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5 Signs You Need To Call An Emergency Plumber

emergency plumberEvery time you come across a plumbing issue, you tend to feel the need to deal with it right away and this is commonly the case. However, calling an emergency plumber on a night, a holiday, or even on a weekend can come at a high price. Given that, you have to know when you need to call and when you should wait.

What Is An Emergency Plumbing Problem?

Consider calling an emergency plumber if:

There is a high risk of flooding.

Flooding because of a failed sump pump, sewer back up, burst pipe, or water shut off valve failure are all considered as plumbing emergencies. All these could lead to significant damage to home structures and could bring about safety concerns, which means they should be addressed as soon as possible.

There is a sewer backup.

Whenever a sewer line backs up, sewage will simply sit at its backup point, triggering a health hazard. It will prevent you from running water or using your bathroom facilities, which will make living at home an inconvenient one.

You don’t have water.

Not having access to water is likewise a safety issue because just like a sewer back up, it will prevent you from using your bathroom and other plumbing facilities. It will also prevent you from cooking and even from cleaning your home.

There is a risk of a burst pipe.

Frozen spigots and/or pipes could lead to having no water at all or flooding. In case a pipe is frozen, water will not just be unable to pass through it, it may cause it to crack, meaning when it thaws, there will be a risk of flooding. It is crucial to know the location of your water shut off valves and how they work. Once your plumber visits you for a regular plumbing checkup, don’t forget to let him know about this. If you are unaware, your plumber will inform you, nevertheless.

Less Urgent Plumbing Issues That Can Wait

In case the plumbing problem can wait, then it is not a true plumbing emergency and you need to think about the additional expense and see if it is worth the call. Remember that just because an emergency plumber Myrtle Beach arrives after business hours, on a weekend, or during a holiday does not mean he has access to the required parts to get the job done.

One advantage of waiting for a normal business day is that plumbers will have access to supply houses that let them get the exact supplies and parts required to do the job. Aside from having to order a specialty part, plumbers can obtain the required parts on that very same day to get the job done.

It is a good idea to schedule ahead for:

  • Remodel work
  • Plumbing inspections
  • Slow running drain clogs
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Appliance installation that involve minor or major plumbing work

If you are looking for an emergency plumber or standard plumbing maintenance services, call Blue Ribbon Plumbing now.

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Things To Consider When Hiring An Emergency Plumber

A leaking pipe flooding the basement or the bathroom floor is a very unsettling situation for the average homeowner.  You’d know that it’s an emergency when you take that first step into your bathroom and you find water reaching your ankle. Aside from the already alarming situation, there are more pressing matters such as water damage if the problem isn’t fixed soon enough. In any case, you should consider calling an emergency plumber right away. But how do you hire an emergency plumber?

Of course, you’d need to learn the basics. There’s more to hiring a plumber than just calling the first number that comes up your phonebook. You first need to get educated to avoid shelling out on the wrong person. There are a couple of things that you need to learn when you run into a plumbing emergency.

Most homeowners, unfortunately, run straight to the phonebook to search for a plumber in the midst of a plumbing emergency. This kind of mindset will only add up to your bills. The amount of money you are likely to spend on fixing a plumbing disaster is different for every plumber Myrtle Beach. You are charged even more when you call in on a weekend and it goes even higher if you just had to call on a holiday. What you first need to do is to stay calm, relax, and assess the situation.

Blue Ribbon Plumbing LLC has some good tips on hiring an emergency plumber when you encounter a plumbing crisis.

Most people run straight to the phone to dial the first plumber on the phonebook. While we all would like to have a plumbing problem fixed right away. The correct thing to do is not panic and stay away from that phone – at least for the meantime.

When you are faced with a busted pipe, the very first thing that you should do is shut the main water supply. Doing this would cut off the water for the entire house but it would contain the problem temporarily. The main water valve is normally located under a rectangular lid. This metal casing normally houses your water meter. It would be very hard to miss. Modern homes normally have this valve at the front of the home. Do note that you may need the aid of a wrench to turn the valve off.

