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What You Need To Know About Hard Water Damage

hard water damageYou might have grown up with a feeling of being squeaky clean after the soap is rinsed out. Hard water homes don’t have the same luxury. Hard water can leave a residue or film behind when you wash your hands, clothes, dishes, or laundry. It can also be damaging to your home appliances and plumbing system. Here’s what you need to know about hard water damage.

We’ll cover all you need to understand about hard water today. Below, you can learn more about the damage caused by hard water and possible solutions with and without the help of a plumber in Myrtle Beach.

What is hard water?

Hard water is any water that contains high amounts of minerals such as calcium and magnesium.

While water is traveling through the earth’s soil and atmosphere, it absorbs minerals that are naturally occurring. Hard water contains traces of other minerals, including iron, zinc and barium. The more minerals in the water the harder it is.

What Damage Can Hard Water Do to Pipes?

Your plumbing system will not appreciate hard water. Hard water can cause limescale buildup, which will eventually clog drains and decrease water quality. Here are four different ways that hard water can harm your home, and why it is important to consider a water conditioner.

1. Unsightly Scale

85 percent of Americans have hard water because ancient seabeds, mountain aquifers, and other natural minerals such as calcium, magnesium, and chalk are abundant. These substances do not affect the drinking water’s health, but they can cause unsightly scaling. Limescale can appear everywhere when you use hard water to cook and irrigate. From the jets in your bathtub to the drip tray at the bottom of your refrigerator’s ice and water dispenser, it is possible. You may notice that your brick, stucco or siding can appear white, chalky, or rusty if streams of water are hitting your home from outside sprinklers.

Although these accumulations are easily removed using CLR or vinegar it can be difficult to remove them from hard-to-reach areas such as the side of your house. Some accumulations can make people question how sanitary and clean your home is. Water softeners remove trace minerals, allowing your water to be a bit cleaner. Water softeners work by circulating the water through resin beads that are negatively charged. This helps to reduce problems and prevent stains.

2. Clogging Plumbing

When you live with hard water, stains will be the least of your concerns. Hard water can cause drain clogs over time, but in a different way than you may think. The minerals in hard water may not be large enough to clog drains, but they can react with the soap and create soap scum. This soap scum can then harden in your pipes as it moves down. As hard water passes through, soap scum curds may harden and become solid blocks.

These blockages can cause drains to slow down, clog up toilets, or interfere with garbage disposals. Clogged pipes can cause problems such as joinery gaps and pinhole leaks. They also create a health hazard in your home. The more often your pipes become clogged, the more pressure is put on the pipes. This can cause issues such as drips in walls, mold, or even flooding. Consider a whole-home softening or filtration unit to save time and money. You can protect your plumbing and reduce downtime by filtering and softening the water before it enters your home.

3. Interrupting Water Sprayers

Blockages can quickly occur when hard water is forced through small spaces, such as the spray jets of shower heads or dishwasher arms. This makes the appliance or plumbing fixture less efficient. The more spray jets clogged up, the less water can pass through, causing the appliance to be less effective and affecting cleaning.

hard water damageThe Water Quality Research Foundation conducted a study on the impact of hard water on appliances. It found that after nine months, shower heads could lose up to 75 percent of their flow. Water heaters did not even make it through the entire test. Appliances that use soft water remain efficient, functional, and attractive. Soft water can double the life of certain appliances because it removes fine particles from water. Water softeners can last up to 15 years and are a wise investment. They prevent sudden appliance failures.

4. Increased Soap Residues

Many people with hard water think they need to use more detergent, shampoo, or dish soap because hard water prevents soap suds from forming. Using extra soap can damage your appliances and increase your monthly grocery bill. Many soaps and softeners have small amounts of animal oil, which can build up in places such as dishwashers, washers, and drains.

This animal fat will eventually start to produce foul smells. For example, the characteristic front-loading washing machine smell. Water softeners can reduce your soap usage, which will prevent problems. Consider upgrading your water softener today.

Blue Ribbon Plumbing LLC can help you if you’re worried about your appliances being damaged by hard water. We have more than 50 combined years of experience, and we are committed to providing the best service to our customers. We can test your water and find you a water conditioner that is right for your home.

What is the best solution for hard water damage?

Many homeowners use DIY water softening solutions without investing in an effective water purification system. These “solutions” can be as difficult to maintain as hard water. Installing a water filter system in your home with the assistance of a plumber is the BEST way to ensure that only clean, fresh water flows through your plumbing. Installing these water purifiers at the bottom of your water supply lines will allow you to treat water as it enters your plumbing system.

