Pirates Cove Mexican Grill

pirates Cove North Myrtle BeachFrom our indoor stage and spacious wooden dance floor to our rooftop bar and its oceanfront views, there’s no better place on the beach for music, food, friends and fun than Pirate’s Cove!

Located just steps from the Atlantic Ocean and in the heart of Main Street North Myrtle Beach, we’ve long been a favorite hangout for locals and visitors alike.

Grab a seat at the bar and you’ll be greeted by our friendly staff, who’s always ready to serve you up an ice cold beer, a cocktail or any of the mouth-watering choices from our full menu of food.

From the time you walk through the double doors and down the long hallway to our cozy interior, you’ll see we’re not your average shag club, music venue or beach bar … We’re all of that & more!

In the year 1994 Milford and I purchased the old building on Main Street from Harry and Joyce Thomas who had the Toggery Shop there for years. The building had 4 different addresses, 203, 205, 207 and 207-B because the building housed 2 front stores, the bar in back and the apartment upstairs. We moved into the apartment that fall even though there was no kitchen, no heat or air and only a half bath. We renovated the 1850 square foot apartment and made it livable. A kitchen was added and a full bath. A heat pump came later. That was a cold winter!

Little did I know Milford had plans to re-open the bar in back. Can’t say I was overjoyed when I found out! I told him if that’s what he wanted I would support him all the way to the poor house!

As many of you may know in the fifties the rear of the building was a bowling alley before it became a bar. We actually used the alleys for our dance floor until one of the hurricanes flooded the building and we had to replace the floor.

The bar had been closed since 1977. The last bar was called Sergeant Peppers. Before that it was The Pour House, The Cavalier Club, The Back Alley Lounge and The Beachcomber’s Club. The Beachcombers was well known for its top named entertainment such as Big Joe Turner, Billy Stewart, Bill Pinkney and The Drifters, Martha and the Vandellas, Brenton Wood and the Impressions and many more.

Milford had some help working on renovations when he could get it. Mostly he did it himself. Once he fell while working on some wiring in the ceiling. He fractured 2 ribs but kelp on working!

I was the only member of the “Clean Up Detail committee”. I cleaned up sawdust, drug out debris by hand until I figured how to use a handcart. Heck! Now I can even use an electric hand drill!

The city’s building department was not much help. They didn’t think we could do it either. We ran into all kinds of problems.

Then someone protested our opening a bar. We were given a stop work order until after a hearing was held. We hired the best lawyer in town, John Clark! We won the case because after the testimonies the judge said, “What are we doing here?” and told the panel to rule in favor of Milford Powell.

During the renovations to the bar Milford played what had become our theme song. Despite the sweat, the tears and sore muscles we kept going! It was “Over the Rainbow”. To this day it brings tears to our eyes when we hear it!

We proved it could be done since we are celebrating our 20th year of business!

Milford and I want to thank all of our SOS friends that supported us over the years and we want you to come celebrate with us on Saturday, September 19, 4 – 8 pm. We can’t think of anybody we’d rather do it with!

We have been blessed!

Pirates Cove changed ownership in March of 2018. Many changes have been made to the building since. Today, Pirates Cove features a walk up bar directly off Main Street with outdoor seating. The traditional Pirates Cove Bar & Grill includes a stage for DJ and bands, large dance floor, pool hall, sports bar and plenty of room for you to join us for summer fun. Upstairs is a rooftop patio bar with breathtaking views of the Atlantic ocean.

Take a walk to historical museum.

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