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Best Plumbing Upgrades to Make with Your Master Bathroom Remodel

plumbing upgradesWhen you’re planning plumbing upgrades on your master bathroom, it’s easy to get lost. It’s easy to be overwhelmed with the latest gadgets, styles, and designs. While these elements are certainly exciting and worth considering, it’s crucial to prioritize the foundational aspects of your bathroom first.

So, key upgrades to your plumbing, drainage, and safety components should be at the top of your list. This will make sure that you’ll have a functional and lasting renovation. Therefore, before you dive into your bathroom remodel, consider the following essential plumbing upgrades.

New Plumbing Lines

Firstly, depending on the extent of your bathroom remodel, you might need to make significant plumbing upgrades and repairs. Moreover, new or additional pipes may be required to support the enhanced water usage and drainage needs of modern bathroom features.

Additionally, ignoring these foundational upgrades can lead to costly repairs down the line. For example, if you are planning to install a bidet, you must consider the necessary plumbing modifications. This is important if you want to accommodate this feature.

Two-Inch Drain

Furthermore, while new faucets or a luxurious soaker tub might be on your mind, don’t overlook the importance of upgrading your bathroom drain size. So, most bathroom drains are 1.5 inches in diameter, and some can be as small as 1.25 inches. However, increasing your drain size to 2 inches can significantly improve the drainage efficiency in your bathroom.

This plumbing upgrade in Myrtle Beach is especially important in shared bathrooms. In this case, multiple family members can strain a smaller drain. Therefore, upgrading your drain size can prevent future plumbing issues and ensure a smoother experience for everyone.

Plumbing in Myrtle BeachSafety Feature: Anti-Scald Devices

Additionally, considering safety features such as anti-scald devices is essential. Each year, thousands of children and seniors suffer from scalding injuries due to hot tap water. So, anti-scald devices, also known as tempering valves or mixing valves, mix cold water with the outgoing hot water from your water heater, preventing dangerously high temperatures.

If you have young children, grandchildren, or elderly family members, installing an anti-scald device is a smart move to enhance safety and prevent serious injuries.

Professional Plumbing Upgrades and Services

Finally, while some upgrades might seem manageable on your own, it’s often best to consult with professional plumbing services to ensure everything is done correctly. Expert plumbers in Myrtle Beach can assist with all aspects of your bathroom remodel, from identifying essential plumbing upgrades to ensuring proper installation of drainage and safety features. Furthermore, they can provide peace of mind by guaranteeing that the job is completed efficiently and up to code, allowing you to enjoy your renovated bathroom without any worries.

While the aesthetic elements of your bathroom remodel are important, the foundational plumbing upgrades should not be overlooked. Therefore, ensuring new plumbing lines, upgrading to a two-inch drain, and installing anti-scald devices can significantly enhance the functionality and safety of your bathroom. Moreover, for the best results, consider hiring Blue Ribbon Plumbing LLC. to guide you through these crucial upgrades.

So, ready to start your bathroom remodel? Contact Blue Ribbon Plumbing LLC. today to discuss how we can help make your renovation a success with expert plumbing upgrades, professional services and comprehensive support.

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The Essential Role of a Plumber in Bathroom Remodeling

Bathroom RemodelingRemodeling your home can be an exciting endeavor. Moreover, it’s almost certain that challenges will arise during the process. For instance, while working on a bathroom remodeling project, homeowners might discover that the pipes in their house are old and corroded. Somethimes, they may notice that there is a leak in their water main. Furthermore, these unexpected issues underscore the importance of having a professional plumber involved in the bathroom remodeling process.

Reasons For a Bathroom Remodeling

Bathroom remodeling involves a variety of changes aimed at improving the functionality or aesthetics of the space. The primary goal may be to enhance the appearance of the bathroom. But, it often includes the installation of new plumbing fixtures and appliances. Additionally, homeowners undertake bathroom remodeling for several reasons:

  • Eco-Friendly Upgrades: Some people wish to replace their plumbing fixtures like showerheads and toilet, with more eco-friendly options.
  • Accessibility Enhancements: Installing grab bars or converting a bathtub into a shower can make the bathroom more accessible. They are best for individuals with disabilities.
  • Updating Outdated Styles: Homeowners might want to replace old-fashioned fixtures. These include a green tub from a bygone era, with something more modern.
  • Repair and Replacement: Over time, sinks, toilets, and tubs can corrode or break down, necessitating replacement.

