plumbingWhen it comes to plumbing issues, acting fast is really important. That’s why Blue Ribbon Plumbing LLC is here to provide emergency plumbing services 24/7. We understand that unexpected plumbing problems can happen at any time, day or night.

But how do you know if your situation qualifies as a plumbing emergency?

Of course, you wouldn’t call a plumber in the middle of the night for a simple clogged drain. Let’s delve into more detail about urgent plumbing problems that require immediate attention. And for all your regular plumbing needs, including drains and sewers, remember to contact Blue Ribbon Plumbing LLC.

The Top 5 Plumbing Emergencies

Burst Pipes

Burst pipes can occur due to various reasons. Sometimes, a blockage builds up in the pipe over time, causing it to burst under pressure. In other cases, high water pressure can lead to pipe bursts. Regardless of the cause, a burst pipe is a serious issue that demands swift action.

Water gushing from a burst pipe can create extensive damage to your property. If the burst occurs in your basement, it might even result in a flooding situation. Whether it’s day or night, contacting a residential plumber in Myrtle Beach immediately is crucial when dealing with a burst pipe.

Overflowing Toilets

Dealing with an overflowing toilet is both unpleasant and frustrating for any homeowner. Similar to burst pipes, an overflowing toilet can cause significant water damage.

plumbingMoreover, it’s unhygienic and should not be ignored. If you’re unable to stop the overflow on your own, it’s essential to call us to fix the issue promptly. This is especially true if you’re also facing……..

Sewage Back-Ups

Sewage water doesn’t always come out of the toilet. It can also back up through drains due to damaged sewer lines or septic tank problems. When sewage backs up on your property, it’s a severe problem that requires immediate attention.

Sewage contains harmful bacteria and viruses, posing health risks to your household. For the well-being of your family and to prevent further damage, treating sewage-related issues as emergencies is a must.

Gas Line Leaks

Gas lines are crucial for appliances like stoves, heaters, and dryers. However, a gas line leak can be life-threatening. Natural gas is toxic in high amounts, so if you suspect a gas leak—indicated by hissing sounds, foul smells, or feelings of nausea—calling a professional Myrtle Beach plumbing contractor and evacuating your home is necessary.

Slab Leaks

While not as immediately evident as other problems, a slab leak is a significant hazard. The concrete slab under your home supports its structure. A leak from a broken pipe within the slab can lead to the shifting of the foundation, potentially causing extensive property damage.

Look for signs like higher water bills, sounds of running water when not in use, damp flooring, mildew, cracks, and water around your house’s perimeter. Although not as obvious as a burst pipe, a slab leak should never be ignored.

To ensure prompt help, contact Blue Ribbon Plumbing LLC now.

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