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Why Is Drain Cleaning Important?

drain cleaningSeveral households often ignore their plumbing system. Just like any regular household appliance, plumbing pipes should be kept clean as well so they can work properly. Intake pipes rarely encounter problems because they bring only clean water. However, drain pipes and sewers as extremely dirty. Imagine the amount of dirt that goes into your home’s drain pipes and sewer. To make sure that these pipes are kept clean, you need to seek out a drain cleaning service.

You may not see the dirty pipes but you will notice their awful effects in your house. Among the top considerations is the foul smell. The dirty pipes produce fumes that can make your house smell like a sewer. This foul smell can move from one room to another until the entire house smells awful through the piping system that is interconnected inside your house. Another concern about dirty drain pipes are germs, bacteria, and mold. They can pose grave health problems that can cause all sorts of illnesses to your family. Imagine your kitchen sink drain and all of the germs that are present in there. When you prepare food for your family, these germs can easily contaminate your food and that is why you have to keep your drain pipes as clean as possible.

DIY Vs. Pro Drain Cleaning

There are several simple ways to help you keep your drain pipes clean. Perhaps you are thinking about the chemical products advertised on TV or all the other household cleaners that you may have noticed in your local supermarket. Although these products are specially made to clean drainage pipes, they are also extremely caustic. They can trigger rashes when they come in contact with someone’s skin. These products could also cause harm to the environment. You wouldn’t want to get rid of all those germs but end up having other problems because you are using harmful chemicals. Why don’t you use safer alternatives instead? For instance, you can use homemade cleaners like vinegar or soda. These basic items have cleaning properties that can help in cleaning your plumbing pipes. They are not only safe to use but also very affordable.

Probably the best method to deal with all these is to seek out a drain cleaning service. Apart from cleaning the drain, reputable plumbers can also deal with other plumbing issues. They use environmentally friendly solutions, specialized equipment like high pressure jet systems to make sure that the drains are cleaned thoroughly and correctly.

Apart from cleaning the drain pipes, getting a drain cleaning service can also inform you of other lurking plumbing problems such as leaks or water contamination. A plumber Myrtle Beach can help you make an informed decision as to whether you need to install new sewage tanks or sewer connections.

Call Blue Ribbon Plumbing if you need drain cleaning services or other professional solutions for your plumbing system.

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What Is The Right Water Pressure For Your Home?

plumbingIn terms of water pressure, what someone thinks as enough may be considered only as a trickle to somebody else. Since opinions differ from one person to another, you have to determine the adequacy of the water pressure in a certain definitive way. This applies to a working home inspector. In case a client asks why the inspector didn’t say something about the low or high water pressure of the plumbing system, then you should have it documented on the water pressure reading.

Plumbing Checkup: Use Water Pressure Gauges

Water pressure gauges are practical tools that are easy to use, certainly, not out of the reach of homeowners in terms of the expertise or the cost needed to use them correctly. As a matter of fact, these gauges could be bought at any local hardware store. When you have the device, you may wonder what readings you are searching for. The normal pressure range between 40 and 80 PSI. Screw the gauge on the outside faucet as it is the best place to get the reading. However, the faucet or hosebibb is plumbed in even before the installation of a pressure reducer and in that case, there is going to be a high reading on the gauge. Because of this, whenever a hosebibb provides a high reading, you should try to get another reading like attaching the gauge to the faucet where the washing machine is connected. The washing machine faucet is commonly located inside the house or generally has similar threads as the pressure gauge. In case the reading remains high, you have confirmed the problem because the washing machine is among the appliances that you are trying to protect from damages that may have been caused by high water pressure. You also have the option to hire a professional plumber Myrtle Beach to assist you.

