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Myrtle Beach Emergency Plumber

Finding an Emergency Plumber in Myrtle Beach

Has this ever occurred to you? You just got home from a long and tiring day at work only to discover that your cellar is swamped due to a pipe burst or backed up toilet after having friends over to view Sunday’s football game. Now, you have to find a Myrtle Beach emergency plumber to visit you as well as take care of the troubles you are having, but it is already after business hours and most plumbing businesses are already closed. Unfortunately, these are situations that house owners are confronted with and unless you know a professional plumber who you can immediately call in case you have issues with your plumbing system.

Why You Need A Trusted Emergency Plumber

It is necessary to have a good partnership with an emergency plumber or a reliable plumbing company that you could depend on in an urgent situation. A few of primary reasons to have a functioning partnership with a plumbing technician are:

You have someone to call. Seek out the professional services of a plumbing contractor or plumbing company, for your routine plumbing maintenance and for emergency plumbing needs. You will get to know their work and with an established partnership, they may even provide you with discounts on the charges they bill for an emergency situation or any plumbing services acquired after business hours.

Establish a relationship that is founded on trust and honesty. You will get to establish a certain level of trust with the emergency plumber you get in touch with if you have already hired them in the past, prior to your emergency plumbing problem. Apart from knowing the skills they bring to get the job done, they have already been inside your house and you will most likely feel comfortable with them rather than hiring a complete stranger.

You know very well that they are experienced. Using them for your routine plumbing tasks, you know you are employing skilled plumbing professionals who can finish the job properly. If the same plumbing contractor comes all the time, he is already familiar with your residence’s pipes as well as plumbing problems. This experience could assist him in diagnosing the existing plumbing issue much faster and get it repaired faster compared to if you had actually hired someone new to come in and take care of your plumbing problem for the first time.

Whether you have an emergency plumber on speed dial, there are some factors to consider if you are planning to hire a plumbing contractor who can assist you with your plumbing needs:

  • Are they licensed?

Your plumbing professional must understand the distinction between an elbow and a flange and by being accredited, you will know they have passed the certifications required in your location for them to be a plumbing technician.

  • Do they have insurance?

Mistakes happen, it is just natural, so if a mistake happens when a plumbing professional is repairing your pipes and you have to hire someone else to repair it, they are insured and you can make a claim with the first plumbing technician so you will be compensated for the cash you had to spend in order to repair their mistake. In case they are not bonded, you would most likely need to bring this matter to court.

  • How long have they been offering this kind of service?

When you see an advertisement for a certain service, it will contain the year when the business has been established. This allows you to identify quickly how long they have been in business so they can offer you some sort of guarantee that they are trustworthy and legit.

You could make use of the Internet to your advantage when you have to search for an emergency plumber. A lot of firms currently have websites to enhance their marketing and you could easily search for a plumbing company that you might want to handle your plumbing problems. You may even learn more about their rates, check out the reviews of past clients, and find out if they have already worked on plumbing problems that you currently have.

Calling an emergency plumber can be expensive but if you know how to do it right, you might just be able to get your plumbing issues addressed without having to spend a fortune. Call Blue Ribbon Plumbing now.

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Myrtle Beach plumber

How The Cold Weather Creates Plumbing Problems

Myrtle Beach plumberThe harsh conditions brought on by the cold weather causes plumbing problems in homes across Myrtle Beach. Check below to understand how winter can negatively affect your plumbing system.

Winter Plumbing Problems

Did you know that frozen water can cause the water line of your home to break or leak? Temperatures below freezing point will cause the water to freeze within your plumbing pipes. This could cause a leaking water line or a burst pipe. Additionally, septic tanks are prone to bursting if dirt has frozen up and the snow is piling up on the ground. In case you live in a place with hard water, rust may develop if sediment has accumulated in the water heater tank. The rust will then be more difficult to remove during the colder season. Due to this, your family may be faced with plumbing problems like a contaminated water for drinking, cooking, and bathing. All of these plumbing issues are because of the harsh conditions brought on by winter. Abrupt changes in the temperature, hail, snowfall, as well as other weather related issues can leave the plumbing system of your home in a difficult situation.

Preventing Cold Weather

Despite the inevitable and forceful winter season, you can avoid all these plumbing issues. Listed below are some precautionary measures to protect your plumbing system.