The Role of Plumbers During a Bathroom Remodel

Bathrooms are central to a home’s plumbing system, featuring intricate connections between the toilet, bathtub, and sink. Moreover, homeowners must be cautious when removing and reinstalling these elements during a renovation. Furthermore, while some tasks, like replacing a sink in the same location, might be manageable for the homeowner, more complex tasks should be handled by professional plumbers in Myrtle Beach.

Bathroom remodelPlumbers play a critical role in ensuring that bathroom remodels proceed smoothly and successfully. Additionally, they provide expertise in handling intricate plumbing tasks and can help avoid potential issues that could derail the project.

Popular Bathroom Remodeling Tasks Requiring Professional Plumbing

Certain aspects of bathroom renovations can be handled without professional assistance. For example, homeowners might be able to replace a sink or install a new showerhead themselves. Nevertheless, many tasks require the skills of a professional plumber like Blue Ribbon Plumbing LLC. to ensure proper execution and avoid complications. These include:

  • Changing the Location of Fixtures: Moving a sink, toilet, tub, or shower to a new location necessitates rerouting plumbing lines, which is a job best left to professionals.
  • Replacing a Tub with a Shower: Removing a tub and installing a shower, or vice versa, involves complex plumbing work that should be handled by an expert.
  • Moving or Repairing Pipes: Any task that requires the removal of drywall to access pipes for repairs or repositioning should be entrusted to a professional plumber.

Why Hiring a Professional Plumber is Crucial

Remodeling and renovating projects can be intricate and time-consuming. Moreover, engaging a professional plumber can significantly streamline the process, minimize delays, and ensure that the work is completed correctly. Furthermore, plumbers bring invaluable expertise to large-scale bathroom remodels, helping homeowners save time and avoid potential pitfalls.

Incorporating a professional plumber into your Myrtle Beach bathroom remodeling project is essential for addressing complex plumbing tasks and ensuring a successful renovation. Additionally, whether you are updating fixtures for eco-friendliness, enhancing accessibility, or modernizing your bathroom’s style, a plumber’s expertise will help achieve your goals efficiently and effectively.

So, are you ready to start your bathroom remodeling project? Contact Blue Ribbon Plumbing LLC.  today to enlist the help of our expert plumbers and ensure your renovation is a success!

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Considering Bathroom Remodeling? You Might Need a Plumber!

bathroom remodelingWhether you’re moving into a new home or sprucing up your old one, bathroom remodeling can be an exciting project. It gives you a chance to transform the space to your liking and can even boost your home’s value and your overall quality of life.

So, why should you consider hiring a plumber for your bathroom remodeling project? Let’s dive in and explore the importance of having a plumber on board.

Understanding Bathroom Remodeling:

Bathroom remodeling is all about making improvements and changes to your bathroom. This can include adding new countertops, upgrading the flooring, or installing new fixtures like sinks and toilets. One of the significant benefits of remodeling your bathroom is the opportunity to make it more environmentally friendly. By updating water fixtures, you can reduce your water and energy bills while also being kinder to the planet.

The Role of Plumbers in Bathroom Remodeling:

When it comes to bathroom remodeling, residential plumbers are crucial team members. Why? Because they specialize in bathroom plumbing installations. To connect the toilet, sink, and shower, you need proper plumbing work, and that’s where plumbers come in handy. An experienced plumber will ensure that all plumbing connections are done correctly, install pipes, and handle other essential plumbing features to make your bathroom function flawlessly.

Trusting a local plumber with experience is essential for a successful bathroom remodeling project. They know how to work safely and have a deep understanding of appliance installation warranties, ensuring your bathroom appliances stand the test of time.

bathroom remodelingMost Common Bathroom Remodels:

Not all bathroom remodels require a plumber in Myrtle Beach, but many do. If your remodeling plans involve changes to plumbing fixtures, like moving the sink hardware, then a skilled plumber is a must. Here are some of the most popular bathroom remodels:

  • Mirrors: Adding new mirrors can create a sense of spaciousness in your bathroom.
  • Marble: While expensive, marble countertops and floors can add a touch of elegance to your space.
  • Tiles: Replacing outdated tiles is a common bathroom improvement.
  • Technology: Many homeowners choose bathroom renovations to incorporate technology for added convenience, comfort, or energy efficiency.
  • Bathtubs and Showers: Revamping the bathtub and shower area is another popular bathroom upgrade.

