plumberMany homeowners consider their bathroom to be the most frequently used room in their house. It shouldn’t surprise that sometimes the toilet will break down. Broken toilets can be a major problem for the entire household. When that happens, you may need the help of a plumber.

Plumber Tips: Fixing A Broken Toilet

You want to fix a toilet that is broken as soon as possible. Although unclogging a toilet can be done quickly, it is not always possible to fix every problem.

There are many moving parts in the tank, so there could be several issues. There may be constantly running water or unusual noises. You might have water accumulating at your toilet’s base.

What problems are beyond the scope of a DIY project? These are just a few examples of toilet problems that require a professional plumbing contractor.

Water near the Toilet Base

Are you seeing water around your toilet’s base? Try to wipe the area clean with a towel. You can leave a few more paper towels around the base for a couple of hours. You may find that the wax seal around your toilet base is worn.

You will need to hire a plumber in Myrtle Beach to fix the wax ring.

If your paper towels don’t get wet upon return, you should check the connection between the tank supply and the hose supply. You can use the same method with the paper towels to check the area for leaks.

Any drips should be checked at each end of the supply hose as well as a flush valve. If you discover a leak, it may be necessary to replace the supply line. Leakage at the tank’s bottom means that you will need to replace the flush valve.

Slow Tank Fill

Toilet tanks that take a long to fill could be due to a leaking flapper or broken flush valve. To flush the toilet, remove the tank lid. You need to replace the flush valve if you notice the flush valve sticking, or if you hear water trickling from the toilet.

Water may seep through the flapper. The leak could cause water to seep through the flapper, making it more difficult to fill your tank. Repairing the flapper is the only way to fix a leaky seal. These parts can be replaced by a plumber.

Irregular Running water

Leakage in gravity-flow toilets could cause intermittent running water. Make sure your toilet tank ball is centered on your valve seal. You need to replace your valve if it falls off-center or does not connect properly. A plumber in Myrtle Beach will be able to fix the problem by removing the tank ball from the valve and installing the new valve.

Continuous Running Water

Water may run aground if the chain is in your tank. Check that the chain is strong enough to seal the hole in the tank’s bottom. If it isn’t, the flapper won’t be able to drop far enough to close the hole. Most chain problems don’t need a plumbing contractor. The length of the chain can be adjusted by simply unlatching or increasing the clip.

You may hear a faint drip of water. This could be the sound of the ball cock. The ball is connected to a float mounting to close the valve when the water level reaches the desired level.

The seal between the ball mount arm and the float mount arm can wear and cause the tank water to leak. You will need to have a plumber replace the rubber diaphragm.

You might just have dirt in the seal. You can remove the sediment by yourself. Just unscrew the screws to clean up the seal. Get rid of any residue.

A plumber is the best option when it comes to toilet repair. You can have them come out and fix it or guide you through how to fix it. Professional guidance can save you time and money.

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