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Myrtle Beach plumbingFor many folks, the bathroom is the busiest room in the house. So, it’s no surprise that sometimes, the toilet decides to act up. When that happens, you might need the help of a Myrtle Beach plumbing contractor. Here’s what you can do when you encounter toilet problems.

Myrtle Beach Plumbing Tips: Fixing a Troublesome Toilet

When your toilet’s on the fritz, you want to fix it pronto. While unclogging a toilet is often a quick DIY job, some problems need a pro’s touch.

Toilets have lots of moving parts in the tank, so there could be various issues. You might notice water always running or strange noises. Sometimes, you’ll find water pooling around the base.

Here are a few toilet problems that are best left to a professional plumber in Myrtle Beach:

Water Around the Base

If you see water near your toilet’s base, start by cleaning it up with a towel. Leave a few paper towels there for a couple of hours. If they stay dry, it could mean the wax seal around the base is worn out. You’ll need to call a Myrtle Beach plumbing contractor to replace it.

To check for leaks elsewhere, you can use the same paper towel trick on the tank supply connection and hose supply. Also, inspect the ends of the supply hose and flush valve for drips. If you find a leak, you might need to replace the supply line. If there’s leakage at the bottom of the tank, it’s time for a new flush valve.

Myrtle Beach plumbingSlow Tank Fill

If the toilet tank takes a long time to fill, it could be caused by a leaking flapper or a busted flush valve. Remove the tank lid and inspect. If you see the flush valve sticking or hear water trickling, it’s likely time to replace the flush valve.

Water might also seep through a worn flapper, making it harder for the tank to fill. Fixing the flapper is the way to go, and a Myrtle Beach plumbing contractor can handle it.

Intermittent Running Water

In gravity-flow toilets, intermittent running water can be caused by leaks. Check if the tank ball is centered on the valve seal. If it’s off-center or doesn’t connect correctly, you’ll need to replace the valve. An emergency plumber can do this by removing the tank ball from the valve and installing a new one.

Continuous Running Water

Sometimes, the chain in your tank can cause water to run continuously. Ensure that the chain is sturdy enough to seal the hole at the tank’s bottom. If not, the flapper won’t drop far enough to close the hole. Most chain problems are DIY-friendly and can be fixed by adjusting the chain’s length.

If you hear a faint dripping sound, it could be the ball cock. The ball is linked to a float assembly that closes the valve when the water level is right. If the seal between the ball mount arm and the float mount arm wears out, water might leak. In this case, a plumber should replace the rubber diaphragm.

If you find sediment in the seal, you can remove it yourself. Simply unscrew the screws, clean the seal, and get rid of any residue.

In the world of toilet repair, a Myrtle Beach plumber is your best bet. They can come and fix it for you or give you expert guidance on how to do it yourself. Professional advice about Myrtle Beach plumbing can save you time and money.

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