These water purifiers are strong enough to provide your family with clean drinking water for many years. They are therefore a good investment for homeowners who want to protect their plumbing against hard water damage. Consider upgrading your water treatment system if hard water is clogging up your pipes and leaving behind residue.

Call Blue Ribbon Plumbing LLC now and let our experts deal with hard water damage and other plumbing issues you have at home.

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emergency plumberWe often neglect the pipelines concealed in the walls of our homes, however, when they fail we start to notice them and wonder what has gone wrong. This is the time when you need the services of an emergency plumber, especially the ones who live near you. Let us take a look at how an emergency plumber can help you.

Emergency Plumbing Tips

There was a time when the ceiling fan managed to transfer itself to the flooring, and an endless stream of water suddenly poured on your favorite rug. This is the best instance when you need the services of an emergency plumber. Be sure, they offer a 24-hour service to help you when your plumbing decides to leak at 3 AM.

The costs may be an issue – however, it’s low-cost compared with the rate of letting all that water drip through to your neighbors down below. We do not frequently consider the possibility of requiring an emergency plumber, but it may be worth considering sourcing a trustworthy plumbing contractor.

Particularly throughout the winter season, it is a great idea to take a look online and discover some trustworthy prospects that provide emergency plumbing services. Just be reminded that even if they are called a plumbing service, it does not always indicate they are going to get the job done based on your expectations. Browse their website for any client recommendations and reviews, good or bad. A reputable Myrtle Beach plumbing company will have numerous years of experience in managing these types of callouts.

emergency plumberCheck to see if your emergency plumber has other special skills besides dealing with busted pipelines. In addition to handling busted pipelines, they are able to deal with a variety of gas boilers – though sometimes, these are not part of their emergency services. But it pays to have a reliable emergency plumber in Myrtle Beach who can perform additional tasks.

Similar to other services, it is a smart idea to find any delighted consumers – or undoubtedly learn about any dissatisfied clients. An ideal emergency plumber will always provide reviews from happy clients who are satisfied with their plumbing services.

A well set up website, with a simple to utilize navigation design, indicates a business that is earning money and has plenty of return clients -because their plumbing services are reputable. This would offer the impression that they are running a reliable emergency plumbing service.

If you live in Myrtle Beach or its surrounding areas and are in need of an emergency plumber, you can always rely on Blue Ribbon Plumbing, LLC.

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Why You Should Hire A Professional Water Heater Repair Service

water heaterWater heaters are essential for every home or business. They’re used to showering, cooking, cleaning, shaving, and doing the dishes. Routine water heater maintenance and repair should be on the top of your list, given its importance in your home. If you ignore professional repairs and tune-ups, your unit will perform inefficiently and cause discomfort, increasing your utility bills. Learn the benefits of hiring a professional to repair your water heater.

Protect your warranty

A new water heater could come with several warranty requirements. Professional installation is required, as well as repairs if the unit fails. If you use unlicensed plumbers or do DIY repairs, the warranty will be voided. You will have to pay for a brand new water heater, as well as professional installation. To protect your warranty, have a professional service for water heater repairs perform regular maintenance and repairs on your unit.

Diagnose and repair quickly

Plumbers who are experts in the field know how to deal with a variety of problems that can affect water heaters. They know what to look out for, and they can provide 24/7 emergency service. Rapid diagnosis and repair ensure minimal inconveniences and lower repair costs. All models are studied and analyzed by experts. They are familiar with safety standards that can prevent electrical fires.

Utility bills – Reduce them

A poorly maintained water heater will not perform as well as one that is in good working order. Your unit will have difficulty delivering hot water, and it may overwork your system. The longer it takes to heat the water, the more energy is consumed and the bills are higher. A professional water heater service can help you fine-tune the unit to ensure it performs at its best and lower your utility bills.

Safety is enhanced

Some homeowners who have water heater problems can quickly fix the problem themselves. Things can quickly go from bad to worse, compromising your household and safety. Repairing water heaters is a complex task that requires extensive training and knowledge. The wrong amount of electricity in water can cause hazards such as fires and electric shocks. A DIY repair can also void the warranty. You should leave any repairs to the Myrtle Beach plumbers.

water heaterEnhance the lifespan of your unit

Routine maintenance and professional water heater repairs can extend the life of your unit. Water heaters are among the most expensive appliances in your home. Your role is crucial in ensuring that your unit lasts for as long as it can. Your system will last longer than the 10-year average lifespan if you perform regular inspections and fix minor problems. To reap these benefits, however, you will need to hire water heater repair professionals for annual maintenance and tune-ups. Poorly maintained units are more likely to break down and require premature replacement.

