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Household Plumbing Inspection 101

plumbing Myrtle BeachWhen plumbing problems arise, they can come in different severities including those that are nearly catastrophic. However, doing regular inspection can decrease the chances of plumbing Myrtle Beach problems.

There are places in your home where you should focus on more than others such as your kitchen, bathroom, and more. With consistent inspection, you can minimize, if not eliminate plumbing issues entirely. If in the event of urgent plumbing problems, call in an emergency plumber immediately. For a more thorough inspection, it’s highly suggested that you check out the following areas of your home:


It comes to no surprise that you should first check out the bathroom. This is the area that is most commonly used. Plumbing problems are likely to happen here than others. What you do need to check are the following:

Faucets – these are normally situated on the sink, tub and or your shower. They get the most wear and tear due to everyday use. Gaskets and washers can wear out over time and pretty quickly if you’ve got a bigger family using it every day. Don’t forget to check if there are any leaks. Some start with just a few drops and escalate to a bigger leak if left unattended.

Drains – all the nasty bits go down here are even nastier if you have problems in these locations. Constantly check for clogs. Take out the drain traps and see if there’s any debris that could potentially lead to future blockage.

Toilets – there are a couple parts that make a toilet work but it only takes one or two to make it stop working completely. Remove the lid of the toilet and do a test flush. See if the toilet stops the flow of water right after you’ve finished flushing. If it doesn’t, check out the gaskets that control the flow of water during a flushing cycle. When your toilet rocks or slightly tilts when you sit on it, the wax ring holding it in place may need replacement.


It’s a no-brainer to check out the kitchen next. It’s loaded with plumbing fixtures that need to be periodically checked. Here are some places that you’ll need to see:

Sink drains – similar to the drains in your bathroom, a lot of things could cause it to stop working. However, there’s no drain trap in your sink. The most common problem areas are your strainer and p-trap. The strainer is very straightforward to take out. However, the p-trap may need a little knowledge to take out any clogs. If you lack experience working with plumbing fixtures, it’s suggested to get a plumber to do the work for you.

Faucets – the kitchen faucet is the one part that gets used often and is also the most likely to break down. Check for leaks when you close the faucet. Tiny leaks could amount to a huge volume of wasted tap water.

Shutoff valves – these fixtures control the flow of water into your sink faucet, your fridge, and dishwasher. If upon testing, the water supply doesn’t completely go out, then your shutoff valves are in need of replacement.

Garbage disposal unit – you’ll have a run in or two with this part of your kitchen. This part usually requires more inspections than other areas since it handles food waste. The foul odor will be noticeable if something is wrong in this area.

Dishwasher – take some time to observe what happens inside your dishwasher when it is running. If it is slow to fill up or drain water, it may need some fixing.

Refrigerator – this may not be a problem area for some homes that don’t utilize icemakers or ice dispensers. However, if you do use this functionality, you should check the hose that connects the water supply.

Septic and sewer

Problems with your septic or sewer line are always serious. If problems are not found, they can gradually worsen to an even bigger issue. Regular maintenance is key to preventing issues from happening in this area. Always maintain the septic system, your main sewer, and vent pipes.

Around your house

There are a couple of other areas that require maintenance. Although they are not prone to any problems, they should also be included in your routine inspection. Here are a couple of areas that you should inspect:

  • Water heater
  • Branch shutoff valves
  • Sump pump
  • Outdoor hose spigots
  • Irrigation system
  • Washing machine

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