Ready to Transform Your Bathroom?

If you’re planning a Myrtle Beach bathroom remodeling project and need a trusted, experienced plumber to ensure everything runs smoothly, don’t hesitate to contact a local professional.

Call Blue Ribbon Plumbing LLC. now for quality bathroom remodeling services. We’ll help you bring your bathroom vision to life and ensure it functions flawlessly for years to come.

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Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

Bathroom remodelUndertaking a bathroom remodeling project is an exciting endeavor that not only enhances the value of your home but also transforms your daily routine into a more enjoyable experience. It’s an opportunity to introduce changes that will stand the test of time, ensuring your bathroom remains functional, well-organized, and comfortable for years to come.

While navigating the world of bathroom remodeling, it’s wise to consider these essential upgrades that can truly elevate your space. And if you find yourself overwhelmed by the multitude of design possibilities, don’t hesitate to seek the expertise of a certified bathroom designer who can help you achieve a cohesive and appealing result.

Let’s delve into these Myrtle Beach bathroom remodeling ideas that can turn your bathroom into a haven of comfort and style.

Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

Hidden-Tank and Low-Flow Toilets

Hidden-tank toilets, with their water storage cleverly concealed within the wall, not only save space but also offer a sleek and modern appearance. They are particularly beneficial in smaller bathrooms where space is at a premium. Additionally, consider low-flow toilets, which not only reduce water consumption but also contribute to the overall value of your home.

Small, Textured Shower Floor Tiles

When it comes to choosing the right tile for your shower floor, prioritize safety by selecting small, textured tiles. These tiles provide extra grip, preventing slipping and ensuring your safety, especially when the floor is soapy and wet.

2-Inch Drain Pipe

Though not an obvious change, upgrading your bathroom’s drain pipe to a 2-inch diameter can significantly improve drainage efficiency. This small, invisible improvement goes a long way in enhancing the functionality of your bathroom, particularly if multiple family members use the same shower or bath.

Bathroom remodelWindow in the Shower

Combat humidity, mold, and mildew by adding a window in your shower. This natural ventilation not only helps maintain a clean bathroom but also allows an influx of natural light, which is aesthetically pleasing and energy-efficient.

Recessed Medicine Cabinet

Maximize storage without compromising on style by incorporating a recessed medicine cabinet above your vanity. This addition provides extra wall space for ease of movement around the sink, reducing the risk of accidental head bumps.

Improved Lighting

Consider upgrading your bathroom’s lighting to enhance functionality and ambiance. Installing a dimmer for the main lights allows you to create a soothing mood for leisurely baths. Furthermore, adding recessed fixtures around the mirror ensures optimal lighting for tasks such as hair styling, makeup application, and shaving. Don’t forget to include proper lighting in the shower area for a safer bathing experience.

Make the Tub Optional

Evaluate your need for a bathtub. If you rarely take baths, omitting the tub in favor of a luxurious shower might be the way to go. The focus should be on how you intend to use your bathroom daily.

Stick With a Small Tub

When opting for a bathtub, bigger is not necessarily better. Consider a smaller tub that not only conserves floor space but also consumes less water and energy to fill. Additionally, cleaning a smaller tub is easier and more efficient.

Heated Flooring

Elevate your comfort level with heated flooring during your bathroom remodel. Heated floors are not only affordable to install but also add value to your home. They can be more energy-efficient in heating the space compared to central heating systems. Moreover, in colder climates, heated bathroom floors can make a significant difference in overall comfort.

plumbing inspectionKeep the Main Fixtures Neutral

While selecting fixtures for your bathroom remodeling in Myrtle Beach, especially the sink, toilet, shower, and tub, consider opting for neutral colors. Neutral choices offer a timeless look that can withstand changing design trends. This ensures that your bathroom remains stylish and appealing over the years.

