6 Smart Tips For A Leak-Free Plumbing In Winter


plumbingPlumbing problems often happen during the most unexpected and inconvenient times. Your plumbing system will take a lot of beating especially during seasonal shifts. Although we don’t experience much snow here in Myrtle Beach it can still get cold enough to freeze pipes. Taking a few precautions now can save a headache later. Provided below are six smart tips to help you prepare your plumbing system for the upcoming winter season.

Protect Plumbing Pipes From Freezing

When winter temperature drops, water can freeze inside easily, which causes the pipes to burst. If you are not home or not aware of a burst pipe, the consequences can be disastrous. These include home floods and damage to your belongings like your furniture, rugs, and even the general structure of your home.

To lessen the possibility of frozen pipes, you can cover every uninsulated pipes with a foam blanket. You can buy foam tubes that comes with a slit on the side at your local hardware store. Cut the tube to the length that you require, open it, and push it over and then around your pipe. You can use a duct tape to keep the foam in place in case it does not come with edges that are self adhesive.

Repair Home Plumbing Leaks Immediately

The perfect time to fix leaks in your plumbing system is now. Inspect all of the faucets in your bathrooms, kitchen, and utility room for puddles and drips. In case you have found a leaky faucet, get in touch with a plumbing contractor right away. A plumber can help you get your plumbing system in tip top shape just in time for the winter season.

Drain The Water Heater

In case you live in an area with hard water, sediment can accumulate in your tank, which can cause rust to develop inside. The rust will then find its way to your cooking, drinking, and bathing water. In case your hot water heater is too old or already rusted, you should purchase a new one before the cold water sets in.

Lose The Outdoor Hose To Prevent Pipes From Freezing

Unless it is already summer, it is recommended to disconnect, wrap up, and then store away your garden hose. If you leave a garden hose connected outside during winter, it can cause the water left inside to freeze. It will then expand and freeze your faucets as well as all the connecting pipes. You can avoid hefty plumbing repair bills by following this simple tip.

Close and Drain The Shut Off Valves That Lead Outdoors

In case you have an interior shut off valve that leads to outdoor faucets, close it, and then drain the water from the outdoor lines. Any water that stays in the line and freezes can result in significant and costly damages.

Clean Up The Sump Pump Pit

Before the cold weather hits, you have to check and clean the sump pump and the pit where it rests. When constantly exposed to extreme cold conditions, your pump could freeze and eventually stop working.

In case your sump pump fails to function properly, water can get inside your basement and cause flooding. This is more likely to happen during winter. Check your pump and pit now if you want to prevent massive flood damage and clean up as well as repair costs later.

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