Winter Plumbing Tips to Prevent Your Water Pipes from Freezing

The weather prediction is for temperatures to fall below freezing in the next few days so it may be time to pay closer attention to your home or business’s plumbing system.

While you might have focused on water conservation during the summer, the winter season will require that you think about how to prevent your water pipes from freezing. Although a frozen pipe may seem like an inconvenience at first, it can quickly become a problem. One pipe burst can cause thousands of gallons to flood your home. It is easy to reduce the likelihood of dealing with frozen pipes, so you can enjoy your winter activities.

Plumbing Tips To Avoid Frozen Pipes

Keep an eye on major temperature drops

Plumbers are used to receiving a flood of calls following the first major freeze of the season. Frosty weather can strike at any time. It is possible for certain climates to drop below freezing at night. Make it a habit of checking the weather frequently to see if there are any signs that your plumbing needs to be double-checked.

Insulate exposed pipes

Some pipes are concealed behind walls and are fairly well insulated against cold. Extra insulation may be required for pipes that run along exterior walls. Insulating pipes under cabinets, basements, or attics, can be done as well. These pipes can be kept warm by using foam sleeves, especially if they are susceptible to freezing. Heating tapes can be used to heat pipes on your property.

Pay attention to the Garage

Most garages have pipes running through them. It is possible that your garage is not heated. To retain heat, close the garage door as much as you can during winter. Seal any cracks or holes around the door that might allow cold air in.

Keep your house warm

It is tempting to turn off your heating system in order to save energy when you’re on vacation. This is a common reason for frozen pipes. To keep pipes warm, maintain an even heating temperature in your home. Ventilation in rooms not used often may need to be opened. You might find pipes in guest rooms that freeze when it gets colder.

Open the cabinets

Because they are often near exterior walls, pipes underneath sinks can freeze. Cabinet doors also block heat from the house from reaching the pipes. The pipes will be less likely to freeze if they are open.

Allow the water to drip overnight

Make sure you turn the faucet on when you open the cabinets. This doesn’t require a constant stream of water. A little drip is sufficient. Keep the water flowing so it doesn’t expand when it freezes in the pipes.

These are some useful tips to prevent your water pipes from freezing. It takes only a few minutes to prevent frozen pipes at the start of the season. After you have prepared, you should monitor the weather and make sure to do any last-minute tasks such as opening the cabinet doors. Then monitor your plumbing system. You should take immediate action if water isn’t flowing freely or a drip appears. You can prevent minor issues from becoming major plumbing problems and make sure your pipes are able to withstand the cold winter temperatures.

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