Plumbing Pipe Repair

Major plumbing leaks are rare, but they can happen quickly. Here are some tips to help you avoid disaster if your home is older or you delay regular maintenance:

1. Do you notice water flowing less efficiently, leaking, or dripping?

plumbing pipe repairA persistent drip could indicate that your faucet or fixture is in need of replacement. A clogged aerator could be the reason your kitchen faucet stops producing the water you need. Shower heads can get clogged or coated with film. You might be able to make a small adjustment, replace the washer or clean out the filter or aerator. For quality plumbing services, call a professional if you don’t want to tackle minor repairs. They will take care of your problems quickly, efficiently, and economically.

2. Are you seeing staining or deposits?

Water quality is not the same for all water. Trace minerals and other additives can make water different. You should notice any staining on your fixtures or faucets. Also, if you see a white, brown, or green powdery buildup or crusty buildup, it could be that the same buildup is affecting your water pipes. These problems can be easily detected and pitted faucets should be checked by a professional. One recommendation is to either install a whole-house purifier system or “point-of-use” filters.

3. Are your outdoor hose bibs rattling?

A minimum of one outdoor water source is required for most homes. Many houses also have multiple outdoor hose bibs that provide water for landscaping. Modern installations are “frost-free,” which means they don’t require seasonal draining or winter wrapping. Even so, remember to disconnect hoses before winter arrives. Check for leaks and loose fittings in the spring and summer lawn and landscape watering seasons. Have them repaired if necessary. Sometimes, leakage can be caused by faulty hose bibs or pipes that rattle and wobble. That’s serious. These signs may indicate that you should call a plumber.

4. What are the conditions of your pipes and tubing

Your water pipes may be made of copper, plastic, or galvanized steel, depending on where you live and how old your house is. Modern materials are durable and reliable but can sometimes be damaged. Outside influences can also cause pipe problems. Sometimes, a crack caused by a nail during construction can cause pipes to burst years or months later. Inadvertently crimping an icemaker-line line might result in a delayed geyser water supply. You will need your plumber’s contact information handy in such situations.

5. Are you using a main shutoff valve for your water supply?

Consider installing one if you don’t already have one. Make sure that everyone in the family knows where it is located and how it works. You can save money and protect your home and belongings by shutting off your water quickly.

Although you may not be in a position to stop a pipe from bursting, it is possible to recognize signs that could indicate future problems. It is a good idea to get a residential plumber as soon as possible.

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