Proper installation

Hiring a professional to install a new water heater is the best way to ensure that it’s installed correctly. Plumbers who are licensed understand the different models and their workings. Installing and servicing the unit quickly and efficiently will get it up and running in no time. The plumber in Myrtle Beach will also be able to inspect the unit regularly to detect any potential plumbing problems.

Convenience, peace of mind, and convenience

It can be a time-consuming and difficult task to repair your water heater. A certified water heater repair service offers you both convenience and peace of mind that comes from letting professionals handle the task. Your water heater will operate efficiently and safely, both now and in the future.

A consistent flow of high-quality hot water

Your daily needs can’t be met by a faulty water heater. Showering or cleaning can be uncomfortable if you have inconsistent hot water. The accumulation of minerals within the tank and other components can also cause dirty, unpleasantly smelling water. Professional water heater repair experts can quickly resolve such problems so that you can resume enjoying your showers and cleaning activities.

What are the most common water heater problems to be aware of?

Water heaters are no different from other home appliances. They face several issues that can affect their performance. These are some of the most common issues that require professional attention.

A water heater that does not produce enough hot water. Call a professional plumbing contractor if you experience this problem to adjust the thermostat on the unit or make a repair.

Lack of hot water: If your gas-powered water heater is not producing hot water, it could be due to a thermocouple that has failed. A defective heating element could be the cause of your problem if you have an electric water heater. A plumber can diagnose the problem and replace any malfunctioning parts to restore your water heater to working order.

Water that smells bad: Bad-smelling hot water is a sign your tank has bacteria. You can resolve the problem if you smell rotten eggs by using the recommended chemicals to flush the tank.

A noisy tank: There are several reasons why a tank can be noisy, including sediment buildup. Professionals can use descaling products to break down mineral and limescale accumulation. After that, they drain and flush the tank to remove any sediment.

A professional water repair specialist can assist you if your unit is not working properly. Call Blue Ribbon Plumbing LLC now.

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How Professional Plumbing Service Can Prevent Costly Repairs and Water Damage

plumbingWater damage can be expensive to repair, replace or restore. It is important to hire a professional plumber for any repair or installation work to ensure that the problem will be resolved properly and not occur again in the future. This article will explain why you should only hire plumbing professionals to service your home. We will also provide you with helpful tips on how to protect your home against water damage and avoid expensive plumbing repairs.

Why Hire a Licensed Plumbing Professional?

Please only hire a professional plumber to install large appliances or new plumbing fixtures in your home. A licensed plumber has the training to diagnose problems and offer solutions. He’ll be able to tell you exactly why you are having problems and what you should do to fix them.

You should also get professional help to avoid having to buy your own plumbing tools. A plumber who is licensed is fully equipped to handle the job. A licensed plumber will not cut corners to appear as if he has solved the problem. When you hire a professional plumber, you can be assured that you will receive 100% satisfaction. He will do everything he can to resolve the issue within a day, and take care of any other problems that may arise.

Getting professional help also ensures that the plumber is fully covered. You don’t want to hire someone without insurance. You will be unable to claim if he damages your house or major appliances. You may also be liable for the plumber’s medical bills if he is injured in the course of his work. Get professional help whenever possible to avoid extra charges and ensure that the problem has been resolved.

Do not hesitate to contact a plumber if you require a plumber in Myrtle Beach to do an inspection or repair work.

Plumbing Tips and Tricks

Follow these tips to avoid paying for a costly service.

Protect Your Pipes in Winter – If you live in an area that experiences freezing winters it is highly recommended that you protect your pipes to prevent them from expanding, freezing, or bursting. You will be left with a flooded house and can imagine the cost. Your contractor may be needed to check the structural integrity of your home. It’s possible that you will also need to call restoration companies in order to prevent mold from growing inside your home. Protecting your pipes during the winter will help you avoid water damage and all its problems. Try to turn on the water if you are at home. Water that is flowing can help prevent water from freezing. Don’t forget your heating.

plumbingMaintenance of Water Heater: Neglecting your water heater is one of the most costly mistakes you can make. Drain the water heater tank at least once a year in order to prevent problems caused by mineral buildup. If your water pressure is less than 40 PSI, or if you have a high level of hard water in the plumbing system, it’s best to drain your tank once or twice per year. You should also hire a professional to thoroughly inspect your water heater. A licensed plumber can ensure that the water is clean, and your unit remains in good working condition.

Leak Detection Devices – One way to protect your plumbing from further damage is to invest in safety devices like leak detection devices. These leak detection devices will need to be placed near your garbage disposal, dishwasher, or water heater. They can also be connected to your phone for notifications and updates on a possible plumbing leak. These safety devices will also shut off the water in your plumbing to prevent further damage. If you plan to install one of these devices, please contact us.

