PlumbingPlumbing problems can cause a lot of hassle. But not every plumbing issue is difficult to fix. In fact, some plumbing issues don’t even require a plumber.

Continue reading to discover three quick plumbing fixes that every homeowner should know. Remember, for all your plumbing needs, you can trust the Blue Ribbon Plumbing LLC team.

Easy plumbing hacks for the average homeowner

Leaky Pipes – While there is no easy way to fix a leaky pipe, you can do a few reliable things when an unexpected leak occurs. Find the nearest shut-off valve, and turn it counterclockwise until no water is flowing. This is the small knob under the connection for pipes connected to sinks or toilets.

The valve is usually located on the other side of the wall. It’s a good idea to keep this in mind for both large and small leaks since it will give you time to minimize the damage until the Myrtle Beach plumbing contractor arrives.

Locate your main water line if the leak does not occur in a single pipe. It is usually located outside the house or in the basement. Turn off your entire home’s water supply. Bonus: You can try to temporarily stop a leaky pipe by using a pipe clamp or, if it’s a loose connection issue, a rubber repair sleeve.

Porcelain Cracks: You may think that a crack on your porcelain sink, toilet bowl or bathtub is a sign of impending disaster. It doesn’t need to be that way!

Plumber’s putty can be purchased at your local hardware shop to prevent the leak from worsening, causing much water damage. You should squeeze the putty as tightly as you can into the crack. Then, apply caulk over it to create a double seal.

PlumbingCall a plumber in Myrtle Beach, preferably for an emergency. Even if the appliance needs to be replaced in the end, you can still ensure that it’s functional and won’t leak.

Malfunctioning water heaters: Have you heard strange noises coming from your water heater lately? Or has it taken longer for your water to heat than usual? Water heater issues can be very frustrating and require professional help. However, you should not make any assumptions.

The problem with your water heater can often be traced to sediment that has accumulated in the bottom tank. This sediment needs to be flushed. Turn off your water heater and run the tap for 10 minutes. Then, find a cold water supply on top of the tank and turn it off. Attach a garden hose on the drain valve, and allow the water to drain into the nearby floor drain. After this, turn on the cold water supply, but don’t close the drain valve or disconnect the hose. Lastly, watch the water drain until there is no sediment or discolouration.

If your unit is clogged with sediment, it will work harder to heat the water and increase your bill. If you are having sediment problems, it could be due to a corroded rod, which is part of your heater that helps reduce mineral and sediment accumulation. You can easily fix this problem yourself by buying a new anode rod in your local hardware store or online.

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