Plumbing Checkup: Multi Flow Test

If you are interested in a home that has a reading of under 50 PSI, be sure to check the house and see if you like the water pressure. In case the person buying the house doesn’t have a pressure gauge, or perhaps is wondering if he or she is going to be satisfied with the water pressure. In case the person doesn’t have a pressure gauge on hand, or is wondering if he or she will like the water pressure, then a conventional multi flow test can be performed. Get the washing machine or dishwasher running and then switch on the shower and at least two sinks. Do this on every floor and you will get a good idea of the sufficiency of the water pressure of the Myrtle Beach plumbing system and how it will affect you and your family.

Whether it be issues with water pressure, clogs, or you require a new installation, call Blue Ribbon Plumbing LLC if you need help with your plumbing system.

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5 Signs You Need To Call An Emergency Plumber

emergency plumberEvery time you come across a plumbing issue, you tend to feel the need to deal with it right away and this is commonly the case. However, calling an emergency plumber on a night, a holiday, or even on a weekend can come at a high price. Given that, you have to know when you need to call and when you should wait.

What Is An Emergency Plumbing Problem?

Consider calling an emergency plumber if:

There is a high risk of flooding.

Flooding because of a failed sump pump, sewer back up, burst pipe, or water shut off valve failure are all considered as plumbing emergencies. All these could lead to significant damage to home structures and could bring about safety concerns, which means they should be addressed as soon as possible.

There is a sewer backup.

Whenever a sewer line backs up, sewage will simply sit at its backup point, triggering a health hazard. It will prevent you from running water or using your bathroom facilities, which will make living at home an inconvenient one.

You don’t have water.

Not having access to water is likewise a safety issue because just like a sewer back up, it will prevent you from using your bathroom and other plumbing facilities. It will also prevent you from cooking and even from cleaning your home.

There is a risk of a burst pipe.

Frozen spigots and/or pipes could lead to having no water at all or flooding. In case a pipe is frozen, water will not just be unable to pass through it, it may cause it to crack, meaning when it thaws, there will be a risk of flooding. It is crucial to know the location of your water shut off valves and how they work. Once your plumber visits you for a regular plumbing checkup, don’t forget to let him know about this. If you are unaware, your plumber will inform you, nevertheless.

Less Urgent Plumbing Issues That Can Wait

In case the plumbing problem can wait, then it is not a true plumbing emergency and you need to think about the additional expense and see if it is worth the call. Remember that just because an emergency plumber Myrtle Beach arrives after business hours, on a weekend, or during a holiday does not mean he has access to the required parts to get the job done.

One advantage of waiting for a normal business day is that plumbers will have access to supply houses that let them get the exact supplies and parts required to do the job. Aside from having to order a specialty part, plumbers can obtain the required parts on that very same day to get the job done.

It is a good idea to schedule ahead for:

  • Remodel work
  • Plumbing inspections
  • Slow running drain clogs
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Appliance installation that involve minor or major plumbing work

If you are looking for an emergency plumber or standard plumbing maintenance services, call Blue Ribbon Plumbing now.

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Tips For Repairing A Leaky Faucet Like A Pro

plumberMany people think that a dripping faucet is just a minor plumbing issue. What they seem to forget is that it can easily become a huge problem in case it is not fixed properly of it is not fixed at all. In case you have to repair a leaky faucet, call a professional plumber. An expert plumber will quickly respond to request for plumbing services. They can also repair your leaky faucet and bring it back to its normal and functional condition in no time. A lot of people ignore the need to call a professional because they believe that a drip is just minor problem. Don’t be one of them. Schedule a plumbing appointment as soon as possible so that you never have to worry about the leak or handle the stress of trying to identify the problem on your own.

Everything You Need To Know About Leaky Faucets

Although a minor drip appears like something that needs a simple fix, it could actually become a sophisticated task. There are several things that can trigger your faucet to leak. Before you can repair the leaky faucet, you have to know what is causing the issue. Compared to pipes, a faucet is comprised of moving parts that can deteriorate easily over time and they may have to be repaired, changed, or tightened. If you call a plumber, they will perform the following tasks: identify the source of the leak, disassemble the faucet, provide any required replacement parts, and reassemble the faucet once everything has been fixed.

