Tips to Prepare Your Drains for Holidays

The holiday season can be stressful. Do not let plumbing problems add stress to your holiday season. These are some tips to ensure your drains are holiday-ready.

Tips To Prepare Your Drains For The Holidays

Use your garbage disposal as needed. Do not wait until your drains are full of food. While you are cleaning or prepping, run your garbage disposal.

Shotgun showers. Although guests may be eager to get a hot shower as soon as possible, it is important to ask others to wait at least 15 minutes so that the drains can clear.

The sink is your best friend. Don’t be too ambitious in your kitchen. Allow grease from pans to solidify before you can scrape it into a container or trash bin. This will reduce the amount of grease that runs down your kitchen drain.

You can set a trap. To put a physical barrier between your guests and whatever it is that they can put down on your drain. You can use a sink trap. Sink traps that can be removed automatically capture the food from the naughty menu and rinse it into the sink. If there’s a problem, you can always hire a plumber.

Avoid getting into a sticky situation. Make sure your showers are equipped with drain screens and hair-trapping tools to limit hair that is being sent down the shower drain.

Perform a dry run. Checking your plumbing system is ready to handle holiday drain issues can help you avoid them. Small leaks or slow drain problems can quickly become major issues when holiday drains are being tasked with large jobs. To ensure that your system is up to the task, do a pre-holiday plumbing inspection. Call a plumbing contractor if you see slow drains.

It’s best to throw it away. You shouldn’t flush things like cotton balls, baby wipes, and sanitary products down the toilet. It’s easy for guests to dispose of them by putting trash cans in every bathroom.

Take a look at the outside temperature. Frozen pipes and freezing temperatures can put a damper on a holiday party. To keep water flowing in pipes, make sure you disconnect exterior water lines.

Don’t hesitate to take the plunge. This is the perfect time to invest in a new plunger. You might consider putting one in every bathroom to allow guests to take a quick plunge without having to have embarrassing conversations.

On Auger on Blitzen. It’s not Santa’s new reindeer. An auger can be used to remove a clog near the surface. You should always have one in case of a plumbing emergency.

Although your bank account might feel empty at the end of the holiday season, your plumbing system should be able to withstand the stress.

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