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Do you recall the first time you used a moist wipe to replace toilet paper? You weren’t sure what to think at first. But after several trips to the toilet, you became a fan! They are not the heroes we expected them to be when we first purchased them. These wipes are labelled “flushable,” but is it really safe to flush them down the toilet?

What is the truth about flushable wipes?

You’d think that wet wipes would be safe to flush down the toilet. They are advertised as being “flushable and septic-safe.” Wrong! These wipes eventually do break down but they take longer than toilet paper to do so. Clogged pipes and blockages are more common because wet wipes don’t break down as quickly. You could be paying a lot of money for the repair of your plumbing system if you put your home at risk for severe clogs.

What causes toilet clogs?

These so-called flushable wipes can become mixed up with other items in your sewer line after they are flushed. Toilet paper, toilet cleaning pads, cotton swabs and dental floss are all common items that can cause toilet backups and clogs.

Combining these items with wet wipes can cause a blockage called “ragging”. If this happens, find your phone and search for a plumber in Myrtle Beach.

What can I do to keep my family safe?

Manufacturers offer test results that state flushable wipes have been tested safe for flushing. However, evidence supports that flushing these wipes can lead to clogged sewer lines and the need to pump septic tanks more frequently. Wipes may seem like the best invention since sliced bread but you should not use them. The only thing you can flush is toilet paper.

What to do if your toilet is clogged?

Don’t believe everything that other people say. The same applies to your beloved “flushable”, bathroom wipes, and their misleading packaging. There is an underlying problem if your home experiences frequent clogs, regardless of whether you use wet wipes.

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