Carefully Consider Countertop Material

When choosing your bathroom countertop material, balance appearance with functionality. Natural stone countertops are durable and visually appealing, but they may require regular resealing due to their porous nature. Laminate countertops are cost-effective but may not add significant resale value. Tiled countertops offer ease of installation but necessitate regular grout cleaning.

Prioritize Ventilation

Adequate ventilation is crucial for a clean and mold-free bathroom. Installing a bathroom vent fan, even if not mandated by local codes, is a wise decision. It helps eliminate moisture, odors, and mold, contributing to better air quality. Unlike a bathroom window, a vent fan can be used year-round, ensuring proper ventilation regardless of the weather.

Low-Flow Showerhead

Opt for a low-flow showerhead when replacing your old one during your bathroom remodel. These showerheads conserve water, reducing both your water usage and utility bills. Modern low-flow options often provide adequate pressure, making them an eco-friendly and cost-effective choice.

Don’t Forget About Storage

Ample storage is essential for maintaining an organized and clutter-free bathroom. Ensure your bathroom remodel includes enough cabinets, drawers, and shelving to accommodate your daily necessities. Leave some room for future items as well. Functional storage will enhance your bathroom’s usability.

Choose Accessories Wisely

Select accessories that complement your overall design and lifestyle. Coordinate finishes, such as matching towel bars with faucet finishes, for a cohesive look. Invest in quality accessories, such as soap dispensers, that enhance the appeal of your bathroom. Avoid cluttering your bathroom with excessive accessories, and start with the essentials, gradually adding items that suit your needs and aesthetics.

In summary, a Myrtle Beach bathroom remodel presents an opportunity to create a space that caters to your preferences and requirements. Take your time planning and designing to ensure that your bathroom not only meets your immediate needs but also stands the test of time. The result will be a functional, stylish, and enjoyable bathroom that adds value to your home.

Ready to embark on your bathroom remodeling journey? Start now and call Blue Ribbon Plumbing LLC.

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Are You Thinking About DIY Bathroom Remodeling?

bathroom remodelAre you planning to give your bathroom a makeover? Many homeowners face a choice when it comes to remodeling their bathrooms. Some folks hire experts to do the job, while others decide to take matters into their own hands. Are you unsure about which path to take? Let’s explore whether doing it yourself (DIY)  is the right option for your bathroom remodeling project.

Why Some People Choose DIY Bathroom Remodeling

One significant reason why people opt for DIY bathroom remodeling in Myrtle Beach is to save money. Hiring a professional plumber or contractor can be expensive, and it might exceed your budget, especially for larger projects. So, if you’re looking to cut costs, the DIY route might seem appealing. If you have experience with home improvement tasks, you’ll be more confident in your DIY bathroom project. However, if you lack experience, attempting a DIY remodel could lead to wasted time and money. In such cases, it’s better to hire an experienced plumbing expert.

Another benefit of DIY remodeling is the freedom to make choices. You have the flexibility to decide what needs to be changed or fixed, and you can make adjustments as you go along. When working with a professional, requesting changes can sometimes result in extra charges. If you prefer making decisions as you progress, DIY might be the right choice for you.

Considerations Before Taking on a DIY Bathroom Remodel

While DIY Myrtle Beach bathroom remodeling has its advantages, it also comes with certain drawbacks. First, the project may take longer to complete compared to hiring a professional, depending on your experience and the project’s complexity. Professionals often work faster due to their expertise.

bathroom remodelAnother important factor to consider is safety. The risk of getting injured during a DIY project varies depending on the type of remodeling work you’re planning. Working with sharp tools, for instance, increases the risk of accidents. To stay safe, it’s crucial to be aware of your surroundings and have a good understanding of the tasks at hand. While injuries can be avoided with proper precautions, it’s essential to be cautious.

The Best Choice for Your Bathroom Remodeling

In conclusion, whether to go for DIY bathroom remodeling or hire a professional residential plumber depends on your budget, experience, and the level of control you want over the project. If you’re confident in your DIY skills and have a clear plan, it might be a great option.

However, if you’re uncertain about any aspect or have a complex project, it’s advisable to seek professional help from a licensed plumber in Myrtle Beach to ensure a successful and safe remodelling experience.