Get Regular Plumbing Inspections. If you don’t pay attention to your plumbing system, it may be difficult to detect problems that could lead to an expensive plumbing emergency. To ensure that your plumbing system is in good shape, call a plumber who has been licensed to inspect it regularly. Do not hesitate to contact us for help.

Please do not hesitate to contact Blue Ribbon Plumbing LLC if you require plumbing services. We will be happy to help. Our plumbers are highly qualified, licensed and experienced to handle any plumbing installation, repair, or maintenance task. Our plumbers will go the extra mile to resolve all your plumbing issues on the same day. They also ensure that your plumbing system is working efficiently. We provide a variety of services, including water heater installation, pipe replacements, professional leak detection, and drain cleaning.

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Detecting a Water Leak

residential-plumber-Myrtle-BeachWater leaks in your plumbing system can lead to a multitude of problems, ranging from wastage of water to costly damages to your home appliances and property. This is why it is crucial to investigate them quickly and effectively to prevent any potential issues.

Detecting Water Leaks

Listen Carefully

One of the easiest ways to detect water leaks in your plumbing system is by listening for the sound of dripping or leaking water. Turn off all your home appliances, fixtures, sprinklers, and even the water hose in your garden. Once that is done, listen carefully for any sounds of water dripping or leaking. If you hear one, try to locate the source of the sound and call your local plumber to fix it immediately.

The sound of dripping water is often the result of a leaking pipe or a worn-out faucet, and if left unattended, can cause significant damage to your property. Additionally, it can also lead to higher water bills as water is being wasted.

Check The Water Meter

Another way to detect water leaks in your plumbing system is by checking the water meter. The water meter is usually located outside your house and looks like a plastic box on the ground. If you are living in an apartment, you will find the water meter on one of the sides.

water meterTo check the water meter, turn off all your home appliances and fixtures, and make sure that no water is being used in your house. Check the digits on the water meter and jot them down. Wait for around an hour or so, and check the digits again. If you notice that the digits have increased even though no water is being used, then this is a sign that you have a water leak.

Using a water meter is an effective way to detect water leaks that are not easily noticeable, such as those hidden behind walls or under the floor. By detecting water leaks early on, you can prevent further damages and save yourself from expensive repair costs.

Use A Radar

If you suspect that the leak is originating from outside your house, you can use a radar to detect it. A radar can help you find the exact location of the leak and show you if it is a small or large leak.

Radar works by sending waves that can pass through several types of material and delivers the signal back to the main machine. A specialized instrument can be utilized to perceive the radar waves sent back and through the strength of the waves as well as the time for it to return, you’ll know what kind of material the wave was able to reach.

Using a radar is particularly helpful if the leak is located underground and cannot be easily detected by other means. It is an effective way to detect water leaks early on, before they cause significant damage to your property.

Use A Geophone

A geophone is an instrument that functions similarly to a stethoscope. It can be used to locate the sound of leaks underground. If there is a leak, the geophone will pick up the sound and make it louder, allowing you to locate the sound yourself if you listen carefully for movement underground.

However, it’s important to note that if the leak is extremely large, the geophone may not be able to find it, as water can leak from a very large hole without generating much noise. In such cases, other methods such as using a radar or filling the water pipe with gas may be more effective.

When In Doubt, Seek The Help Of A Residential Plumber

residential plumberIf you are unsure about how to detect water leaks in your plumbing system or are unable to locate the source of the leak, it’s always best to seek the help of a professional residential plumber. A plumber has the necessary skills, knowledge, and equipment to detect and repair water leaks in your plumbing system quickly and efficiently.

A residential plumber can also provide you with valuable advice on how to prevent water leaks in the future, such as regularly checking your plumbing system for leaks, maintaining your home appliances and fixtures, and replacing old or worn-out pipes.

Water leaks in your plumbing system can cause significant damage to your property and lead to costly repair bills. It’s crucial to detect water leaks early on and fix them as soon as possible. By turning off the water source, listening carefully for dripping or leaking water, checking the water meter, using a radar or filling the water pipe with gas, and using a geophone, you can detect water leaks in your plumbing system and prevent them from causing any further damage. And when in doubt, always seek the help of a professional residential plumber to ensure that your plumbing system is in good condition and free from leaks.

Blue Ribbon Plumbing MB is your local plumber to call on to detect water leaks. Call us today BEFORE substantial damage occurs to your home.

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Why Hiring A Plumber Is Better Than DIY?

plumberSome things are best left to the experts. This is why it’s better to call a professional plumber than attempt to fix your plumbing problems yourself.