Lower Water Heater Temperature – if the water heater is installed, plumbers must set it at 170 degrees Fahrenheit just in case. However, several homes do not require that much steam and pressure. You should turn down your water heater between 120 and 140 degrees Fahrenheit. This will help avoid leak or burst pipes and lowers heating costs up to 10 percent. If you want to be more environmentally friendly, you can get in touch with a Myrtle Beach plumber during the warmer season and ask him to if you can go solar or install a tankless water heater.

Pipe Insulation – once you have done this, you will pay less for your hot water and the likelihood of dealing with frozen pipes will be reduced. When insulating the pipes, check the basement, attic, crawl spaces, garage, bathroom counters, and under kitchen. These spots might have unheated plumbing lines. Both cold and hot lines in these locations require insulation to retain higher temperatures.

Drain Water From The Pool – In case you have a pool, you have to drain the water as well as the sprinkler supply lines. Be sure to check the instructions set by the manufacturer.

Open and Disconnect The Hose Bibs Outdoors – do not forget to let the water to totally drain when you do this. Once you have done this, shut off the indoor valve and then leave the outdoor valve open. This lets the pipe to expand without the risk of bursting. Keep the hose in your backyard shed or hose in your garage during the colder season.

Pipe Sleeve Installation – you can prevent the most common plumbing problems during winter by installing pipe sleeves, heat cable, or a heat tape. You can also keep the insulation dry by using newspapers if you need to save some cash.

Call Blue Ribbon Plumbing LLC if you need help with your plumbing system.

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Common Plumbing Mistakes Homeowners Make

plumbersA lot of homeowners prefer to do their own plumbing work so they can save money or they just want to be handy around the house. Although there is nothing wrong with this, committing mistakes can lead to costly results. Knowing the risks of doing your own plumbing work and how to avoid them can help you take care of your home much better. Here are a few tips provided by expert plumbers.

Chemical Drain Cleaner

For several homeowners, liquid drain cleaners would seem as if they are miracle products. You only need to pour a few cups of chemicals down the drain to open up the pipes and send waste water into the sewer. However, chemical drain cleaners tend to have a lasting effect on galvanized plumbing. Those who utilize this product often may cause their pipes to become corroded as well as leaky. There are several ways to get rid of clogs without the need to release caustic chemicals all throughout your plumbing system. These alternative products include a plumbing auger and natural products like baking soda and vinegar. In case none of these works, then you have to call a plumber who can clear the clogs in the drain without having to use harsh chemicals that could damage the plumbing system of your home.

Not Turning Off The Water

Before taking on any water related project, the first thing you have to do is turn off your water. Failing to do so before starting a plumbing repair or improvement can cause gushing pipes, household flood, or a watery mess. You need to get to know your plumbing system first before you begin any plumbing project. Turn off the local shutoff valve and if you can’t find it, switch off the one that is located at the water main.

Doing Unpermitted Work

You could devalue your home if you make major changes you to your home’s plumbing system without getting the right permits. Houses with unpermitted work done take longer to sell and may sell for less than expected. Some US states require plumbers to pull permits while others allow homeowners to obtain permits on their own. Either way, you have to make sure that permits are obtained whenever you do major work like repiping, installing, or remodeling a bathroom. Permits allow local building officials to have oversight over home remodeling projects to make sure that the work is done to code. Even though obtaining a permit will cost you money, it can still protect you from having to pay penalties later on while making sure that the plumbing work is performed properly.

Connecting Copper and Galvanized Pipes

When copper and galvanized pipes get in touch with one another, it results to corrosion. Several homeowners who do their own plumbing work are not aware of this issue and will fix galvanized pipes using modern copper pipes. This can only be done if a special piece referred to as dielectric union is used. It is a joint that utilizes a plastic sleeve as well as a rubber washer to make sure that the galvanized and copper piping do not touch one another.

DIYing Without Proper Training

There are a lot of homeowners who take on plumbing projects without any insurance or license. Professional Myrtle Beach plumbers know how plumbing systems work. They have gone through the right training and have had lots of experience in dealing with various kinds of plumbing problems. It is better to leave your plumbing projects in their capable hands to ensure the safety and quality of the project.

Call Blue Ribbon Plumbing LLC if you need help with your plumbing system. Whether it involves installation, repair, replacement, or maintenance, our team is always ready to help.

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Are Plumbing and Pipe Leaks Covered By Homeowners Insurance?