Determining The Best Solution For The Leaky Faucet

If you are unsure what is causing the leak, call a plumber Myrtle Beach right away. He will visit your house and check the faucet and determine the source of the problem. Once he figures out the source of the issue, the plumber will perform the repair. He will also have access to every moving parts of the faucet that need to be replaced such as the handle, nut, stem, washer, and even decorative caps. There are instances when leaks tend to go deeper than just the faucet. When that happens, a plumber can also deal with that problem.

What Happens When A Plumber Fixes A Faucet 

Many things will happen during a faucet repair. A plumber will go to your house and fix the issue. Although the plumber is repairing the leaky faucet or faulty valve, you have to switch the water off. In case there is a direct water line that you can switch off for that particular faucet, then that is perfect. But if it doesn’t, you need to turn off the water for the entire house. This could be a hassle, however, it is important for the plumber to fix the dripping faucet as soon as possible so that the water can once again be turned back on. Don’t hesitate to ask the plumbing contractor some questions once he comes to check your faucet.

For more information about our different plumbing services, call Blue Ribbon Plumbing now.

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Importance Of Regular Plumbing Check-Ups

plumbing contractorTo keep your plumbing system working as efficiently as possible, it is important to conduct checkups on the system. Most professional plumbing contractors recommend an annual plumbing checkup. Over time, homeowners need to expect certain problems with their plumbing system. Since the plumbing system is an important and crucial part of a home, it is crucial to make sure that it remains in good working order.

Why You Need To Have Your Plumbing System Checked

There are several problems that can happen in the plumbing system that when left unattended could lead to a more complicated and costlier problems. Therefore, it is cheaper to identify and fix plumbing problems as soon as possible. For example, noisy water pipes and become a serious problem that could be much more costly to fix. Rattling pipes or a water hammer, can give off a sound that is as mild as tapping or as loud as a banging drum like sound, or sometimes even a high squealing sound. This could be because of loose water pipes or water inside the air chambers. If left unattended, it can lead to bigger problems to the plumbing system. For example, if it’s a forced water heating system issue, damage may eventually happen when the system isn’t purged and could lead to permanent damage that could be costly to replace.

There are issues that could happen in the plumbing that could be fixed easily if identified early on. For example, it is simple to tighten connections, change old and worn out showers, add caulking surrounding the plumbing fixtures, replace worn out washers and screws, and clean aerators, shower heads, and faucets. In terms of constantly running toilets, there are instances when it is just the flapper valve system that’s broken or worn out which could be fixed easily. Before you make any plumbing repairs, it is important for a homeowner to turn off the water.

As time passes, leaking pipes could lead to  more serious and bigger problem that could be costly to repair. For example, a cracked water pipe could eventually burst and could cause problems like basement flooding. And a burst septic line could be a filthy and smelly issue that is not just costly to fix but to clean up as well. The sediment accumulation in a water pipe could lead to a clogged pipe as well as lower water pressure. It is crucial for pipes to be checked because they might have to be flushed to push any accumulated sediment through and out of the unit. As well, an early clog could be cleared easily before it turns into something tougher and larger to repair.

Even though it might seem as if it is a big chore to perform a plumbing checkup, it is an important aspect of home maintenance. In case you ignore the system until you encounter a huge issue, you might wind up with a large repair bill. In case there is an issue that might possibly be complicated or serious to fix, it is crucial for you to get in touch with a plumbing contractor Myrtle Beach right away.

Call Blue Ribbon Plumbing LLC if you are thinking of getting regular professional plumbing checkups.

