plumbingPlumbing problems can be a real pain. Plumbing problems can make it difficult to wash your hands, take a bath, or flush the toilet. Plumbing problems are never in the middle. They can be simple, inexpensive, and cost as much as an entire weekend away.

It’s crucial to avoid plumbing problems when renovating a bathroom or kitchen. It’s important to hire good contractors and avoid bad ones who could be the cause of your plumbing problems.

Even if you have the best plumbers, wear and tear and unintentional mistakes (like pouring grease and oil down the drain) will cause plumbing issues over time.

Plumbing problems can be hard to diagnose or explain to a plumbing contractor in Myrtle Beach, over the phone.  Here are five common plumbing issues, what you can expect from the plumber, and how to ask about them.

Problem: Shower Leak

Does the shower head leak? Water is leaking continuously from the tub’s spout. Do you see water on the bathroom floor after you have taken a shower? Is water always on the bathroom floor, even though no one has used it recently?

This is often a sign of a defective shower valve or cartridge. The second type of leak that we encounter is when water starts to soak the wall behind the bathroom shower, or even the ceiling, in an upstairs bathroom. Even if the shower/tub is not being used, a leak may be occurring behind the wall if water starts to drip directly behind or under it.

Your plumber may have to replace your showerhead or replace the cartridge depending on the issue.

Problem: Clogged Drain

plumbingIs there a stoppage in the drain, whether it’s in the kitchen, bathtub, or bathroom? The flow of water is restricted by debris, like toothpaste, hair, food, and grease. The galvanized pipes in your home corrode inside out, and over time the pipe diameter decreases, causing more blockages.

If the plumber is unable to drain a toilet or other fixture, he will need to find out if there is a clog in all drains. The clog in a home that has multiple drains backing up is most likely on the main line. If the clog only affects one drain it’s likely to be in that drain.

Problem: Low-Pressure Water

This will help your plumber to understand the extent of the problem. There is low pressure when I turn on the fixture. The problem could be as easy as a shutoff that needs to be opened. It could be something more serious, such as an old house that needs to have its galvanized pipes replaced. Low water pressure will worsen over time, making it difficult to take a shower, water the lawn or do the dishes.

It may be possible to fix a single fixture by cleaning the aerator or replacing or cleaning the cartridge. You may need to replace or adjust your pressure-reducing valve if the water pressure is low throughout your home. Sewell advises that if the low water pressure is due to a leaky section of the water supply line, the pipe needs to be replaced.

Problem: Lack of hot water

When I turn on the faucet, there is no hot water. Check to see if the problem is with all fixtures or only one. It is most likely the water heater that has a problem. The water heater could need its pilot light re-ignited or it may be necessary to replace the heater. You won’t be able to have hot water if the water heater stops working. You should replace your water heater if it is leaking, or if there is rust at the bottom. Old water heaters are inefficient, and they waste energy.

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