If your toilet or water heater is having some leaks, you can quickly turn them off using the same principle. Your toilet would normally have a valve at the base. Some designs might have the hidden valves but normally the valve is easily reached at the base to conveniently turn the water supply leading to the toilet on or off. The water heater also has a shut off valve normally located next to the pipes that lead to and from the heating unit. Check whether you have completely shut off the water supply. If you have, then you call a plumber.

Spend a little bit of time calling a number of plumbers, writing down their offers one at a time. It is recommended that you call 3-5 plumbers and cross out the ones that you find charging more. If you don’t have any luck with your phonebook, you could always ask your friends and family. Another option is to look through social media sites like Facebook. Searches normally yield a number of professionals near you. Be sure that you check out previous customer reviews, evaluate them, and check if the best one fits well with your budget.

The internet will really help you out a lot. You can do searches on Facebook and Google. The search results in Google often come with reviews from previous customers, making it a reliable source of information. You could also visit for more reviews of your prospect plumber.

Lastly, you should always pay attention to the rates. Fixing a problem with your plumbing Myrtle Beach will be different for each plumber. Some plumbers charge by the hour and some for a one-time fee. After you narrow down your list, filter it even further, checking out the plumbers that offer the best rates. Going over these tips will help you find the best plumber, get your problem fixed, and not get ripped off.

Call Blue Ribbon Plumbing LLC today to learn more tips and tricks in resolving plumbing problems.

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6 Basic Plumbing Tips That Will Come In Handy

plumber Myrtle BeachThere comes a time when you just don’t have anyone to call to come over and fix that problem with your plumbing Myrtle Beach. So what do you do in such cases? Bring out that DIY expert in you and save a ton of money. Taking care of that leaking faucet or that overflowing toilet isn’t such a hard thing to do. If you want to learn how to troubleshoot some of the most basic plumbing problems, you’re in the right place. Read on below for 6 plumbing tips that will come in handy:

Don’t be afraid to explore the innards or a toilet or faucet

The faucets and toilets in your home are probably the first handful of plumbing amenities that break down. It goes without saying that these are commonly used every single day. Faucets, on one hand, are more common than toilets. On the other hand, toilets too have their fair share of plumbing problems. When the inevitable happens, don’t be afraid to take apart and replace parts of your faucet or toilet. Surely, you’d end up with a mess if you’re not careful. However, these tasks are very straightforward and you could handle it with ease.

Don’t use chemicals to remove clogs

It’s too tempting to just pour some chemicals down your drain in hopes of the clog melting away. It can be done but it is not advised. Some chemicals are harsh and can damage your pipes. That’s one of the reasons why. You can use a drain snake instead. If that still doesn’t work out, you could use a wet and dry vacuum to suck out the clock. However, if all else fails, call a plumber Myrtle Beach to solve your problem.

Periodically check your showerhead for problems

Your showerhead could have some problems that you might not notice. After all, who looks directly at the showerhead when they’re taking a bath? When not in use, inspect the showerhead and look for leaks. If you see any mineral deposits, clean it up with a brush to avoid staining.

Don’t use sealing compounds

If you’re not familiar with how sealing compounds work or how to properly use them, use an alternative. To avoid making a mess, use thread tape instead. You can seal pipes without the unnecessary mess. There are also thread tapes specifically color coded for each type of use. This will allow you to select a tape that fits with your project.

Use a little heat for stubborn pipe fittings

Have you ever tried loosening a pipe fitting but it just won’t budge? Try heating it up a bit to loosen the threads. Sometimes, pipes that are joined together with sealing compounds become quite hard to undo. In such cases, you could use a small propane torch to heat up the fittings to loosen them up. Just be sure to protect everything around the pipes while you’re at it.

Always call a plumber when all else fails

If you’re in the middle of the night and faced with a major plumbing issue, call an emergency plumber immediately. These are some cases that you just can’t DIY your way out. If you’ve got some plumbing issues that you find to be beyond your skillset, don’t try to troubleshoot on your own. You could make things worse. For simple problems, you could repair yourself. However, more complex problems call for expert hands. Call a plumber right away to avoid creating more problems.

