plumberThere are many plumbing problems that can occur. They can range from minor and easily fixed to more serious and expensive. Sometimes it can be difficult to distinguish the difference. Sometimes, you might not be aware that there is a problem. These 10 signs are indicators that you may have a plumbing problem in your home and need to call a plumber.

Low water pressure

Low water pressure can ruin what should be an enjoyable shower experience. But it is more than a nuisance. Low water pressure could indicate that your pipes are blocked. Call a Myrtle Beach plumber if your water pressure drops suddenly.

Slow Drainage

Every sink and shower will eventually experience slow drainage due to soap scum or hair buildup. However, if pipes throughout your house are slow to drain you may have a main sewer line clog. If you suspect that your sewer line is clogged, it’s a plumbing emergency.

Brown Spots on the Ceiling

Brown spots on the ceiling may not be just unattractive. They could also indicate that water is leaking from above. Before you fix the ceiling, make sure you find the source of the leak.

Rattling pipes

Your pipes should not make any noise other than the sound of water rushing. If you hear a rattling sound coming from your pipes after shutting off a valve it might be a “water hammer.” It occurs when water flows suddenly stop or change direction. This can cause a shock wave and cause pipes to rattle. High water pressure, or in older homes, flooded air chambers within your plumbing system, could be possible causes. Poorly secured pipes can also cause rattling sounds.

Foul smells emanating from the Drain

There are many bacteria in bathrooms and kitchens, which can cause some strange smells. A persistent foul odor emanating from the drains could indicate a blockage or break in the sewer line.

Higher water bills

A rising water bill, even if you can’t account for extra water use, is usually an indication that your plumbing system is leaking. Call a residential plumber if you notice an unexpected, unrelated increase in your water bills.

Bathroom Wallpaper and Paint Peeling

Are you noticing peeling, cracking, or blistering wallpaper or paint in your bathroom lately? It could indicate a leak. Before you begin to patch it up, call a plumber to inspect the area and, if necessary, remove it.

A Gurgling Toilet

If you haven’t flushed the toilet in a while, it should be quite quiet. However, if your toilet starts to gurgle, this could be a sign that something is wrong. A blocked vent stack, or a blocked sewer line could be the cause of a gurgling bathroom.

Mold Growth on Walls and Cabinets

Mold growth in your home is not a good sign. However, if mold appears on cabinets or walls in a bathroom, it’s time to look for a leaky pipe. Mold thrives in moist areas, so if you find mold in a room, it’s important to get rid of the source.

Toilets Consistently Clogged

Everybody has to deal with a blocked toilet from time to time. However, if you feel like you are constantly using the plunger to open the drain, it could indicate a more serious problem, especially if other fixtures are backing up. This could be an indication that your sewer is clogged or that your septic system is backed up.

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