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Reasons to Install a Touchless Faucet

The new touchless faucet technology helps to conserve water, free your hands, and keep your faucet handles clean and free of germs and dirt.

What is a Touchless Faucet?

Touchless faucets eliminate the need to manually turn a handle to activate water. Motion sensors are used to turn on the water flow and then shut off the faucet. You need the help of a professional plumbing contractor to install it.

The Benefits

Here are seven reasons that touchless faucets make a great choice for your home.

Water conservation: Touchless faucets save water. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, faucets account for 15% of household water consumption. Because it automatically switches on and off, a touchless faucet can reduce this usage.

The touchless faucets are better for hygiene. Germs can still live on traditional faucet handles. Touchless faucets are less likely to spread germs or collect dirt. This means that you can wash your hands after you have finished cleaning them and you won’t touch a faucet handle that is dirty to turn off the water.

Convenient touchless faucets: Are your hands full of dishes? It’s no problem. It’s easy to use the sensors when your hands are full.

Touchless faucets are easier to clean: Traditional faucets take less time to clean because grubby hands don’t grab at knobs or levers.

Touchless faucets protect you from scalding. Touchless faucets have a temperature setting so that you are able to feel safe.

Touchless faucets allow for independence: Because the faucet is motion-activated, anyone who has mobility problems or struggles with grip and hand issues can use it without assistance.

Pre-set flow is a feature of touchless faucets. There is no wasted water when a faucet is opened to its full capacity. This automatic feature helps conserve water.

What do I need to install a touchless faucet?

Some faucets can be powered by batteries, while others are plug-in. You will need an outlet to power the plug-in model.

Your touchless faucet would not work if there was a power cut unless it has a battery backup.

Our plumbers can answer all your questions regarding hands-free faucets, and help you choose the best one for you.

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