Around 10% of US homes have water leaks that waste approximately 90 gallons per day. Small leaks can cause mold, mildew and other unexpected problems. You can save up to 10% by hiring a plumber for these plumbing repairs.

You think you can do it yourself? Here are nine reasons why you should call a plumber rather than trying to do it yourself. You can prevent leaks from draining your bank account by calling a plumber.


Choose a professional who is experienced in the services you require. Continue reading to learn why you should contact a plumber right away!

Why Hire A Plumber

1. Expertise and Experience

The average plumber completes 246 hours of technical training and 2,000 hours of practice as a plumber in Myrtle Beach. What time did you spend learning plumbing?

You could make costly mistakes if you don’t have the right experience. It might be necessary to hire a plumber in order to solve your DIY problems. You can save valuable time by calling them right away, which will help you save money.

An experienced and trained professional can fix your plumbing problems. They have extensive training and can solve many plumbing issues.

You could also save valuable time by using their previous experience.

They won’t waste time trying to find the problem. They can quickly and accurately diagnose the problem. They can then use their previous experience to find the best solution.

They will make sure that your plumbing is working efficiently and properly throughout your house.

A code of ethics is also followed by professional plumbers. They will always work in your best interest and offer solutions.

You could lose valuable time trying to solve the problem by going DIY. You’ll then have to learn how to fix it.

It is easier to hire a plumbing contractor. You could let a blockage or leak go unattended for too many days. You could end up with more problems if you don’t fix the problem immediately.

2. All the Services You Want

Although you may have some experience in fixing small plumbing problems, it is better to have someone who can do everything. If you have multiple problems, you will know when to call the plumber. Plumbers can help with installation, maintenance, and repair.

You should be on the lookout for signs that you need to call an experienced plumber.

  • A strange odor in your home that you cannot place
  • Water backup
  • Low water pressure
  • Slow drains
  • A burst pipe
  • Frozen pipes
  • There is no water
  • No hot water
  • Your pipes can be seen as tree roots

Your plumbers will be able to identify and repair any leaks, replace or install your pipes, and can even diagnose blockages. You won’t need to worry about plumbing issues with their assistance. Look for a plumber who offers all of the services that you might need.

3. Prepared for Emergencies

Are you going to host a holiday or dinner party soon? There is enough food on the table. It shouldn’t be necessary to stop hosting in order to solve a plumbing issue.

It is a good idea to call an emergency plumber when you have an emergency. You need to call a plumber immediately if you have an emergency. Too long waiting can lead to water damage and mold growth.

As a result, your expenses may increase.

You can instead rely on a plumber that offers emergency services. They will arrive quickly to solve the problem. They will take care of the plumbing so you don’t have to worry about it.

Instead, you can feel secure knowing that the experts are at work.

4. Access to Equipment

Are you equipped with the right equipment to solve your plumbing problems? It shouldn’t cost you a lot to buy equipment that will only be used once or twice. Instead, call a plumber.

Plumbers are already equipped with the latest equipment. They also know how it works.

You might have trouble fixing your plumbing problems if you use the wrong equipment. You could even cause more damage. An expert will arrive equipped with the necessary tools. They will be able to fix the problem quickly and correctly with their expertise.

5. Continued Customer Service

What happens if you try to fix a leakage or blockage by yourself only for it to come back later? It is possible to miss the source of the problem. For advice, you might call a plumber.

They will answer all your questions and make recommendations.

They will provide the support you need with their continued customer service. They will even continue to follow up with you if the problem persists.

6. Stay Safe

When working on any project, plumbers must adhere to safety guidelines. These guidelines include:

  • When using powerful power tools, protect their ears
  • Use face masks to protect yourself from dust and fumes
  • Protective clothing
  • When working near a power source, turn off the electricity
  • Before you start a job, disconnect the water supply.

You might not be following safety guidelines if you go DIY. You might get hurt. Instead, be aware of when to call a plumber.

7. To Keep Your Warranty

Your home came with a warranty. You will need to have repairs done by a licensed professional in order to honor the warranty. You could lose the warranty if you attempt to repair it yourself.

8. Protect your home

Even minor plumbing issues can lead to serious consequences. A small leak can cause serious water damage. Your furniture and possessions could be destroyed by water.

It could spark a fire if it touches electricity.

A plumber can protect your family and home. You can also get insurance for many technicians, so you are covered in the event of an accident.

9. Cost-Effectiveness

Sometimes DIY is more costly than hiring a professional. You will need to buy the correct equipment and materials. Also, you’ll have to spend time learning how to do it. Don’t delay! Plumbing problems can cause more damage to your home.