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Helpful Spring Plumbing Tips

plumber Myrtle BeachSpring is one of the most favoured time of the year. The temperatures heat up and we can finally enjoy sunlight after a long winter season. So, several homeowners tend to neglect their home until it is too late. It is your responsibility as a homeowner to make sure that your place is in great condition, including your plumbing system.  You do not have to wait for a plumbing problem to occur before you start paying attention to your plumbing system.

Plumbing Tips For Spring

To make sure that your home is running well this summer season, here are a few things you can do:

Buy a drain strainer – in case you would like to make sure that your drains do their job, you can buy a drain strainer. They can help your drains from clogging. Things like hair, soap scum, as well as food are kept out of your plumbing pipes.

Schedule a water heater tune-up – have you had your water heater serviced? Have scheduled one for this year? If you have not done this yet, now is the best time to do so. Your water heater should be flushed regularly to get rid of any sediment and to make sure that it works well at all times. Just because the winter season is over does not mean you do not need water heater. Be sure that you provide this appliance the attention it requires.

Clean the drains – you have to clean out your gutters, drains, as well as downspouts. Be sure that these areas are clear and free of debris that may have accumulated during winter so you won’t have problems when spring comes.

Check the faucet – search for any signs of leaks or drips that may result in repairs in a house. In case one of the sinks seem like it is draining slowly, set an appointment with a plumber for a drain cleaning service. Be sure that everything is in proper order before spring comes. Always remember that prevention is always the key.

Check the sump pump – You will be using the heat pump the most during spring. Heavy spring rains leads to flood in your basement in case you are not careful. So, be sure that you get in touch with a plumber Myrtle Beach well before the spring season is in full spring.

There are so many things to know about the plumbing system and it is quiet easy to be overwhelmed. If you need expert help in making sure that your plumbing system is ready for spring, call Blue Ribbon Plumbing now.

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Common Plumbing Problems That Require A Professional Plumber

plumber Myrtle BeachHomeowners experience various types of plumbing problems when they least expect it. Some are easy to resolve even without professional assistance, while others require the skills and expertise of trained professionals. Also, some problems happen more frequently than others. Regardless, it is your responsibility as a homeowner to learn about the common problems that you might experience with your plumbing system, so you will know what to do should it happen to you. Knowing this lets you know if you should have it fixed by a professional plumber .

Common Problems That Require The Services Of A Professional Plumber

  1. Water Hardness – Is caused by having too much calcium and magnesium in your water. The natural water supply in every home naturally contains calcium and magnesium. On the other hand, when there are excessive amounts of these two minerals in your water, it will result to water hardness.

What makes water hardness a big problem, is the fact that it leads to the development of lime scale in your pipes. When this happens, your pipes lose their efficiency and could quickly deteriorate, which would be an even bigger problem. Remember that replacing worn out or damaged pipes will require digging up of the pipes, removing the worn out ones and installing the new ones.

What you should do to resolve this, is to use a home water softener. If you do not know which softener is safe to use, seek professional advice and recommendations. Blue Ribbon Plumbing LLC will assist you in choosing the most efficient and safest water softener to use for your home. They will also guide you in using the correct softener to remove excessive amounts of calcium and magnesium in your natural water supply.

  1. Presence of iron and manganese – If you use ground water supply, your water will most likely contain iron and manganese. Aside from giving you cloudy and rusty colored water, these minerals can also leave an unattractive stain on your fixtures, cookware, laundry and any other things that you wash frequently with the water.

You can opt to use a water softener to remove iron and manganese, to get rid of excessive amounts of calcium and magnesium in your water. Aside from this, you can also use iron removers which are available in your local hardware.

  1. Presence of hydrogen sulfide – This gas often finds its way through your pipes. You will know hydrogen sulfide is present in your pipes if your water smells like rotten eggs or sulfur. If you are using metal pipes, you might want to do something about removing this gas from your piping system quickly, because it could cause severe damage to your metal pipes, making them weak and leaky.

The best way to remove hydrogen sulfide in your water is through multi-stage filtration. Ask your plumber about this type of filtration and have him install it in your home so you can begin the process of filtering your water and removing unwanted minerals and gases.

