Leak Detection

If you suspect you may have a leaky pipe, you might be hesitant to call a plumber. It is common to believe that plumbers must be invasive to your floors or walls when performing Plumbing leak detection. It is a false assumption. The latest technological advances have enabled plumbers to see through walls and floors to find leaks. It is now easier than ever to find leaks and the best repair options.

How plumbers find leaks

The plumber will begin by running a simple sweep of your home. Any area they find that might indicate a leak will be examined. This inspection will include any area of your plumbing system that is visible to the naked eyes. This includes your pool, if any, under your sinks, around the toilet, and the water heater.

Your plumber will inspect your home for possible leaks as they go. If they don’t find any or need to explore further, the plumber will use their equipment. The equipment can be used quickly and without affecting any other areas of your home.

The Tools Plumbers Use to Find A Leak in Plumbing

Professional plumbers can use a variety of tools to inspect your plumbing for any leaks.

Sound Technology

Sound technology is one of the tools plumbers use, including ground microphones or listening disks. These devices allow plumbers to hear water running or dripping. It can even work in concrete, tile, or asphalt. This technology can be used when leaks are too distant or too quiet to be heard with the naked ear.

The plumber’s headphones can pick up any sound that is picked up. The headphones eliminate any noises that could distract from the sound of the leak. A leak can easily be covered by appliances such as washers, dryers, refrigerators, and other daily activities.

Heat scanners

Plumbers can use heat scanners to inspect areas where sound technology fails or when more inspection is required. These heat scanners detect temperature changes through floors and walls. The temperature of any area affected by water will be different from the rest. This technology can be used to pinpoint the exact location of the plumbing leak.

Video Camera Inspections

A video camera inspection is the most effective and precise method to detect leaks. To get a clear picture of the problem, plumbers will use a camera to navigate down your drains. This tool is typically a camera with a light attached at the end of fiber optic cables. The plumber can then see what the camera picks up through a monitor.

This allows them to pinpoint the location of any plumbing leaks and determine how severe they have become. This gives your plumber a good idea of the condition of your pipes and whether you should replace them. Cameras are the most precise tools on the list and will give you the best options to fix your problem.


The most important and often overlooked tool that plumbers have is their experience and training. Plumbers put in a lot of work to obtain their licenses. They then spend the rest of their careers learning through experience and knowledge gained on the job. It is a valuable tool that can help you fix your plumbing leak.

Plumbing Repairs in Myrtle Beach

The tools and equipment are both non-invasive, and not destructive. To find a leak in your house, no walls or floors will need to be torn down or cut into. We want to do plumbing leak repair as easily and efficiently as possible. We will first find the leak and then determine the best way to fix it.

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