How to Avoid Common Condo Plumbing Problems

plumbingCondo plumbing systems are more complicated than those in standalone homes or businesses because they have separate pipework for tenants and the public. The pipes in and around the individual units are under the responsibility of the unit owner. However, pipes around public areas are under the responsibility of the property manager or owner.

Many condos prefer to use one plumbing contractor in Myrtle Beach for all plumbing repairs, indoors and outdoors. However, some property managers will work with any licensed plumber in the locality.

Condo Plumbing Problems

Some people prefer the condo lifestyle to homeownership. However, you must be aware of some unique challenges condo owners face. The water is brought into the building by potable water pipes. These freshwater pipes are usually made of PEX, PVC, or CPVC and deliver water to all appliances and fixtures.

All water-using fixtures and appliances, such as sinks and taps, washing machines, shower heads, bathtubs, and dishwashers drain their wastewater through a drainage line that connects to an exhaust and waste stack in order to remove dirty water from the building. Vent stacks are used to ventilate the drain lines and balance system pressure. This ensures that the dirty water is carried uninterruptedly to the main sewer.

The unit owner, property manager, or owner may be responsible for fixing the problem depending on the location. Some common issues include:

Toilets clogged

It is common to have a blockage in your drains, particularly in condominiums. This can be caused by papers or other materials.

Drain lines clogged

The buildup of soap residue, shampoo, grease, and other materials can cause clogged drains.

Frozen pipes

In colder climates, this is the most difficult and dangerous plumbing problem. Extremely cold temperatures can cause the water inside your pipes to expand, causing them to burst. It can cause flooding or water damage depending on the severity.

Pipework and dripping taps

If not addressed by a plumber, this problem can lead to a large amount of water waste and high water costs.

Low water pressure

Aerators that are clogged can cause this problem in condo buildings.

Sewage backups

Clogs can occur in the main sewer lines and/or waste piles. This may affect more than one apartment. It is important to evaluate the problem and determine who will be responsible for fixing it.

Potable water pipes that are corroded

It is inevitable that potable water pipes will deteriorate. Water pressure combined with the chemical composition can cause corrosion, pits or cracks in the pipes, leaks, and even blowouts.

Avoiding Common Condo Plumbing Issues

Many people find it difficult to deal with plumbing issues in their condos, especially when they consider the costs of hiring a plumber. You may have to turn off the water for several units or even a dozen to fix the problem in your unit. You will need to ask permission from the manager of the property and send out a notification to all affected units. If you need to do additional maintenance that involves shutting off the water in multiple units, this may cause inconvenience for residents and delay approval by the property manager.

Avoiding plumbing issues is the best thing to do. Plumbing maintenance can help you avoid plumbing problems.

plumbingHow to prevent frozen pipes and water bursts

You can protect yourself and your fellow residents by running hot and cool water regularly during winter. In the winter, you can have the hot water drip gradually to generate heat in the plumbing system. The water should be flowing to prevent it from freezing in the pipes. The property manager is responsible for fixing the problem if the pipes burst or freeze.

Fix leaks in your water appliances

Leaks in condos are often caused by a lack of maintenance on washing machines and dishwashers. Condominium owners with their own water appliances should check the connection between the appliance and the plumbing as well as the drainage hose. Contact a plumber if you notice any moisture in the area around your water appliance. This could indicate a structural issue in the building.

Showerheads should be cleaned regularly to maintain water pressure

Low water pressure is a common concern for condo owners. This problem can be avoided by cleaning the showerhead. The shower valves can be clogged by debris, particularly in older pipes or after some maintenance or repair work on the plumbing system. You can sometimes improve the water pressure by adding distilled white vinegar to a sandwich bag and then tying the rubber band over the showerhead. Let it sit overnight to clear the showerhead of clogged contaminants. If it doesn’t, ask a professional plumber in Myrtle Beach to help you.

Check hot water tanks for corrosion

If your heater begins to rust you run the risk of reducing not only the quality of the water that enters your home but also the lifespan of the unit. Condo owners can prevent this by inspecting their water heaters annually for leaks or rust. It is a good idea to flush out the system and remove any sediment that has accumulated. This should be performed by a plumber as part of your annual plumbing inspection.

Plumbing problems in condominiums can be costly for both the individual owners and the whole building. Follow the above tips to avoid this, and the inconvenience that comes with regular repairs. Schedule routine maintenance at the very least once a year. In the event of an emergency, it’s important to know the name and contact information of a professional and reliable plumber.

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