Call Blue Ribbon Plumbing if you are looking for a professional and trustworthy plumber who can handle your plumbing concerns.

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Tips On How To Handle A Plumbing Emergency

Plumbing emergencies happen all the time. But what’s really concerning is when these problems happen. Even with enough maintenance, there will come a time when you’ll have some plumbing problems. If you’re confident enough to go DIY, you can fix a lot of plumbing problems without calling in someone. However, if the problem happens in the middle of the night, it’s best to get the help of a plumber Myrtle Beach immediately. But if you find yourself in a pinch and can’t get anyone on the phone, here are some tips on how to handle a plumbing emergency:

Shut the main water valve immediately

The very first thing that you should do when you find out that there’s a huge leak (or even just minor leaks) is to turn off the water. This will let you have some time to clean up and inspect the affected areas. This goes especially for broken pipes where you don’t have any choice but to restrict water flow. Do make sure that everyone in your family knows where the shut off valve is to stop water from flooding the inside of your house and not waste any more water.

Check how urgent the situation is

Minor leaks won’t be much of an issue with some duct tape and a little elbow grease. However, with some major issues like busted pipes, it’s a bit more than most homeowners would like to handle themselves. Before you make any decisions, turn off the main valve and assess the situation. If you believe that you can patch up the problem and wait till morning, go ahead. If you think that it’s more serious, call an emergency plumber right away. This will save you more money and spare you from all the hassle.

Start making some calls

If you’ve figured out that the problem is more urgent than what you would have liked and decided to get some help, start making some calls. Hiring an emergency plumber can be a tad troublesome if you don’t have a long list of numbers to call. If you have the problem contained for the meantime, here are some tips when calling for an emergency plumber:
Call several phone numbers. If it’s an emergency, you should phone in quite a handful of numbers. Some plumbers might not answer, so it’s good to have a backup just in case.

  • Describe the problem as clearly as possible. Always do your best to explain the situation as detailed as possible so the plumber has an idea of how to address the situation.
  • Ask for a quote. When it comes down to it, emergency calls don’t come in cheap. It’s a matter of who offers the lowest price. This is rather subjective and would depend on your preference and capacity to pay.
  • Speak to the plumber directly. If you’re phoning a company, ask to get you in line with the actual plumber. They will be more knowledgeable and will get you through your plumbing Myrtle Beach woes much faster.

When you’re in a bind and your plumbing problem is realizing all your worst nightmares, do your best to stay calm, assess and contain the situation, and call for help. The best thing you could do to minimize damage caused by plumbing issues in the middle of the night is to call in an expert and have it fixed immediately.

Need help with some plumbing problems? Call Blue Ribbon Plumbing LLC today.

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What To Do During A Plumbing Emergency Situation

emergency plumberExperiencing a plumbing emergency is more typical than you would really believe. When you are in need of a trusted emergency plumber, you need to have Blue Ribbon Plumbing’s number and have the understanding from this short article in the back of your mind, so you can take care of your plumbing issue in the very best method possible. Managing this circumstance in a bad method causes a loss of freshwater, supported sewage, flooding, or a myriad of other issues.

What To Do and Not To Do During A Plumbing Emergency

If you have a plumbing emergency, it is necessary to call a plumbing expert. We understand that you may want to resolve the issue on your own, but this is not exactly a good idea. At Blue Ribbon Plumbing, we have managed numerous plumbing problems much like yours in the past so if you require an emergency plumber Myrtle Beach, call us.

Avoid Doing This: Using a store-bought drain cleaner to Remove The clog

You finally discovered a clog which is a troublesome and bothersome plumbing issue that takes place to property owners far frequently. If your initial reaction is to go to a local store and buy low-cost, liquid drain cleaners, you may believe you’ve discovered a fast option however you’re just doing yourself an injustice.