Ready to Transform Your Bathroom?

If you’re considering a bathroom remodel, contact us at Blue Ribbon Plumbing LLC. for expert guidance and assistance. Our team of experienced professionals can help bring your dream bathroom to life safely and efficiently.

Don’t hesitate – get started on your bathroom transformation today! Call Blue Ribbon Plumbing LLC. now.

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Bathroom Remodel Ideas On A Budget

bathroom remodelSo, you are all set to redesign and redecorate your bathroom. However, spending tens of thousands of dollars on a luxurious spa retreat is way beyond what you can afford to spend for your bathroom remodel.

Fortunately, you don’t have to spend that much cash to transform your bathroom into a cool and relaxing area in your home. There are lots of ways to redesign and renovate your bathroom on a budget.

Considerations For Your Bathroom Remodel Project

Keep in mind that a bathroom remodel in Myrtle Beach can improve the value of your home. It means that you can get back a significant portion of your expenditures once you sell your house. You need to know how much you can spend on your bathroom remodel.

Additionally, you should also know how much you want to change in your bathroom. If your budget is less than $1,000, then your bathroom renovation should concentrate on cosmetic changes.

For instance, you can add a new fixture or repaint the bathroom walls. But if money is not an issue, you can go for a larger project like installing new tiles, a bigger shower or adding a window. Once again, everything will depend on your budget.

Limit Your Tile

bathroom remodelTile can become very costly especially if you hire a residential plumber like Blue Ribbon Plumbing LLC to help you with your bathroom remodel. If you want to cut costs, you need to limit the amount of tile and concentrate on high impact spots like the floor.

For instance, you can tile a single horizontal strip along the wall while repainting the rest of the wall. However, if you have already set your heart on a costly tile, you can still use that but put it together with a cheaper set of tiles so you don’t have to spend that much cash.

Save On Countertops

Splurging on granite countertops is a famous trend today. Since the bathroom counter is quite small, the investment is quite low compared to the amount you need to spend on kitchen countertops.

Countertops with neutral colors like light beige, brown, and tan are more expensive. If you wish to cut costs, then you have to consider using other hues. You can also buy a slab with imperfections if you want to save but still want to have a granite countertop look. The price is much cheaper if the imperfections are more visible.


If you are on a shoestring budget, repainting is going to be the most affordable and effective way to remodel your bathroom. However, the task is going to take a lot of time. Even if you only have a small bathroom, you still have to apply the paint gently and slowly, especially in areas around the windows, tub, shower, mirror, toilet, wall corners, and even floor.

Call Blue Ribbon Plumbing LLC if you are looking for a cost-effective bathroom remodel service.

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Remodeling Ideas For A Small Bathroom

Bathroom RemodelMany people have a small bathroom, and if you have one, it can be hard to come up with a great idea for remodeling. Many times the bathroom looks very cramped; however, if you use the right bathroom remodeling ideas, you can turn your small bathroom into a beautiful area. You need to come up with some ideas that will result in a bathroom that looks a lot bigger.

Bathroom Remodeling Suggestions For Small Bathroom

Select a small vanity as well as sink

It could be tough to work around a big vanity and sink in your little washroom, so try to avoid them. Try choosing a small vanity that will not use up excessive space, given that the area in your bathroom is restricted.

The most common vanity is one placed in the corner or you might opt for a free-standing sink for your bathroom.

Opt for a round shower or a corner shower

If you have a limited space in your bathroom, you will want to conserve space, especially when it involves installing the shower. You will discover that much of the standing showers available could use up a good deal of space. So, try to either a circle shower or a corner shower to help save on space. When you pick a corner shower, you ought to prevent choosing one that is nontransparent. Rather, choose one that is constructed from a clear product. This will provide the shower room an impression of being bigger than it actually is.

Select the right styles and also color styles

Choosing the appropriate design and color of the bathroom is also a crucial part of the bathroom remodeling project. The shades that you pick need to be light, although dark shades are fantastic for accents throughout the washroom. Any kind of accessories or shower room furniture that you use needs to be structured and should have the modern look. Too much furniture or complicated designs could mess up the bathroom and make it look smaller.

