Top Notch Myrtle Beach Restaurants Locals Would Recommend

Restaurants Myrtle Beach It’s downright disheartening when selecting a restaurant on vacation, only to be greeted with poor customer service, an atmosphere that is anything but hospitable, a lackluster menu and a final product that leaves you thinking McDonald’s would have been a much better solution.

You’re on vacation!

Myrtle Beach literally has over 1,000 restaurants to choose from, and no one wants to throw away money and waste precious vacation time with a dismal dining experience. These Myrtle Beach restaurants combine top-notch service and setting together with some of the best Grand Strand cuisine every tourist would appreciate and enjoy.

The first notable selling point for the Key West Grill is its location, conveniently situated within the Broadway at the Beach district and Celebrity Circle, which almost every tourist undoubtedly visits at least once while vacationing in Myrtle Beach. This restaurant serves up fresh local seafood with a Caribbean twist, featuring enticing and delectable entrees, such as Salmon Kebab, Garlic Calamari and Coconut Shrimp. Large groups are easily accommodated, and the restaurant itself is very spacious with many seating areas including waterfront dining options.

How does a bowl of Caribbean Conch Chowder sound? Other popular entree favorites include Seafood Fettuccine, King Crab Legs and Tuna Tower; however, this is where the Key West Grill gets really interesting. There is a Charter Captain’s ‘Catch of the Day,’ which makes each visit unique, and there are eight different ways in which the fresh catch can be prepared. The most popular way, and coinciding with the name of the restaurant, is ‘Key West’ style, which means the fish is seared with lime butter and tart mustard. Customers in the mood for lobster are able to select their own live lobster from a saltwater tank, which naturally guarantees the freshest lobster and a unique and favorable dining experience. There are also 19 mouth-watering appetizers, a full drink menu, budget-friendly Happy Hour and a kids-friendly menu and entertainment.

As the restaurant’s name suggest, Dirty Don’s serves up the best fresh oysters in Myrtle Beach, and they are also well-known for their shellfish and the ‘Dirty Don’s Dunkin’ Pot.’ Tourists don’t have to enjoy raw oysters or shellfish to have a blast at Dirty Don’s Oyster Bar & Grill, however, as there is quite an extensive menu, with entrees like Fish n’ Chips and specialty sandwiches like the Carolina BBQ, as well as burgers, other seafood menu choices and delicious steaks. The Dirty Don’s Boardwalk location (there are two locations) features a full-service bar, televisions and ample seating arrangements away from the bar as well.

These restaurants tourists must experience while vacationing in Myrtle Beach are suitable for all occasions and groups of people and offer an array of different cuisines. They are also conveniently located and spread out among the different areas which tourists want to visit while enjoying the beach along the Grand Strand and all the popular attractions. Guaranteed to be a good time, these choices reflect the expectations everyone would have while dining out in Myrtle Beach on vacation.

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