Ideally, homeowners insurance policy must cover any unexpected and sudden water damage brought on by a broken pipe or a plumbing malfunction. However, the majority of home insurance coverage does not include home damage caused by constant and slow leaks and damage that occurred because of regional flooding. Additionally, some home damage like mold could be excluded from your regular insurance policy depending on what caused it. However, there are other insurance coverages that can be added to existing premiums.

Water Damage From Leaking Pipes

Your home insurance policy must cover accidental and sudden water damage caused by a plumbing failure like a ruptured water heater or burst pipe. If your home has water damage, there are three clauses in the homeowners insurance policy that could provide you with coverage.

Dwelling coverage – the dwelling coverage clause will insure your home’s structure like the roof, walls, as well as floorboards. In case a section of your house has been damaged by a leak that’s been covered, or in case you had to get rid of a certain part of your wall to fix a leak, you will be reimbursed by your dwelling coverage. Your dwelling insurance will also cover any built-in appliances in your home in case they are damaged.

Property coverage – your property coverage will reimburse you for any damaged personal property like clothing, furniture, and TV, that may have been destroyed after a plumbing problem wreaks havoc in your home. However, luxury items such as jewelry will be covered but with a $2,000 limit, unless you added extra coverage to your policy.

Additional living expenses or ALE coverage – this type of coverage will reimburse you for your travel, hotel, and food expenses in case you were displaced from your house temporarily.

For instance, when water begins to pour out of your washing machine and you are not at home, it may cause buckling on your wooden floorboards. Apart from that, the water may also leak through your floors and cause damage to your walls or the ceiling of the floor underneath. When this happens, the damage to your home will be assessed by an insurance adjuster. In case the cost to fix or change your floor, lower floor ceiling, or molding is $3,000 and your home insurance policy has a $1,000 deductible, the remaining $2,000 will be covered by your insurance company.

What Plumbing Damage Cannot Be Covered By Home Insurance

Although burst pipes and Myrtle Beach plumbing malfunctions are covered water damage, you need to know that there are some situations or damage types that are not covered. Once you file a water damage claim, your insurer will send out an insurance adjuster to evaluate the cause and as well as the cost of the damage. Among the things they will assess are:

–    Source of the damage or the location of the affected pipes

–    Did the damage occur due to a new leak or an old one

–    Were there signs of deterioration that may have indicated future leaks

–    Is the leak the result of old age or deterioration

The insurance adjuster will make use of these assessments to determine if you could have prevented the leak and if they think you could have, then, they will not provide you with coverage.

Lack Of Maintenance

Water damage that has resulted from normal deterioration or insufficient maintenance won’t be covered. Insurers also deny a burst pipe during winter time, which is a common claim made by several homeowners.

Sewage Backup

Although a leaking toilet could be covered by homeowners insurance policies, a backed up or flooded sewage system will not be covered even if it could overload your plumbing system. The good thing is that many home insurance companies provide sewer or water backup insurance plan as a cost-effective rider that can be added to an existing policy. It is a great idea to include this optional coverage because sewage damage can be hazardous to the health of your family and can cause costly damage to your home and property.

Flood Damage

Although water damage results from a defective pipe or utility, flood damage happens whenever heavy rains, overflowing water bodies, or snowmelt increase to high levels to get access to your house and even overload the plumbing system. Although the flood damage is not included in your homeowners insurance policy, you can buy flood insurance coverage from your insurer provided that they participated in the National Flood Insurance Policy or NFIP.

Mold Damage

Most homeowners insurance policies do not include mold damage. But insurance firms do offer different amount of protection against mold damage in case it is due to a covered leak. You must carefully read your policy to fully understand your coverage. If covered, your insurer will reimburse you for as much as $10,000 for mold remediation, but the amount will depend on certain factors. Apart from buying mold coverage, you must routinely clean, dehumidify, and ventilate areas that are susceptible to mold growth to stop it from spreading. These areas are the basement, bathrooms, laundry rooms, crawl spaces, garages, and cabinets under the sinks.

If you notice that you have a water leak, immediately find ways to prevent further damage. Stop the flow of water right away by shutting off your main water valve. Call an emergency plumber to help you fix the leak.

Call Blue Ribbon Plumbing LLC if you have problems with water leaks at home.

Blue Ribbon Plumbing LLC
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