Make sure to include some mirrors too, given that they could offer depth to the space and make it look like there is more room. So, make use of the designs and shades intelligently.

Yes, it could be tough to renovate a smaller sized bathroom, however with these suggestions, it ends up being a lot easier. Put these suggestions right into action and you will likely get a bigger looking bathroom with spending less.

For more bathroom remodeling ideas and plumbing solutions, call Blue Ribbon Plumbing LLC.

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bathroom remodelingOne of the best ways to boost the value of your home, apart from kitchen renovations, is a bathroom remodel. It does not really matter whether it is a minor or major project, as long as it is done right, it can make your home sell higher if ever you decide to place it on the market. Also, even if you have no plans of selling your property anytime soon, a bathroom remodel can make your life and that of your family easier and more enjoyable.

So why do you need a checklist for your bathroom remodel? Even if it is not a necessity, it can be of great help. Before you start with your renovation project, creating a checklist will help you put all of your ideas in just one place. It will help you estimate the cost, time, and effort required for the project. Once the project commences, your checklist will assist you in moving from one task to another smoothly.

The contractor that you hire may or may not be using a checklist as they carry out a project. In case you have created one, you can ask the contractor to use it. It will help you keep your project within your budget. Your checklist will be your game plan and help you finish the project in a timely manner. Please be informed that the bathroom remodeling checklist that is provided below may be different from the others. However, you can always customize it according to your needs. You can create two lists, one for your necessities and another one for the optional things that you want your bathroom to have.

Tips For Your Bathroom Remodel Project

Design – before you start a bathroom remodel in Myrtle Beach, you have to spend some time developing the design of your dream bathroom. You will find several digital design software programs that can help you with this task if you ever want to do it on your own. Consider getting the Tuscany or the vintage theme. In case you decide to work with a professional bathroom designer, be sure to work with him on this before you proceed. Check out pictures and samples of paint, fixtures, tiles, and other materials that will be used in your project.

Permits – Once your design is completed, you already know what your plans are for your bathroom remodel. You have to obtain permits from your country or city. In case you’re hiring contractors, all permits needed should be in order before the project starts.

Walls – Does your project involve refinishing or moving walls? In case you need to move walls, add a window, or perhaps move a door, you need to plan very carefully.

Floors– the majority of bathroom remodeling projects usually involve a certain kind of floor work. In case the sink, shower, toilet, and tub have to be moved, plumbing alterations need to be made. New holes are going to be created on the floor, a new subfloor may need to be installed, and so forth. Make sure that you are well prepared.

Plumbing – a licensed professional needs to be hired if you are planning to make minor or major changes to your plumbing system. Don’t attempt to do this on your own if you don’t have the knowledge or skills because you might end up doing more damage than good.

Electrical – Determine if your bathroom remodeling involves working with the electrical system. If it only needs changing a light bulb then that is pretty simple. If the task is more complicated, then you need to hire an electrical contractor.

Decoration – When the floors and walls are completed, electricity and plumbing are rearranged or reinstalled, it is now time to redecorate. Everyone loves this phase and surely, you will find this an enjoyable experience.

Call Blue Ribbon Plumbing LLC if you are planning to go through a bathroom remodel.

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Important Factors To Consider When Doing A Bathroom Remodel

Congratulations on your bathroom remodel. Your bathroom is the perfect design and you can’t wait for your free-standing tub to arrive. It makes sense to do it right the first and only time since we spend so much time in bathrooms.

Before you decide on tiles, countertops, or a rain showerhead, it is important to plan the plumbing. A professional plumber should be involved if your bathroom design involves the installation of new drains or moving pipes. Here’s why.

Water Flow vs. Water Pressure

New water conservation laws restrict water consumption from shower heads and faucets to just one and one-half to two and one-half gallons per minute. This means it will take a while for the showerhead to clean you up.

The water pipes carry this water typically starting at one inch and taper to one-half inches at the faucet or shower. Older homes may have a taper of three-quarter inches at their faucet or shower. You will use less water with one than with the other. The half-inch pipe will result in a noticeable drop in water pressure.

Insulated Pipes

Insulation against freezing and cold weather is required for the new design that requires pipes to be moved against an exterior wall. This will stop pipes from bursting.

