Fat Harold’s North Myrtle Beach

There is a saying in North Myrtle Beach …

Fat Harolds Beach club“You haven’t been to the beach unless you’ve visited Fat Harold’s Club at the Beach

It is home to the Shag. In 1996, Fat Harold’s was inducted into Carolina Beach Music Awards Hall of Fame. They were also named CBMA Club of the year thirteen times before being removed from consideration to allow other great clubs in the field to be recognized.

Located in North Myrtle Beach‘s Ocean Drive Section on Main Street. Fat Harold’s features the best DJs who spin the music seven nights a week. For some good food and cold drinks, plan to visit the Shag City Grill. Dance the night away

The Carolina Shag’s History

According to legend, the “Carolina Shag” was born near the Atlantic Ocean in North Myrtle Beach. This upbeat, smooth, and quick dance has a basic step that consists of a six-count eight-step pattern, performed in a slot. This dance was popularized by the African American community in late 1930s. It gained popularity in 1940s when it was accompanied with “beach music”.

The Carolina Shag is the “swing dance” of the South and has been called the Shag. It is described as “cold beer on warm nights with a hot date and not planning for tomorrow.” It is often referred to as “swing dancing”, though they shouldn’t be grouped together.

Do you Shag?

Charlie and Jackie will help you learn new moves and improve your skills on Mondays. Get the State Dance at no cost on Tuesday nights with Mandy or River. Weekends are great for dancing in both the front and the back rooms.

The Shag at North Myrtle Beach

The Shag was started in Myrtle Beach by waitresses, lifeguards, and other young adults. Boogie Woogie Beats author Dino Thompson explains how the Shag was created. “We started dancing like girls at the beach. It was laid back, slow, and easy.”

The Shag is a dance that everyone can learn, no matter their age. It transcends barriers and brings people together for one purpose: to have fun, and to enjoy the music. Dino says that music was what changed everything back then for young dancers. “The sheer emotional appeal of music brought people together. Black and white, rich or poor, jumped the rope to share the music and a shared memory. It was all that mattered, and this school is still relevant for dancers today.

A visit to McLean Park is a must when visiting North Myrtle Beach.

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