  1. Water with bad smell and taste – This is often caused by the presence of organic matter in surface water supplies. If you use alternative water supply, the bad smell and taste of the water coming out of your tap may be due to leaks in your water supply, allowing sewer water to mix with your tap water.

If this is the case, you can easily resolve this by using activated carbon filters in your plumbing system. This will effectively remove the bad odor and taste from your water supply. For best results, however, hire a trained and skilled professional plumber Myrtle Beach to assist you in removing the bad odor and taste of your tap water.

Call Blue Ribbon Plumbing LLC today to learn more tips and tricks in resolving plumbing problems.

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How Much Does It Cost To Install A Gas Line?

plumber Myrtle BeachThere are several factors that determine the cost you have to pay for the installation of gas lines including labor costs and materials. Gas line installation is a complicated project that needs to be done right the first time around. You should consider hiring a specialty plumber Myrtle Beach or a company that is licensed and certified to handle natural gas problems. We suggest that you call and consult a gas utility firm first before hiring anybody, they may have a list of contractors who can help you.

Gas lines that are installed poorly can lead to gas leaks, which can be very costly to repair. The installation is not a DIY project since the gas lines should be calibrated to the correct levels by a professional.

Materials, Labor, and Fees

Materials that are used in creating gas lines are determined by the kind of gas used. The primary gases used are natural gas and propane. The pipes could be locally sourced by homeowners or the plumbing contractor can purchase the materials. Installing new gas lines are carried out for new appliances such as grills, stoves, burners, and even outdoor lighting. The materials included are valves, pipes, and fasteners. The pipes’ size must be proportional to the size of the appliance that has to be installed. The price will be quoted by the contract after checking the work that needs to be done. The rate will also be influenced by geographical factors. You need to make sure that the contractor has the needed licenses. Check the previous projects of the contractors as well as their ratings. Ask for a plan of what the specialty plumber plans to do when they install the gas lines. Also, don’t go with the first contractor that you get in touch with. You have to get at least three cost quotations.

Local inspections might be needed before the installation and this is commonly conducted by the local authorities. The homeowner needs to cover the inspection fees. Permits are required if they need to dig to connect lines to the main line. The fees for the permit differ from one state to another. The permits will be approved and given out by the building and construction department in your local area. A gas line installation project needs a certain set of skills in order for the line to fit in correctly. Homeowners can look for local specialty plumber with great reputations when it comes to getting the job done correctly and efficiently.

Why Hire A Plumbing Contractor?

Whenever you hear plumbing contractors such as those from Blue Ribbon Plumbing LLC, you don’t think about a person who can install and maintain gas lines. Plumbers are professionals who work with pipes that carry sewage or water. They offer services like repairing faucets, installing new pipes, cleaning drains, and more. Myrtle Beach plumber can also install and service your gas lines. Just be sure to choose one who is licensed to deal with gas piping work.

Call Blue Ribbon Plumbing if you are looking for a professional and trustworthy plumber who can handle your plumbing concerns.

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What To Do During A Plumbing Emergency

emergency plumbingEvery time you face a plumbing problem, you know you have to take care of it right away and that is usually the case. However, contacting an emergency plumbing contractor on a holiday, weekend, or on any night, can come at a high price. You should know when to wait and when to call a pro to help you out.

When To Call The Pro?

In general, you need to make that after-hours call if:

Risk of flooding – a burst pipe, failed sump pump or water shut off valve, as well as a sewer back up are good examples of emergency plumbing problems that could lead to flooding if not dealt with right away. Flood damage could lead to significant damages to structures, which could become a safety concern. Therefore, you have to deal with this problem as soon as possible.

Sewer back up – whenever a sewer line backs up, the sewage will stay at its back up point, which eventually creates health problems. It creates a difficult living situation because you can’t use run water or use the facilities.