A store-bought drain cleaner may gnaw at the blockage in your drain, however, the issue is that it will not stop there: it’ll gnaw at your pipeline too! Drain pipes cleaners like this are even worse if you have an especially consistent pipeline blockage and the drain cleaner can’t resolve it. This prevails, and when this takes place the drain cleaner sits on top of the blockage gnawing at your pipeline in a focused location. Drain pipes cleaner may appear like a low-cost and reliable option however you should not take this path, it’s never ever worth it. Call a plumbing expert.

What To Do

Act Fast

No matter what’s going on (a frozen pipeline, a burst pipeline, a wedding event ring down the drain, or a component dripping), ensure that you call an expert as quickly as you can. The worst things that you can do to your plumbing system throughout an emergency situation is sitting idly and wait since you believe that the emergency situation is not important enough. Act rapidly when you have an issue and make certain that you have a ream you can call that’s trusted.

Call A Professional

When you act, make certain that you do so carefully. When you’re in the middle of a plumbing emergency situation it’s not the time to call that low-cost “specialist” that you’ve found on the internet and attempt to accumulate adequate understanding to repair a burst pipeline in 20 minutes. Call a plumbing expert. You require a skilled, qualified, and dependable specialist that’s going to treat your elaborate pipes system with care.

Plumbing emergencies need plumbing experts, call Blue Ribbon Plumbing today!

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9 Things That Will Lead To Clogged Pipes

Plumber Myrtle BeachPlumbing doesn’t sound all too messy when it’s just the sink that you get to notice when you’re in your kitchen. However, have you ever imagined how things are like inside your drains and pipes? It’s definitely the stuff of nightmares that you wouldn’t want to deal with. It totally gives plumbing Myrtle Beach a whole new meaning. It’s not just food residue that goes down the drain and through the pipes. There’s a host of other things that could clog your plumbing. Here are some of the things that could clog your drains:


Rinds, fruit peels and the likes


Starting off the list are fruit rinds. You’ve probably, at some point, tried just how much abuse your garbage disposal can handle. Although some fruit peels won’t be an issue, there are some fruits that have harder peels that you wouldn’t want to put down the drain. Some fruit rinds don’t break down quite as easily as others would. So, be careful what you put down the drain. It could cost you more in plumbing costs later on. A good tip is not to chuck down anything that you wouldn’t eat.


Starches and some fibrous food


It may seem harmless, but starches and fiber from different types of foods can actually harm your garbage disposal pretty easily. The blades of your garbage disposal could get damaged as well as the motor. Starches cling onto the walls of pipes, and your garbage disposals’ blades are no exception.


Fats, grease, and oils


Once you start pouring grease and fats into your garbage disposal, you’re literally creating a lining on your pipes that would eventually become sludge. This is the nasty stuff that you don’t want to ever encounter. They are slimy, stinky, and just downright gross. If you’re already in a tough situation, call an emergency plumber right away. Instead of pouring the stuff down the drain, put it in a container that you don’t mind throwing away, let it set and congeal and throw it in the trash.


Wet wipes and towelettes


Ever since we have known, we are all used to using toilet paper and flushing it down the toilet. That’s just how it goes and it’s perfectly fine. However, the same cannot be said for wet wipes and towelettes. Unlike toilet paper, which is completely degradable upon contact with water, wet wipes are made out of synthetic materials and don’t degrade at all. That’s why your drainage system could easily be clogged. What’s even more problematic is the huge pile of solid waste that it creates as it clumps up with other non-degradable items.


Kitty litter


Never ever flush kitty litter down the toilet. It’s made out of silica, clay, and other ingredients that aren’t supposed to suck in moisture. This means once you flush them down, the kitty litter sucks in water, expands, and becomes potential blockage for your pipes.




This is a no brainer. However, some people are still found to drop them down the disposal unit. Although there’s a myth that they “sharpen the blades” but they actually don’t. They can dull the blades faster instead. Also, the membrane that comes with the eggshells could wrap around the shredder ring that could cause problems in the long run.