You can save money by hiring professionals. You will save money over the long-term because of their expertise and experience.

Do not try to do it all by yourself! Instead, call a plumber to help you. You won’t waste your valuable time or money by calling a plumber. Get in touch with someone you can trust the next time you leak. Do you need expert plumbing services? Blue Ribbon Plumbing LLC can help.

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PlumbingClogged drains, toilets, leaky pipes and faucets, water heater problems, low water pressure and a running bathroom are the most common plumbing issues. We will discuss each of these problems below.

Your home’s plumbing is an essential part. You don’t realize how dependent your plumbing is until it has problems. As your home ages you’ll experience plumbing problems like a dripping faucet and a slow drain.  ,                                                                                                   These issues are not always easy to fix and can prove dangerous so it is best to leave these problems to the professionals. You will be able to decide when to use your tools and when you should call a professional plumber.

Common Plumbing Problems


If water backs up when you flush the sink or shower, it is possible to identify a clogged drain. The signs of a toilet blockage are often more obvious. Toilets will not flush as normal. Instead, the toilet will back up into the bowl. It could overflow. It is possible to restore the toilet or drains back to normal using DIY techniques or calling a plumbing contractor.

Clogged drains can be caused by blockages or slowdowns to drains. Hair is the most common cause of blocked drains in sinks and showers. Hair can also block drains from small items like shampoo lids or toys. Toilets can be blocked by toilet paper or other dissolvable materials. These solid objects are unable to move through pipes and they remain put. Water cannot flow through blocked pipes because it is impossible or impossible to do so.

If you are unable to clear the blockage by yourself, let a professional clean it out. If you have multiple clogs in one drain, it is time to call a professional. Regular use of caustic drain cleaners can cause damage to pipes. The problem may be fixed by a plumber to prevent future clogs.


Leaky pipes and faucets are common plumbing problems in apartments and houses. Dripping faucets are more troublesome and expensive than a plumbing emergency. These drips can add up quickly. You can save up to 10% by fixing leaks in your home. A faucet leaking one drop per second can lead to over 3,000 gallons in water loss each year. This is equivalent to 180 showers. Over 1 trillion gallons of water can be lost every year due to plumbing leaks. A leaky faucet is easily identified because water drips from it when it is in the off position. Even if the faucet is not turned on, drips can still be heard.

If you don’t act quickly, leaking pipes can cause serious damage. Leaking pipes are easy to spot after a while, when you notice a puddle or hear the pipes dripping.

Dripping faucets are usually caused by damage to the washer that seals the tap. The damage could include dislodging, tearing, or stiffening. This damage can cause the washer to leak water from the faucet, as it no longer seals well. The valve seat can also wear and corrode over time. The most likely place where your pipes leak is at the joint. Leaks can be caused by shifting, deterioration, or other damage.

If you are not familiar with plumbing, call a plumber to replace your washer. If the job is too big or you don’t feel like doing the cleanup yourself, call a professional to fix the leaky pipes.


Most water heater problems are easy to identify. Instead of getting a warm shower, you get drenched in freezing water. Other signs that your water heater is failing include dripping water, discolored water, and puddles. While you may be able to troubleshoot some issues on your own, many water heater problems and repairs require professional assistance due to their complexity and danger.

Water heater problems can sometimes be caused by leaks, such as not enough hot water. Water heaters can also be affected by mineral deposits. Water heaters can be affected by mineral deposits. They reduce the heating efficiency and decrease the flow of hot water throughout the home. Your water heater can make strange noises due to sediment. This is caused by the heating of the sediment and scale buildup on heating elements.

If the problem is not easily fixed, such as by relighting the pilot or changing the thermostat of the water heater, it’s best to call a professional plumber. Water heaters are dangerous and can require extensive repairs so it is better to have a professional do the job.

Take safety precautions if the water heater is causing water puddles to form on the floor. Here’s what you should do:

Turn off your water heater. To turn off an electric water heater, make sure you are dry. Use the shut-off valve located at the connection point for a gas water heater.

To prevent any further leaking, turn off the water. If the water heater is working properly, you can turn off the valves. You can shut off the main water supply to your home until a plumber comes to assess the situation.

You can move items from the water heater.


Low water pressure is a common problem in older houses, but it can also happen in newer homes. Low water pressure can occur suddenly or gradually, depending on what the cause is. Low water pressure can make it difficult to shower and rinse, regardless of the cause. It is important to resolve the problem to restore normal water usage.

To prevent mineral buildup in your pipes, install a filtration system. To prevent future leakage, make sure to check your pipes frequently.

