household task. You’ll feel the effects even more if your water heater isn’t working as intended.

Inefficient water heaters perform less than they should and can cost you more each month. This is a losing situation that can only get worse over time. There are some proven ways to increase the efficiency of your water heater. These five easy projects can make your water heater more efficient and help you save money:

Step 1: Drain Water Heater Sediment

Minerals like calcium and magnesium build up over time in your water heater tank. These minerals settle to the bottom of your tank, hardening and forming sediment. The sediment can cause your system to work harder to heat your water. Overworking your water heater can lead to ruptures and overheating. Water heater sediment can be easily removed by draining the tank completely and flushing it with cold water once a year to maximize efficiency.

Eliminating sediments from your heater will make it run more efficiently and help prevent costly repairs. Flushing your water heater can be done easily by anyone with the right tools. It is possible to hire a professional plumber in Myrtle Beach to flush your water heater as part of larger water heater maintenance calls.

Step 2: Insulate water pipes

The heat tends to quickly dissipate, especially in pipes and water tanks. This is normal, but it can also cause your water heater to not heat as efficiently as it should. To compensate for heat loss in your pipes, you will need to heat more water. Your water heater will use more energy if you heat more water. This will result in higher electric bills. Insulating water pipes reduces heat loss and increases efficiency. Insulating your pipes will ensure that heat does not escape from the system. You could also switch to a tankless water heater to skip this step.

Step 3: Use low-flow fixtures

Low-flow plumbing fixtures can be another way to save money over time, and without requiring too much effort or time upfront. Low-flow fixtures reduce water flow so less hot water is wasted. Traditional fixtures can be replaced with Low-flow faucets and shower heads to save up to 50% on your water consumption. These are more expensive upfront, but they will save you money in the long term, especially if your family member is notorious for taking hot, long showers.

Step 4: Set your Water Heater to 120 Degrees Fahrenheit

It’s a fact that every water heater comes with a thermostat built in. The thermostat tells the system how hot it needs to heat water in the tank. Your system’s heat output will determine how hot your water is. The longer your system runs, the more energy it uses. You should change the thermostat setting on your water heater if your hot water becomes too hot or appears dangerously hot. Your water bills will be lower if you turn down the thermostat, preferably 120 degrees Fahrenheit.

Step 5: Fix Plumbing Leaks

Water heater leaks often begin at the heater itself. Check around the tank of your water heater for visible leaks. These leaks could be caused by the temperature-pressure relief valve or drain valve. Temperature-pressure relief valves can leak to release pressure, as intended, or simply because they are faulty. Also, check the water pipes around fixtures such as sinks and showers. For assistance in detecting or fixing plumbing leaks, contact your local plumber.

Call Blue Ribbon Plumbing if you need help with water heater installation, repair, and maintenance. You may also reach out to us for other plumbing needs. Contact us today!

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5 Perks Of Water Heater Maintenance

Although scheduling water heater maintenance might not be on your priority list, there are many good reasons to do so. Homeowners can enjoy many system benefits from professional water heater maintenance that they won’t get otherwise. Continue reading to learn about the many benefits that you are missing if routine water heater maintenance is not scheduled with a plumber.

1. Keep manufacturer warranty active

To keep your warranty active, you must maintain your system annually. You could lose your warranty if you don’t follow the maintenance plan outlined in your owner manual. If your system fails to function within the warranty period you will not be eligible for any plumbing repairs unless you can show that your unit was regularly maintained.

2. Improve system energy efficiency

Minerals will settle over time at the bottom your water heater making it more difficult to heat hot water. This will eventually reduce the water available for heating, which can lead to a decrease in hot water supply, especially if your heater is a traditional tank system. Your plumbing professional will clean out any mineral buildup in your water heater. Your water heater will run more efficiently if it is free of sediment.

3. Identify your repair needs early

Your residential plumber will not only remove excess sediment from the system but also identify any repair needs. This will allow you to anticipate future water heater repairs and help prevent system failure. By understanding the current health of your water heater, you can plan financially to meet your system’s future needs.

4. Reduce water cost

Professional water heater maintenance has the best benefit of reducing your water costs. Your plumber will remove excess buildup in your system to increase efficiency. This will translate into lower operating costs throughout the year because your unit won’t have as much work to produce hot water. Your water heater costs will drop as your plumber can identify and fix small issues before they become major problems.

5. Improve system longevity

Your water heater will last as long as 20 years if you maintain it properly. This depends on what type of system is used. This longevity can only be achieved by maintaining a regular maintenance schedule. Annual maintenance is essential to ensure that your system does not fail.

Call Blue Ribbon Plumbing LLC now and let our team of expert plumbers make sure that your water heater is maintained accordingly.

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