If you’ve got kids, please do not let them bring any toys that are small enough to fit through your toilet. Some reports of toys being flushed down the toilet have had severe consequences that didn’t end up too well. Your plumber wouldn’t like that either.


Hair, dental floss, and some other stringy things


If you’re one of the many people who flush their floss down the toilet, stop it right away. This habit has got to stop. Floss is just like wet wipes, they don’t decompose. To avoid getting tangled up in a nasty situation, throw your floss right down the trash for clog-free pipes.


Got some plumbing issues that you’d want to get done professionally? Call Blue Ribbon Plumbing LLC today!


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Household Plumbing Inspection 101

plumbing Myrtle BeachWhen plumbing problems arise, they can come in different severities including those that are nearly catastrophic. However, doing regular inspection can decrease the chances of plumbing Myrtle Beach problems.

There are places in your home where you should focus on more than others such as your kitchen, bathroom, and more. With consistent inspection, you can minimize, if not eliminate plumbing issues entirely. If in the event of urgent plumbing problems, call in an emergency plumber immediately. For a more thorough inspection, it’s highly suggested that you check out the following areas of your home:


It comes to no surprise that you should first check out the bathroom. This is the area that is most commonly used. Plumbing problems are likely to happen here than others. What you do need to check are the following:

Faucets – these are normally situated on the sink, tub and or your shower. They get the most wear and tear due to everyday use. Gaskets and washers can wear out over time and pretty quickly if you’ve got a bigger family using it every day. Don’t forget to check if there are any leaks. Some start with just a few drops and escalate to a bigger leak if left unattended.

Drains – all the nasty bits go down here are even nastier if you have problems in these locations. Constantly check for clogs. Take out the drain traps and see if there’s any debris that could potentially lead to future blockage.

Toilets – there are a couple parts that make a toilet work but it only takes one or two to make it stop working completely. Remove the lid of the toilet and do a test flush. See if the toilet stops the flow of water right after you’ve finished flushing. If it doesn’t, check out the gaskets that control the flow of water during a flushing cycle. When your toilet rocks or slightly tilts when you sit on it, the wax ring holding it in place may need replacement.


It’s a no-brainer to check out the kitchen next. It’s loaded with plumbing fixtures that need to be periodically checked. Here are some places that you’ll need to see:

Sink drains – similar to the drains in your bathroom, a lot of things could cause it to stop working. However, there’s no drain trap in your sink. The most common problem areas are your strainer and p-trap. The strainer is very straightforward to take out. However, the p-trap may need a little knowledge to take out any clogs. If you lack experience working with plumbing fixtures, it’s suggested to get a plumber to do the work for you.

Faucets – the kitchen faucet is the one part that gets used often and is also the most likely to break down. Check for leaks when you close the faucet. Tiny leaks could amount to a huge volume of wasted tap water.

Shutoff valves – these fixtures control the flow of water into your sink faucet, your fridge, and dishwasher. If upon testing, the water supply doesn’t completely go out, then your shutoff valves are in need of replacement.

Garbage disposal unit – you’ll have a run in or two with this part of your kitchen. This part usually requires more inspections than other areas since it handles food waste. The foul odor will be noticeable if something is wrong in this area.

Dishwasher – take some time to observe what happens inside your dishwasher when it is running. If it is slow to fill up or drain water, it may need some fixing.

Refrigerator – this may not be a problem area for some homes that don’t utilize icemakers or ice dispensers. However, if you do use this functionality, you should check the hose that connects the water supply.

Septic and sewer

Problems with your septic or sewer line are always serious. If problems are not found, they can gradually worsen to an even bigger issue. Regular maintenance is key to preventing issues from happening in this area. Always maintain the septic system, your main sewer, and vent pipes.

Around your house

There are a couple of other areas that require maintenance. Although they are not prone to any problems, they should also be included in your routine inspection. Here are a couple of areas that you should inspect:

  • Water heater
  • Branch shutoff valves
  • Sump pump
  • Outdoor hose spigots
  • Irrigation system
  • Washing machine

If you have any plumbing issues that you need to get fixes, call Blue Ribbon Plumbing LLC right away!