If your water pressure drops suddenly, or you are unable to pinpoint the source of the problem, call a plumber. You could have a leaky pipe. If you see a gradual decline in the flow, but it is not due to your aerators or your plumbing system, this could indicate that there may be a corrosion problem in your pipes. You will need a plumber to repair or replace the affected sections.


There are many toilet plumbing issues, but running toilets are the most common. It still works but the toilet keeps running, which is wasteful of water and makes an irritating sound.

If the tank’s toilet parts are not replaced and the running continues, you may need to call a plumber.


Some plumbing projects should be left to professionals. These are some tips to help you find a plumber in Myrtle Beach.

Look for a reliable local plumber.

To avoid any delays in your plumbing repairs, contact the plumber immediately.

For major problems, always call a licensed plumber.

Prepare to explain the issue.

Call Blue Ribbon Plumbing LLC if you have a problem with your shower, toilet, drain, or water heater. We offer reliable service to fix your problems.

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Leaky faucet

How To Fix a Leaky Faucet Like A Pro

Leaky faucetDrip, drip. Like the tick-tock of a grandfather clock, listening to the rhythmic noise of a leaky faucet can create that nails-on-a-chalkboard feeling in many of us.

You might think that calling a plumber to repair a leaking faucet is an unnecessary expense or that it’s possible to ignore the drip, drip. It’s important to know that leaky faucets not only waste water but can also increase your water bills.

A leaking faucet can be fixed by anyone. This DIY guide will show you how to fix any type of faucet in your home. It also explains why a faucet leaks so you don’t have to call a plumber again. Grab your plumber’s hat and get ready to dive in!

The Four Faucet Types

Knowing the types of faucets that a home has is a great way to learn how to fix a leaking faucet. Knowing which type of faucet your home has will give you more information on how to fix a dripping tap.

Cartridge Faucets

Two handles are common on cartridge faucets. They are often found in bathrooms. The cartridge can be turned to adjust the flow of water.

Over time, faucet cartridges become worn and corroded, and encrusted by mineral deposits. This causes improper operation, including leaking bathtub faucets or inability to turn off the water supply.

Disc Faucets

Because disc faucets are maintenance-free, most don’t fall under the “how to fix leaky faucet” category. The water flow is controlled by two ceramic discs. The upper disc lifts and lowers against the fixed lower disc. Due to their near-perfect flat polish, the two discs create an impenetrable seal. The most common reasons your disc faucet leaks are either the outlet and inlet seals, or residue buildup.

Pro tip: To prevent any replacement seals from being broken, keep the disc faucet’s handle in the “on” position when you repair it.

Ball Faucets

The single lever on ball faucets works by pushing up and down in order to adjust the pressure in a rotating manner. A slotted metal ball controls how much water is allowed to the spout when this is done. These are common in high-use areas such as kitchens.

Compression Washer Faucets

Compression washer faucets, although they are the oldest type, are still very popular, especially in older houses. Two handles are used to open and close compression faucets. The handle can be turned to raise or lower the sealing washer, which closes against the valve seat at the bottom of the stem. When the faucet is turned off, this restricts water flow.

How to fix a leaky faucet

Once you have identified each type of faucet, it is time to fix the dripping faucet. We’ll then walk you through the steps necessary to fix a leaky faucet.

1. Turn off the water supply

Turn off the water supply to your area to repair a leaking faucet. You could flood your area if you don’t do this. Look for the fixtures shut off valves under the sink or around the tub and turn the handles clockwise to shut off the water.

If the faucet does not have shutoff valves on it, you should turn off the main water supply to the house. Turn the faucet on to check that water is not leaking. If there is no water, you have done your job.

2. Remove the faucet handles

Depending on what type of fixture you have, the method for disassembling faucet handles varies. Flathead screwdrivers are used to remove the cap on cartridges or compression-style faucets. You will see the screws holding the handle in place. These can be removed with a screwdriver.

Ceramic discs and ball-style faucets typically have an inlet screw at the handle that exposes the inner workings beneath.

3. Remove the Valve Stem

After removing the faucet handle and compression-style faucets for the cartridge, you’ll be able to see the inner stem or cartridge. These items should be removed. A brass stem can be removed from a compression faucet. Cartridge faucets can be pulled out by pulling on the stem.

Ceramic discs will include an upper disc with mounting screws, and seals, and a ball-style faucet will have inlet and ball seals.

4. Examine Sink Parts

Take all of the parts apart and inspect them. The cartridge and compression-style faucets should have corroded rubber washers and O-rings.

Ceramic disc faucets don’t usually need to be repaired. If you have to fix a leaky faucet that has ceramic discs, make sure you check the outlet and inlet seals on the lower disc. The concern would be with the seats and springs of the ball-style faucets.

