Proper Thanksgiving Food Disposal Tips

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For some individuals, Thanksgiving is a day loaded with unwinding, consuming food, and possibly enjoying some football.  But there is one place in the house that is always busy with all the Thanksgiving food preparation –the kitchen.

With all the festivities going on and clearing the counter, the last thing you want is to stress over calling a plumbing professional because of a damaged disposal unit. Don’t worry because there is something you can do to prevent this from happening. Just follow these simple steps:

Your Guide to Proper Thanksgiving Food Disposal

Leftover Turkey

Tradition states that a turkey should be present on the table every Thanksgiving. After everybody is packed and it comes time for cleaning up, make sure that turkey bones do not end up in the disposal. Sure turkey meat can go down the disposal, but why not make a great meal from leftover turkey? Isn’t that a person of the very best parts of Thanksgiving?


Now we understand there are various stuffing and dressing dishes out there, and I’m sure that your grandma’s dish is the very best one. It is tough to state what can and cannot go down the trash disposal with this Thanksgiving classic because the active ingredients will vary. Plumbing professionals advise that fibrous foods such as onion stalks and celery skins should not be put in the disposal because it can entangle the blade causing it to malfunction.


Green bean, sweet potato, corn … the possibilities are unlimited when it pertains to Turkey Day and casseroles! Much like with the stuffing, what should or should not go down the drain will depend on what type of casserole you are making.

Mashed Potatoes

Mashed potatoes are among the most precious Thanksgiving food on the table. If you decide to make your mashed potatoes from scratch, make sure to toss all of the potato peels into the garbage can. Any remaining potatoes can go down the disposal unit when cleaning up.

Pumpkin Pie and Pecan Pie

There is absolutely nothing like filling on turkey and potatoes and topping all of it with a piece of pie … and ice cream, naturally. If pumpkin pie is on the menu, there should not be a lot of waste disposal unit risks to stress over- if you are utilizing canned pumpkin. If you choose to make pumpkin pie by formulating a real pumpkin, please do not put all of the pumpkin innards like seeds down the waste disposal unit.

Nuts should go down the disposal unit, so if you have huge pieces of nuts left in any pecan pie leftovers, it is a great concept to simply toss it in the garbage rather than worrying if it can go down the disposal unit.

Thanksgiving day should be an enjoyable and festive occasion where you should not worry about anything else, most especially about plumbing. Just in case you need one to call, Blue Ribbon Plumbing LLC.

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