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What To Do During A Plumbing Emergency

emergency plumbingEvery time you face a plumbing problem, you know you have to take care of it right away and that is usually the case. However, contacting an emergency plumbing contractor on a holiday, weekend, or on any night, can come at a high price. You should know when to wait and when to call a pro to help you out.

When To Call The Pro?

In general, you need to make that after-hours call if:

Risk of flooding – a burst pipe, failed sump pump or water shut off valve, as well as a sewer back up are good examples of emergency plumbing problems that could lead to flooding if not dealt with right away. Flood damage could lead to significant damages to structures, which could become a safety concern. Therefore, you have to deal with this problem as soon as possible.

Sewer back up – whenever a sewer line backs up, the sewage will stay at its back up point, which eventually creates health problems. It creates a difficult living situation because you can’t use run water or use the facilities.

Without Water – another safety concern is not having any access to running water. Just like  a sewer back up, not having any water prevents you from using the facility and you won’t be able to clean or even cook.

You don’t have heat during winter or cool during summer. If there is no heat and it is too cold outside, your problem can become so much worse. This is especially true if you are living with a vulnerable person at home like an elderly, pregnant woman, or a child.

No heating or cooling

Also, not having cool air when it is too hot outside can be an emergency and cause heat stroke. In any of these two condition, it is crucial to get in touch with a Myrtle Beach emergency plumbing contractor. It is likewise essential to note that calling an emergency plumber is a must. It is likewise important for you to remember that preventative maintenance can help you in many ways. Doing it regularly can prevent your air conditioning or furnace from malfunctioning especially at the time when you need them the most.

Burst Pipe

Frozen pipes can cause problems like flooding and prevent you from getting access to water. Water won’t be able to pass through a frozen pipe. It eventually expands and cracks, which means that when it thaws, there is an increased risk of flooding. You have to know where the water shut off valves can be located.

When Should You Wait

If the problem can still wait then you cannot consider it as a true emergency. You have to think about the extra cost and find out if it is worth the call. Remember that even if the emergency plumber arrives right away after you call them that does not mean that they have required parts to get the job done. One advantage of waiting for a regular business day before you call a plumber is that during those times, they will have access to their suppliers that provide them with the things that they need like replacement parts.

Always remember to have a regular maintenance schedule for your plumbing system. You also need to plan ahead for inspections, remodel work, and appliance installation.

If you are search for an emergency plumber, call Blue Ribbon Plumbing LLC right away.

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Why You Need To Call An Emergency Plumber

emergency plumbingHiring a plumber is something that no homeowner wants to do but there are times when their expertise is very much needed, especially during emergencies. Here are three reasons why you need to call an emergency plumber.

Burst Water Pipes

One good reason to call a plumber is a burst water pipe. One single burst pipe can cause a financial nightmare, not to mention creating an atmosphere that is ideal for mold growth. It is a common emergency plumbing concern that homeowners often encounter during freezing temperatures. Reacting swiftly during that potentially disastrous situation can make a huge difference in saving your house from severe water damages and immense flooding that could haunt you for many years.

Keep in mind that a single burst pipe means wasting up to eight gallons of water every minute. Imagine how many gallons of water is wasted in just one day? Although existing damage and regular wear and tear can also lead to burst pipes in areas with warmer temperatures, freezing is still the primary culprit for this plumbing issue. To avoid wasting water and thousands of cash, be sure to contact an emergency plumber right away.

Clogged Toilet

There is nothing worse than having a clogged toilet. It does not only prevent you from enjoying your bathroom properly but also cause serious distress for the entire family. A clogged toilet can be caused by a lot of reasons ranging from build up to obstructions. If you have tried to unclog the toilet using the basic methods, then you should go ahead and call an emergency plumber. Don’t force to unclog the toilet because this could lead to bigger problems if not fixed correctly. Furthermore, clogs can be a sign of a much bigger problem. If you are not a plumber yourself then you won’t be able to determine what the source of the problem is.

