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Although scheduling water heater maintenance might not be on your priority list, there are many good reasons to do so. Homeowners can enjoy many system benefits from professional water heater maintenance that they won’t get otherwise. Continue reading to learn about the many benefits that you are missing if routine water heater maintenance is not scheduled with a plumber.

1. Keep manufacturer warranty active

To keep your warranty active, you must maintain your system annually. You could lose your warranty if you don’t follow the maintenance plan outlined in your owner manual. If your system fails to function within the warranty period you will not be eligible for any plumbing repairs unless you can show that your unit was regularly maintained.

2. Improve system energy efficiency

Minerals will settle over time at the bottom your water heater making it more difficult to heat hot water. This will eventually reduce the water available for heating, which can lead to a decrease in hot water supply, especially if your heater is a traditional tank system. Your plumbing professional will clean out any mineral buildup in your water heater. Your water heater will run more efficiently if it is free of sediment.

3. Identify your repair needs early

Your residential plumber will not only remove excess sediment from the system but also identify any repair needs. This will allow you to anticipate future water heater repairs and help prevent system failure. By understanding the current health of your water heater, you can plan financially to meet your system’s future needs.

4. Reduce water cost

Professional water heater maintenance has the best benefit of reducing your water costs. Your plumber will remove excess buildup in your system to increase efficiency. This will translate into lower operating costs throughout the year because your unit won’t have as much work to produce hot water. Your water heater costs will drop as your plumber can identify and fix small issues before they become major problems.

5. Improve system longevity

Your water heater will last as long as 20 years if you maintain it properly. This depends on what type of system is used. This longevity can only be achieved by maintaining a regular maintenance schedule. Annual maintenance is essential to ensure that your system does not fail.

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