Historical Museum North Myrtle Beach

North Myrtle Beach Historical MuseumHistorical Museum North Myrtle Beach encourages pride in the community and appreciation for the rich historical past of the area.

The North Myrtle Beach Historical Museum opened its doors on April 7, 2013 after eight years of planning. The Museum’s purpose was to increase appreciation for culture, history, science, heritage, and the North Myrtle Beach area. The Museum’s exhibits and programs focus on the stories of the region’s earliest inhabitants to the present day.

Did you know that the Museum keeps EVERYTHING extraordinary about our community?

North Myrtle Beach Museum

Dick Hester, a local businessman, saw a vision in March 2005. He saw the Museum in its current location and he imagined all the regional history that could share with the thousands of visitors and local residents.

The Museum is open throughout the year and the task of collecting historical memorabilia continues. North Myrtle Beach Museum needs your support to keep it alive as a community building facility, regional history facility, and museum.

North Myrtle Beach History

North Myrtle Beach has a rich past. Our region’s history began thousands of years ago when Native Americans lived in the natural beauty of the area. We are a community that cares. We work, worship, go to school, play sports, tend our gardens, weather storms and rebuild businesses. The area is home to thousands of visitors each year.

The Museum preserves northeastern South Carolina’s history, starting at the state border and continuing west to the Longs community. Each community has its own story, and the Museum continues collecting information about the intersections and neighborhoods that make this area of South Carolina so special.

Events and programs

The North Myrtle Beach Museum offers a variety of activities for locals, young and old. Children, families, and adults can learn about the history and science in our region. Members get lower or free admission fees for most events and programs, are notified in advance about Museum activities, discounts at stores, and free admission to the Historical Museum North Myrtle Beach . Plus, they can access more than 150 museums throughout the southeast through a reciprocal Museum program.

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