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Although you might not think much about your water heater, they get a lot more attention when they stop working. You can find many signs that your water heater is failing. These symptoms can indicate a problem with your water heater and could be dangerous for your health.

Broken Water Heater? Check out these common issues:

Inconsistent water temperature

If your water temperature is inconsistent, it could indicate that your heater isn’t working properly. A problem with your thermostat could indicate an issue, but inconsistent water temperatures could also be a sign of a larger issue. If your water does not heat up for long enough it could be a sign that something is wrong. You may just need to upgrade your tank. A licensed plumber can inspect your water heater if inconsistent heating is a problem.

Low water pressure

Low water pressure could also indicate that your heater is having problems. Water pressure can be affected by many factors. However, low water pressure is a sign that your heater is acting up. Over time, sediment builds up inside the water heater, leading to reduced flow and blockages. You can call a plumber in Myrtle Beach to clean out the pipes or replace them. A plumber might be able to clean and flush the sediment from pipes if you have a more recent model water heater.

Discolored water

Your water heater may be corroding if your water becomes murky or rusty. Rust can quickly build up in a water heater tank, which can cause discolored water and bad taste. While it is unlikely to cause any damage, rust can lead to the destruction of your appliances. It’s not something you want to use for washing dishes or showering.

Strange Noises

Water heaters produce some noises as part of normal operation. However, if your water heater is making unusual sounds, it could indicate that your heater needs to be repaired. You may hear a clicking or rumbling sound from your water heater. This could be due to sediment buildup. A popping sound can also be caused by excessive sediment buildup. You might also need to flush out your tank and replace your anode rod. Contact Blue Ribbon Plumbing LLC to get reliable plumbing services in Myrtle Beach.

Eggy Smell

It’s not fun to have water that smells like rotten eggs. This is often an indication that your water heater may be having problems. Other water problems, such as sulfur bacteria, can also make your water smell like eggs. However, if your hot and warm water supply is the issue, you can assume that your water heater is the culprit. The warm and humid conditions in a water heater are ideal for sulfur bacteria. Your tank can become contaminated and give off an unpleasant smell like rotten eggs.

It doesn’t necessarily mean your water heater has failed, but an eggy odor is something you should address immediately. Some people recommend using bleach to kill the sulfur bacteria. This can be difficult to do so you might want to temporarily raise the temperature of the tank to kill the bacteria. Alternating the magnesium anode can be done. Aluminum rods are more likely to produce sulfide bacteria than magnesium rods. This might be beneficial if your water has a sulfur smell.

Broken Water Heater No More

It’s important to take care of any problems with your water heater immediately to prevent more serious issues later. Many of these problems can be repaired without replacing your entire water heater. This means you can enjoy hot showers again at no additional cost.

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