Without Water – another safety concern is not having any access to running water. Just like  a sewer back up, not having any water prevents you from using the facility and you won’t be able to clean or even cook.

You don’t have heat during winter or cool during summer. If there is no heat and it is too cold outside, your problem can become so much worse. This is especially true if you are living with a vulnerable person at home like an elderly, pregnant woman, or a child.

No heating or cooling

Also, not having cool air when it is too hot outside can be an emergency and cause heat stroke. In any of these two condition, it is crucial to get in touch with a Myrtle Beach emergency plumbing contractor. It is likewise essential to note that calling an emergency plumber is a must. It is likewise important for you to remember that preventative maintenance can help you in many ways. Doing it regularly can prevent your air conditioning or furnace from malfunctioning especially at the time when you need them the most.

Burst Pipe

Frozen pipes can cause problems like flooding and prevent you from getting access to water. Water won’t be able to pass through a frozen pipe. It eventually expands and cracks, which means that when it thaws, there is an increased risk of flooding. You have to know where the water shut off valves can be located.

When Should You Wait

If the problem can still wait then you cannot consider it as a true emergency. You have to think about the extra cost and find out if it is worth the call. Remember that even if the emergency plumber arrives right away after you call them that does not mean that they have required parts to get the job done. One advantage of waiting for a regular business day before you call a plumber is that during those times, they will have access to their suppliers that provide them with the things that they need like replacement parts.

Always remember to have a regular maintenance schedule for your plumbing system. You also need to plan ahead for inspections, remodel work, and appliance installation.

If you are search for an emergency plumber, call Blue Ribbon Plumbing LLC right away.

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Why You Need To Call An Emergency Plumber

emergency plumbingHiring a plumber is something that no homeowner wants to do but there are times when their expertise is very much needed, especially during emergencies. Here are three reasons why you need to call an emergency plumber.

Burst Water Pipes

One good reason to call a plumber is a burst water pipe. One single burst pipe can cause a financial nightmare, not to mention creating an atmosphere that is ideal for mold growth. It is a common emergency plumbing concern that homeowners often encounter during freezing temperatures. Reacting swiftly during that potentially disastrous situation can make a huge difference in saving your house from severe water damages and immense flooding that could haunt you for many years.

Keep in mind that a single burst pipe means wasting up to eight gallons of water every minute. Imagine how many gallons of water is wasted in just one day? Although existing damage and regular wear and tear can also lead to burst pipes in areas with warmer temperatures, freezing is still the primary culprit for this plumbing issue. To avoid wasting water and thousands of cash, be sure to contact an emergency plumber right away.

Clogged Toilet

There is nothing worse than having a clogged toilet. It does not only prevent you from enjoying your bathroom properly but also cause serious distress for the entire family. A clogged toilet can be caused by a lot of reasons ranging from build up to obstructions. If you have tried to unclog the toilet using the basic methods, then you should go ahead and call an emergency plumber. Don’t force to unclog the toilet because this could lead to bigger problems if not fixed correctly. Furthermore, clogs can be a sign of a much bigger problem. If you are not a plumber yourself then you won’t be able to determine what the source of the problem is.

Gas Leaks

Plumbers are known for fixing problems like clogged toilets, stopped drains, and leaky faucets. But emergency plumbers can fix gas leaks as well. As a homeowner, you must never forget to have your home heater inspected annually to help prevent carbon monoxide as well as gas leaks. If you encounter the latter, you need to call an emergency plumber right away.

When you are facing problems with your plumbing system, you should err on the side of caution. Several homeowners hesitate to call a plumber even with their current circumstances thinking that they can fix the issue themselves or they want to cut costs by fixing the problem themselves. If you think the job is too big for you or if you don’t have the skills to fix it then call an Myrtle Beach emergency plumber immediately.

Call Blue Ribbon Plumbing for all your plumbing needs.

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