plumbingAs the winter thaws and spring blooms, make sure your plumbing is ready! Harsh weather conditions can put your system at risk of freezing – but with adequate maintenance, you’ll be able to prevent any costly damages. Don’t wait until it’s too late; now is the time for some crucial plumbing preparation before warmer temperatures arrive.

What’s wrong with your plumbing?

Leaks and clogs can occur at any time, often without notice – potentially causing costly catastrophes if not addressed before snowmelt arrives. To help protect your pipes from potential damage in the coming season, here are eight common repair solutions you should consider taking advantage of now!

Low water pressure

Low water pressure in your faucets could be pointing to a bigger issue with your plumbing in Myrtle Beach. From clogged aerators and leaks to mainline issues – this common nuisance shouldn’t be ignored as it likely means there is something else going on that should be addressed promptly by an experienced plumber or contractor.

Slow drains

Slow drains don’t have to be a long-term problem, but if not addressed in the winter months they can become especially hazardous. Typically clogs are best remedied with an effective drain cleaning, however for those more difficult blockages deep within your plumbing system – professional help may just be what you need! Licensed plumbers are equipped to identify and repair stubborn sewer lines that won’t seem to clear up on their own.

Running toilet

Your toilet can be your biggest cause of water waste. A constantly running loo might not seem like a big deal, but if left unchecked it could lead to an unexpected spike in the next water bill! There are several potential causes for a run-on toilet – from faulty flappers and fill valves that need repairing to more complex problems requiring the professional help of a plumbing contractor. Don’t wait too long; get an expert’s advice today and save yourself money down the line!

Defective garbage disposal

Ignoring the cost of repairing a damaged garbage disposal now can lead to costly plumbing problems later. Not only that, clogs and pests like drain flies may be lurking in your pipes too! Be sure you take care of those repairs promptly for peace of mind at home.

Dripping faucets

In many cases, ignoring a dripping faucet seems easier; however, the consequences can really add up. A leaking tap not only wastes water but costs money too! Despite needing to leave taps on slightly during winter to avoid freezing – if one starts dripping without warning it’s likely something is amiss with the seal or washer. Fixing this issue professionally and efficiently requires specialized tools that are best left in the hands of an experienced plumber.

Leaky pipes

Winter weather is harsh, and no homeowner wants their house to suffer the consequences of a hidden water leak. Watch out for red flags such as water spots on ceilings or walls, bubbling paint & discolored wallpaper – all indicators that you should act fast! Don’t forget about musty odors – if something smells off it’s best to contact a plumber right away. Catching leaks early can save you from costly damage and potential mold growth in your property down the road.

Defective sump pumps

Don’t let your sump pump be forgotten this winter! A proactive approach to the cold season will help you rest easy, knowing that your basement won’t experience a flood. Check for any damages and test it by filling up its tank with water – if nothing happens, schedule plumbing repairs as soon as possible. Taking these steps now can save you major headaches in the future!

Old water heater

The winter chill can be a reminder that your water heater needs inspecting. If left unchecked, minerals may build up in the tank and cause it to burst – potentially flooding gallons of water all over your basement! To avoid this, care is needed for even those appliances which require little maintenance; making sure you are aware of any potential issues with your home’s hot water system will save time AND money down the line.

As the days get longer and warmer, don’t forget to check your home’s plumbing. Neglecting a clog or leak could spell disaster for your house—from costly damages to an unexpected flood. Don’t wait until it’s too late; have one last inspection by a professional before you set off into springtime bliss! Take precautions now so that later on in the season, all of your pipes will be running great!

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