Is there any water around your toilet’s base? This is a bad sign. This is a sign that your toilet has a leak, most likely at the base. Don’t let your bathroom turn into an indoor swimming pool! Instead, grab your trusted plumbing tools and get to work fixing the leak.

Plumbing Tips

Loose Tee Bolts

Are you familiar with plastic caps that are placed around the toilet’s base? These caps cover the tee bolts that hold your toilet in its place. If these bolts become loose or damaged, toilet leaks can occur. Start by repositioning your toilet so that it is level and centered. Next, tighten the bolts. You can return to the store if the bolts are not tightening properly or continue spinning freely.

Damaged Wax Ring

Although you’ve checked the condition of your tee bolts, and tightened them, your toilet still leaks at the base. Most likely, the wax ring is to blame. It will need to be replaced.

Go to the Shop – Get a wax ring for your toilet. Take a photo of your toilet’s base to show the pro at the store so they can help you locate a replacement.

Prep the Toilet: Turn off the water supply to your toilet by turning the water valve behind the toilet off. To get rid of as much sitting water as possible, flush the toilet. You can then remove the nut that holds the fill valve in place. Then, use a small bucket to collect any water left. Finally, drain any remaining water from the toilet’s base by dipping it in for a few seconds.

Take out the Toilet & Old Wax Ring – Unscrew the water supply line to the toilet. Also, remove the tee bolts and floor tiles. Now the toilet can be lifted from its original position. Place the toilet on its side, and start removing the wax ring. Before installing the new wax rings, make sure to remove all dried-on wax residue and any leftover residue.

Install the New Wax ring – Place your newly purchased wax ring over the flange. Make sure the tee bolts are in place. Place the new wax ring on your toilet and reposition it in its original position.

Install Your Toilet – Place the toilet in the correct position. Then, use your body weight to press the wax ring into the toilet to make a new seal. Make sure the toilet is properly leveled and centered before you tighten the tee bolts. Turn the valve on and reconnect the water line. To check for water leaks, inspect the toilet carefully.

Leakage in the toilet can lead to mold growth and increase water bills. It is important to fix any leak immediately. To ensure that your toilet repairs are done correctly, call your local plumber in Myrtle Beach.

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