You can’t sleep at night if you keep on hearing a dripping tap. Apart from the constant drip, you also have to worry about wasting water. You’ll want to get help from a plumbing contractor as soon as you hear the dripping sound. Luckily, it’s easy to fix a leaky faucet. Here are some tips to fix a leaky faucet at home:

Compression or Washerless Faucet?

There are two main types of faucets that you will find in your home: cartridge faucets and compression faucets. The process of repairing these faucets is slightly different because they use different components to control water flow. A compression faucet has a rubber washer that holds the valve seat in its place. The washer will wear down as water pressure builds up and forces it against the valve seat.

A washerless faucet, on the other hand, uses a cartridge or ball to replace a rubber washer. It also has a valve seat to regulate the faucet’s water flow. They are more durable than compression faucets but can crack or wear out from normal wear and tear.

Turn off your water

Whatever type of faucet you use, it is important to shut off the water supply valves beneath the sink before you start any faucet repair. To turn the water off, turn both valves clockwise. Once you have done that, open the faucet to let out any water or pressure left in the line. To prevent any essential items from falling into the sink, you will also need to close the drain.

How to fix a washerless faucet

Take out the faucet handle

After the water has been turned off, you can remove the faucet handle. Locate the small set screw at the back or bottom of the handle to do this. Each brand may be different. However, these screws are usually hex screws so you might need an Allen key of the right size to remove them. Once the set screw is removed, lift the handle and take it out. The internal components of your washerless faucet handle might look different depending on which model you have. If you find it difficult to fix a faucet, call on a plumber in Myrtle Beach.

How to fix a compression faucet

Take out the faucet handles

Access the inside of the faucet to fix a dripping faucet. Begin by taking out the faucet’s handles. Next, remove the set screws at the back or bottom of the handles. Next, remove the set screws that hold the handle in place with a screwdriver.

Take out the stem

After the handles are removed, locate and remove the stem nut. Use a wrench to loosen the nut.

Take a look at the O-Ring

Next, remove the stem. You should now be able to see the o-rings and seat washer. You can now examine the O-ring. Replace the O-ring if it is cracked or worn.

Change the washer

The seat washer is located at the bottom of your stem. Sometimes the seat washer may be held in place with a screw. If this happens, you should remove it first. Simply replace the washer with a new one once it is removed. These parts are very affordable. You should replace the O-rings and washers with the same size as the originals. Even the smallest difference could cause a major leak. Contact Blue Ribbon Plumbing LLC right away if you notice anything odd with your home’s plumbing. This will save you time and money in the long run.

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