Plumbing Tips – Are Burst Pipes Covered By Homeowner’s Insurance?

plumbingA homeowners insurance policy often covers accidental water damage that results from an unexpected plumbing issue, such as a burst pipe. A homeowner’s insurance policy typically covers the cost of cleaning, repairing, or replacing wood flooring, drywall, or furniture damaged by water from a burst pipe. If you ignore a leak or other long-standing problem, your claim may not be covered.

Does home insurance cover frozen pipes?

Your homeowner’s policy typically covers water damage and cleaning costs due to a burst pipe. Your claim may not be covered if you turn off your heat while you are away from your home for a few days. This could have caused the pipes to freeze when outside temperatures dropped. You can prevent a freeze-related catastrophe by taking smart steps to protect and maintain your pipes. When you are away from home, replace the thermostat’s battery. Set your thermostat to a minimum temperature of 55 degrees. Consider asking a friend or relative to inspect your home and ensure that the heat is working properly if you are away for a long time. Winterize your home if you plan to be away for the winter. This involves draining all of your home’s plumbing system and shutting off the water supply.

Is Homeowners Insurance able to cover water line breaks?

Most homeowners insurance policies do not cover water line damage unless the line has suffered severe, sudden damage. Plumbing repairs and cleanup may be covered if you accidentally damage the water line that runs from your meter. Your regular coverage doesn’t cover water damage caused by age, regular wear and tear, poor installation, shifting soil, pests, or tree roots invading your property.

Your city or town will fix a water main break. However, you are often responsible for the repair or replacement of the water main supply lines that connect to your home. Your municipality and your insurance company should be contacted if your home is damaged by a public water main break.

What coverage do you need for broken pipes?

Water damage can often be covered under dwelling coverage, personal property coverage, and/or loss-of-use coverage. Talk to your agent to ensure water damage is covered under each component of your home insurance policy.

Insurance for your home

A home insurance policy should include dwelling coverage. It can pay for the repair or reconstruction of your home’s physical structure in the event of a fire, water damage, severe weather, vandalism, or other covered loss. Your dwelling coverage limits will be determined based on the cost of rebuilding your house. It is a good idea, especially after any improvements, to check with your agent about the replacement cost of your home. Even small improvements can have an impact on the cost of rebuilding your home.

Property coverage

Personal property coverage covers your belongings such as furniture, clothing, and electronics in the event that they are damaged at your home, apartment, or anywhere else in the world. If accidental water damage occurs due to a burst pipe, this covers professional cleaning and replacement of personal belongings. Many policies cover personal property at actual cash value, not replacement cost. You might be able to increase your policy by adding full replacement cost coverage.

Loss of use coverage

Additional living expenses insurance, also known as loss of use, helps you pay for additional housing and living expenses in the event that your house is temporarily uninhabitable due to a covered event. If your home has been damaged by a burst pipe, you may be eligible for this coverage to cover expenses such as lodging and pet boarding while your home is being repaired or rebuilt.

What water damage is not covered by homeowner’s insurance?

Your homeowner’s policy may not cover water damage if it is:

  • Backed-up sewage
  • Sump pump failure
  • Flooding

You can purchase additional insurance policies to protect yourself from flooding, backup, and sump pump failure. Plumbing maintenance falls under the homeowner’s responsibility.

In the event of a plumbing emergency, remember to keep calm. Do what you can to mitigate the damage and call Blue Ribbon Plumbing right away!

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