5. Repair All Damaged Parts

Replace any worn or damaged parts. You can match exact parts at your local hardware store. Bring the parts you need to fix a leaky faucet to your local hardware store.

6. Clean the Valves & Faucet Cavity

You’ll often find mineral buildup in the threads if you remove a cartridge or stem. You can clean the valve seat with white vinegar by soaking it in warm water for a few minutes. Use a soft toothbrush to scrub the valve seat. Rinse with warm water. You can also clean the faucet cavity using vinegar and water.

7. Reassemble the Faucet

After you have removed the old replacement parts and cleaned the faucet, you can reassemble it in the same way you disassembled it. Slowly turn on the water supply while the faucet knobs are in the “on” position. This is crucial as the excessive water pressure can cause damage to any hardware within the faucet.

These steps will help you prevent air from getting in your water lines if you’re fixing multiple faucets or turning off the water to the whole house.

Consider replacing the faucet if it is damaged beyond repair. When that happens, you need to hire a plumber in Myrtle Beach.

Five Leaky Faucet Problems

There are many reasons why a faucet can leak, including a leaking bathtub faucet. We’ll be covering the five most important causes that you should keep an eye on in the future. One of these is likely to be the reason you need to know how to fix your faucet handle.

Check for broken or improper washers

Broken washers are one of the leading causes of a leaky faucet. Rubber washers are used to protect the valve seat. The washers will wear down if they are used enough. The faucet is now leaking because the seal has worn down.

A washer that is not installed correctly or of the wrong size could cause leaking. You should inspect the faucet handle and the spout/aerator for signs of a washer leak.

Assess for a deteriorated valve seat

A bad valve seat could cause your faucet to leak from the handle but not the spout. The valve seat is basically the barrier between the faucet and the spout. The valve seat is the barrier between the faucet and the spout. Sediment can build up and cause a blockage.

Examine a damaged cartridge

A cartridge-style faucet is a two-handled faucet that has one hot and one cold water designation. Each handle has a cartridge that controls the flowing of water into the faucet. The cartridge may be damaged if your faucet drips water.

How to deal with an O-ring that is defective

An O-ring, a small disc in the shape of a doughnut, is attached to the faucet’s stem to keep the handle in place. O-rings are like washers. They wear down and loosen with use. This could be the cause of a leaky faucet handle.

High Water Pressure

High water pressure is something that many people enjoy, but it can also lead to a leaking faucet. High pressure can cause water pipes to clog. The water will stop flowing smoothly to its destination and create a backup. The water will inevitably leak out of the taps as it is forced to find another route.

Water pressure can be affected by cracked pipes, fittings, or other plumbing. It is a good idea to inspect all water pipes and fittings periodically for cracks, corrosion spots, and leaks. You can fix water pressure issues yourself, but it is best to call a plumbing contractor.

Call Blue Ribbon Plumbing LLC now if you’re having problems with your plumbing system. Our plumbers will fix your leaky faucet right away.

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How To Avoid Costly Plumbing Issues

plumbingHomeowners can have a lot of trouble with their plumbing. Plumbing problems can lead to stress and inconvenience from clogged drains to leaky faucets. With a few simple tips, you can maintain your plumbing system and save money on costly repairs. These are five important plumbing tips every homeowner should know.

1. Do not pour grease down the toilet

Although it may seem simple to get rid of grease, it can lead to serious plumbing problems. Grease can build up in pipes and cause clogs that can prove difficult to clear. Instead, put grease in a container and throw it away.

2. Drain strainer

A drain strainer can be a simple device to prevent blockages in your shower and sink drains. It traps hair, soap scum and other debris that could cause damage to your drain. To keep your drain strainer working efficiently, you should clean it regularly.

3. Leaks should be fixed immediately

A small leak can lead to water loss and higher bills. If left untreated, it can cause serious damage to your house. Don’t wait to fix a leak if you see it. You should immediately call a plumber to fix the leak.

4. Find the exact location of your shutoff valve

It is important to locate your shut-off valve in case of an emergency. This valve will shut off your water supply, protecting you from further damage due to leaks or burst pipes. It is important that all household members know the location of the shut-off valve.

5. Regular plumbing maintenance should be scheduled

Regular maintenance of your plumbing can prevent major plumbing issues from happening. To keep your plumbing system in top shape, a plumber will inspect your pipes and check for any leaks. To keep your plumbing system in good condition, schedule a plumbing maintenance appointment at minimum once per year.

These simple tips will help you avoid expensive repairs and maintain your plumbing system. If you have any questions about your plumbing system, don’t hesitate to call a professional plumber in Myrtle Beach.

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