Drain Size

It is obvious that size matters. Plumbers in Myrtle Beach must adhere to a one-inch drain standard. If your bathroom renovation requires a freestanding tub, ensure that the plumbing is compatible with its size.

Showers should also be considered. The slope should not be too low that it overwhelms the drain. Standing water will be your only option. This usually means mold and mildew. You should use a drain that is two inches in diameter to avoid any problems.

Recessed Medicine Cabinets and Under-Cabinet Plumbing

A smooth wall is better than a wall that has things sticking out. Most people dream of having a bathroom with built-ins for towels, bath supplies, and recessed medicine cabinets. Many homeowners prefer floating sinks with shelves underneath to ordinary bathroom vanity.

This is where the problem lies: the plumbing. The plumbing could be clogged by recessed medicine cabinets and the plumbing below the sink. Either the piping needs to be moved or the vanity and medicine cabinet design need to be rearranged. You will need to pay more for the pipes to move your vanity and medicine cabinet.


Some shower configurations, such as free-standing tubs, require additional support. The materials used for the shower design (e.g., natural stone) will determine how heavy they are. Freestanding tubs can be made from natural stone, cast iron, or wood.

To support the weight of the tub or shower, the floor joists may need to be strengthened. This could cause problems for the plumber when he is trying to connect the pipes. To move existing pipes or hook them up to the shower/tub, he won’t have the ability to cut into the joists. These items might require to accommodate adjustments.

Water Heaters

Your usual water heater will heat water regardless of whether you use it. This can lead to higher power bills. However, tankless water heaters can be placed exactly where you need them. They provide hot water only when you require it. They are smaller than a suitcase and more affordable than a water heater. Blue Ribbon Plumbing LLC will install them and hook them up quickly.

A fun bathroom remodel can quickly turn into a head-scratching dilemma if you don’t hire the experts. Contact Blue Ribbon Plumbing today to make sure your bathroom remodeling project turns out a success.

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We all want to have a bathroom that does not just deliver the comfort we need but also reflects our style. It must also have the right amenities and fixtures that can provide both value and function. You can have all of this if you just plan and choose the right design carefully. Listed below are a few tips that can help make your bathroom remodeling project successful.

Bathroom Planner

Don’t call a remodeling company just yet. The first thing you need to do is talk to all those who will be using the bathroom. Discuss things like what finishes and fixtures to use and the budget you can afford for the bathroom remodeling project. When planning for the budget, be sure to have a little extra so you’ll be covered in case unexpected problems arise later on. Regardless of how long your bathroom renovation will take, resist the temptation of changing your plans once the project starts. You may only consider doing so in case of structural problems or financial constraints. Any alteration in your original plan may lead to additional expenses and a longer time to complete the project. If you are having problems in setting a plan, you can always talk to a remodeling contractor.

Bathroom Layouts and Customization

Houses commonly have at least one bathroom that has a toilet, sink, and bathtub. Additional features include a shower and a bidet. Some also have an extra sink in a single bathroom, if it is used by at least two individuals. You can also customize your bathroom design. Working with a Myrtle Beach bathroom remodeling contractor can help you decide on the best style for your bathroom. This may include a matching countertop and complementary built-in cabinets in a certain spot of the room. You also need to waterproof the wet room. This is a kind of bathroom that has a shower but without an enclosure. The water runs through a drain, which is installed on the floor.

Bathroom Floor Plans

If you are looking to save some cash on the demolition and renovation of your bathroom, you should consider keeping the new plumbing fixtures close to your bathroom’s existing plumbing. But if the bathroom remodeling contractor finds outdated wiring or plumbing system, there is a huge possibility that the plumber will recommend taking out the old wires and pipes and install brand new ones. If you are on a tight budget, you can still make your bathroom look a little bigger by using pedestal sinks and clear glass shower doors.

Lighting Design

A lavish finish on faucets will make any bathroom look extravagant. Additionally, you can never go wrong with the installation of sufficient and elegant bathroom lighting. Also, a vanity lighting that is well-designed will help get rid of the shades on faces. Another great idea is using LED lights and wall sconces. Don’t forget to install dimmer switches so you can adjust the brightness of your bathroom lights.

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