Gas Leaks

Plumbers are known for fixing problems like clogged toilets, stopped drains, and leaky faucets. But emergency plumbers can fix gas leaks as well. As a homeowner, you must never forget to have your home heater inspected annually to help prevent carbon monoxide as well as gas leaks. If you encounter the latter, you need to call an emergency plumber right away.

When you are facing problems with your plumbing system, you should err on the side of caution. Several homeowners hesitate to call a plumber even with their current circumstances thinking that they can fix the issue themselves or they want to cut costs by fixing the problem themselves. If you think the job is too big for you or if you don’t have the skills to fix it then call an Myrtle Beach emergency plumber immediately.

Call Blue Ribbon Plumbing for all your plumbing needs.

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Finding an Emergency Plumber in Myrtle Beach

Has this ever occurred to you? You just got home from a long and tiring day at work only to discover that your cellar is swamped due to a pipe burst or backed up toilet after having friends over to view Sunday’s football game. Now, you have to find a Myrtle Beach emergency plumber to visit you as well as take care of the troubles you are having, but it is already after business hours and most plumbing businesses are already closed. Unfortunately, these are situations that house owners are confronted with and unless you know a professional plumber who you can immediately call in case you have issues with your plumbing system.

Why You Need A Trusted Emergency Plumber

It is necessary to have a good partnership with an emergency plumber or a reliable plumbing company that you could depend on in an urgent situation. A few of primary reasons to have a functioning partnership with a plumbing technician are:

You have someone to call. Seek out the professional services of a plumbing contractor or plumbing company, for your routine plumbing maintenance and for emergency plumbing needs. You will get to know their work and with an established partnership, they may even provide you with discounts on the charges they bill for an emergency situation or any plumbing services acquired after business hours.

Establish a relationship that is founded on trust and honesty. You will get to establish a certain level of trust with the emergency plumber you get in touch with if you have already hired them in the past, prior to your emergency plumbing problem. Apart from knowing the skills they bring to get the job done, they have already been inside your house and you will most likely feel comfortable with them rather than hiring a complete stranger.

You know very well that they are experienced. Using them for your routine plumbing tasks, you know you are employing skilled plumbing professionals who can finish the job properly. If the same plumbing contractor comes all the time, he is already familiar with your residence’s pipes as well as plumbing problems. This experience could assist him in diagnosing the existing plumbing issue much faster and get it repaired faster compared to if you had actually hired someone new to come in and take care of your plumbing problem for the first time.

Whether you have an emergency plumber on speed dial, there are some factors to consider if you are planning to hire a plumbing contractor who can assist you with your plumbing needs:

  • Are they licensed?

Your plumbing professional must understand the distinction between an elbow and a flange and by being accredited, you will know they have passed the certifications required in your location for them to be a plumbing technician.

  • Do they have insurance?

Mistakes happen, it is just natural, so if a mistake happens when a plumbing professional is repairing your pipes and you have to hire someone else to repair it, they are insured and you can make a claim with the first plumbing technician so you will be compensated for the cash you had to spend in order to repair their mistake. In case they are not bonded, you would most likely need to bring this matter to court.

  • How long have they been offering this kind of service?

When you see an advertisement for a certain service, it will contain the year when the business has been established. This allows you to identify quickly how long they have been in business so they can offer you some sort of guarantee that they are trustworthy and legit.

You could make use of the Internet to your advantage when you have to search for an emergency plumber. A lot of firms currently have websites to enhance their marketing and you could easily search for a plumbing company that you might want to handle your plumbing problems. You may even learn more about their rates, check out the reviews of past clients, and find out if they have already worked on plumbing problems that you currently have.

Calling an emergency plumber can be expensive but if you know how to do it right, you might just be able to get your plumbing issues addressed without having to spend a fortune. Call Blue Ribbon Plumbing now.

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